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  • FalconStor StorSafe Overview

    Check out this white paper to learn how your organization can efficiently utilize essentially any storage environment while confidently ensuring data security and efficient archive access with FalconStor’s StorSafe.

  • Meet the Backup Window and Unlock Cloud for Long-Term Data Retention and Recovery

    Access this data sheet to learn how to achieve capacity reduction, longer data retention, improved restore times, pervasive security, and increased data reliability with FalconStor’s Virtual Tape Library (VTL).

  • StorSafe Launch Webinar

    By leveraging industry-standard container technology to enable persistent long-term archiving, StorSafe improves data portability, accessibility, security, and integrity validation. Tune into this launch webinar to get a more detailed look at the features and functionality of StorSafe.

  • The Age of Data-Centric Archive

    This paper highlights a long-term, persistent, containerized archival solution called StorSafe, which provides data preservation that is agnostic, heterogeneous, and highly portable. Read on to learn how your business could benefit from this system.

  • Modernize your IBM i Environment with FalconStor VTL as a Backup Target

    Inside this white paper, learn how FalconStor’s Virtual Tape Library (VTL) offers an alternative for IBM i storage environments, providing a non-disruptive disk-to-disk backup format to accelerate the speed and security of critical recovery and backup processes.

  • High-Performance Backup in Enterprise Environments

    Between physical tapes, virtual tapes, and disk backups, it’s not always clear which backup technology is ideal for your own infrastructure composition – and business needs. Jump inside this report to see the results of a third-party evaluation of FalconStor’s backup capabilities within an enterprise environment.

  • Adventist Health System Uses FalconStor® VTL with Deduplication

    This one-page case study explores how one vendor's DR solution helped an organization reduce their backup window by more than 50%, shrink their duplicate data with an average deduplication ratio of 7:1 and maximize their efficiency through reporting and capacity planning capabilities.

  • Confronting Backup Challenges with Deduplication

    This resource outlines FalconStor's deduplication solution, which brings immediate cost savings to any organization that needs high-performance access to data. Also, discover the findings that made this infographic possible from your peers through the IDG Research Services survey.

  • FalconStor® RecoverTrac™: Fully Automated Disaster Recovery

    This two-minute video details the features and benefits FalconStor's award-winning RecoverTrac DR technology can provide your company, including: improved productivity, increased profitability and fully automated data recovery when disaster strikes.

  • Infographic: Disaster Recovery Trends in 2013

    Check out this one-page infographic that details the top trends in the realm of disaster recovery in 2013. You'll gain insight into: the current landscape, what the future holds, the importance of automated DR and more.

  • E-Guide: DR Checklist: Tailoring your Plan to your Organization's Needs

    This E-Guide is your ticket to establishing a successful disaster recovery and business continuity strategy.

  • Expert tips: Utilize thin provisioning to reduce virtualization storage requirements

    It's easy to overlook the importance of storage in virtual data centers. However, virtualization storage requirements have only increased, driving up costs and performance concerns. Learn how you can get the most out of your storage with thin provisioning and understanding application demands.

  • Expert tips to reduce desktop and application image management costs

    The cost of provisioning storage is one of the biggest barriers to desktop virtualization. Discover what procedures and technologies are available for managing the number of images that can be stored on disk, as well as how you can increase storage utilization with virtualized storage in this expert resource.

  • Key benefits of virtualized storage: Increased flexibility and application awareness

    Storage is the cornerstone of any virtualization deployment. In this expert e-guide, discover the benefits and disadvantages of virtualizing storage systems for server administrators. Plus, find out about a tool that can help ease storage management in virtual environments.

  • Expert insight into how storage virtualization works

    A virtualized storage environment can greatly simplify storage management. Access this expert e-guide to find out more about the benefits of storage virtualization and the different technologies that you can utilize to increase storage utilization.

  • Eguide: Using Thin Provisioning to Reduce Virtualization Storage Demands

    This expert e-guide from explains how to use thin provisioning to increase storage availability in your virtual environment. Also, discover the benefits of virtualizing storage systems, such as flexibility and application awareness. Read on to learn more.

  • Using Virtual Provisioning to Reduce Storage Demands

    Access this expert e-guide to gain insight into using thin provisioning to increase storage availability in your virtual environment. In addition, discover the benefits of virtualizing storage systems, such as increasing flexibility and application awareness.

  • Key Considerations for Virtual Desktop Storage

    Access this expert e-guide to understand how storage virtualization works and the benefits it provides, such as increased storage utilization. In addition, learn which storage method makes the most sense for your virtual desktop environment, and find out how storage requirements and growth can be managed by using storage virtualization.

  • Automatic Failover for DR 101: Who Needs It and How It Works

    In this presentation transcript, Andrew Burton, senior editor of and Jeff Boles, senior analyst with the Taneja Group, discuss who should consider automatic failover, the vendors that offer products in this space, how the technology works, and the challenges associated with automatic failover.

  • Solution Brief: Unified Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) for VMware Environments

    Organizations investing in VMware vSphere can leverage the data protection capabilities and application awareness of FalconStor CDP to protect and maximize their VMware purchases. FalconStor CDP enables flexible, affordable, automated, and dependable backup and DR for any VMware vSphere environment.

  • Understanding Automatic Failover for DR: 6 FAQs

    Automatic failover involves automatically moving an application to a standby server during a failure or service event to preserve its time. Fortunately, there are a number of approaches available in the market today. Check out this guide to learn the answers to 6 FAQs about automatic failover and disaster recovery automation.

  • Podcast: Leading Manufacturer of Cleaning Products Reduces Data Recovery Times from Days to Minutes

    Learn how Rug Doctor, a leading manufacturer of cleaning products, improved its RTO/RPO and replaced its tape backup system using FalconStor CDP for fast disaster recovery (DR) in tandem with VMware technology for server virtualization.

  • The ABCs of CDP: What you need to know

    The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) defines CDP as "a class of mechanisms that continuously capture or track data modifications enabling recovery to previous points in time." In part two of this tutorial on continuous data protection backup, learn how CDP is being used today, and about the latest CDP products.

  • CDP 101: Solving data protection challenges with CDP

    Early continuous data protection products may not have lived up to the hype when they first debuted a few years ago – but CDP technology now is the future of data backup and recovery. This E-Guide outlines how continuous data protection has evolved over the years and lists 10 popular CDP products available today.

  • Solution Brief: FalconStor Solutions for VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager

    When it comes to disaster recovery, the biggest challenge is to bring systems back online as quickly as possible. In the event of a primary site failure, restoring business operations from a remote site can be a lengthy, complex, and costly manual process. Read this white paper to learn an easier way.

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