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  • Qualcomm's Alex Gantman on Bug Bounties

    Sponsored by: HackerOne

    Qualcomm's technologies are powering the world of connected devices. But since Qualcomm's technology isn't the end product, it's difficult to determine the root of a device's vulnerability. In this case study, see what the VP of Engineering at Qualcomm, had to say about the company's approach to bug bounties and hacker-powered security.

  • The Zenefits Bug Bounty Story

    Sponsored by: HackerOne

    Zenefits, the All-in-One HR Platform, holds sensitive financial data for over 10,000 small and medium businesses. In order to protect this high risk data, Zenefits has partnered with HackerOne to implement a successful bug bounty program. In this case study, explore 4 tips for a successful private bounty program.

  • How a Security Company Adopts Office 365

    Sponsored by: Forcepoint

    Driving Office 365 adoption is an important goal yet, few have fully migrated their users and apps, with security, regulatory and resource challenges often the cause. In this webcast, join Forepoint's CIO and Chief Scientist as they share learnings, surprises and insight from their own migration.

  • 4 Top Identity and Access Management Trends

    Sponsored by: Onfido

    As end-user security threats continue to rise, it becomes more crucial for IT pros to have identity and access management tools. However, the tools offered in the identity and access management market are evolving and IT pros need to catch up. In this e-guide, explore the top 4 identity and access management trends shaping the market right now.

  • Five Ways to Rethink Your Endpoint Protection Strategy

    Sponsored by: McAfee, Inc.

    Device security is no longer about traditional antivirus versus next-generation endpoint protection. The truth is you need a layered and integrated defense that protects your entire digital terrain and all types of devices—traditional and nontraditional. In this white paper, discover 5 ways to rethink your endpoint protection strategy today.

  • Integrating Threat Intelligence into Endpoint Security

    Sponsored by: CrowdStrike

    As the threat landscape continues to change security teams need all the help they can get to more effectively prevent, detect and respond to threats. In this white paper, learn how incorporating a threat intelligence platform, like CrowdStrike's Falcon X, into the detection and response workflow could help to significantly enhance investigations.

  • Advanced Threat Protection Beyond the AV

    Sponsored by: Cynet

    While large enterprises can cover attack surfaces with a SIEM or employ a staff of skilled SOC analysts, mid-sized organizations have to address similar cyber-risks with significantly less resources. In this white paper, discover strengths and weaknesses of two Advanced Threat Protection approaches: Endpoint Protection and Network Analytics.

  • AV Replacement Guide

    Sponsored by: CrowdStrike

    Antivirus is virtually universal, so why are so many attacks succeeding? Attackers expect their targets to be running some form of protection and have adapted their tools, techniques and procedures to evade detection. In this white paper, learn the most important elements to consider when replacing an antivirus or endpoint protection solution.

  • Crowdstrike Falcon Complete:How To Achieve Instant Cybersecurity Maturity For Organizations Of All Sizes

    Sponsored by: CrowdStrike

    The shortage of cybersecurity resources and expertise can lead organizations to struggle with implementing the security technology they acquire. In this white paper, learn how CrowdStrike Falcon Complete can solve these challenges by combining Falcon endpoint protection platform with a dedicated team of security professionals.

  • Endpoint Protection Buyers Guide

    Sponsored by: CrowdStrike

    Endpoint security is one of the most critical components of a cybersecurity strategy. Unfortunately, for those responsible for protecting their organizations' endpoints, it has never been more challenging to select the best solution for the job. In this white paper, discover an evaluation of endpoint protection platforms based on 5 key elements.

  • 4 Top Identity and Access Management Trends

    Sponsored by: Onfido

    As end-user security threats continue to rise, it becomes more crucial for IT pros to have identity and access management tools. However, the tools offered in the identity and access management market are evolving and IT pros need to catch up. In this e-guide, explore the top 4 identity and access management trends shaping the market right now.

  • Advanced Breach Protection Demystified

    Sponsored by: Cynet

    Organizations are seeking protection against the threats that bypass AV and firewall. The common practice is to upgrade the endpoint protection with EPPEDR or a Network Analytic tool. However, what's common is not necessarily best. Tune into this webinar to learn about on the inherent security gaps in EDREPP and Network Analytics.

  • Apply the ASD Top 4 and Mitigate up to 85% of Endpoint Attacks

    Sponsored by: Ivanti ANZ

    As cybersecurity breaches proliferate, targeting the user and the endpoint, the pressure on InfoSec and IT teams to protect their organization grows. In this data sheet, learn how Ivanti's Security portfolio provides InfoSec and IT teams with capabilities essential for ransomware and other malware prevention.

  • Protect Critical Infrastructures from Nation-State Attacks

    Sponsored by: enSilo

    Nation states funding allows cybercriminals to develop APT groups targeting discontinued, unsupported and outdated control systems, lacking relevant security measures. This is a combination for worldly disaster. In this resource, explore 5 ways your organization can defeat state sponsored attacks.

  • The Critical Role of Endpoint Detection and Response

    Sponsored by: Trend Micro, Inc.

    Conventional security solutions are useful and provide some level of protection. However, surveys find that the current level of protection is simply not adequate. In this Osterman Research report, explore why many organizations are deploying endpoint detection and response technologies as a supplement to their existing security defenses.

  • Containing Security Incident Response Costs

    Sponsored by: enSilo

    Of the many challenges security leaders face, one big issue that can often be downplayed is budgeting. While the cost of a breach is well documented, the costs of managing a security team, that can prevent attacks, are not. In this white paper, learn how enSilo can help solve the problem of uncontained and unexpected incident response costs.

  • Driving in the Data Security Fast Lane: Secureworks Puts McLaren in Pole Position

    Sponsored by: Dell SecureWorks

    In motorsport, there are huge quantities of data being processed by engineers in the pit. Keeping this information secure and available when needed is essential. In this case study, learn how McLaren was able keep their data secure by deploying Securework's full cybersecurity platform across the organization to assess threats in real time.

  • Real-Time Automated Endpoint Security

    Sponsored by: enSilo

    enSilo's real-time automated endpoint security has a mission to deliver comprehensive real-time endpoint protection offering post- and pre-infection protection against advance malware. In this resource, learn more about the benefits of enSilo.

  • How to Survive Advanced Targeted Attacks

    Sponsored by: enSilo

    Beverage companies' data is constantly on the radar of competitors and threat actors looking to steal or maliciously modify ingredients in data breaches. In this case study, learn how one beverage company was able to discover over 300 potential threats and unauthorized programs running on their endpoint by installing enSilo.

  • Instant Security Maturity Assessment

    Sponsored by: CrowdStrike

    In this resource, learn about CrowdStrike's Falcon Complete which fuses machine intelligence with human intervention to prevent breaches. Falcon Complete operationalizes your organization against malware, ransomware and fileless attacks. Download the resource to explore the benefits.

  • Stripping The Malware Threat Out Of Powershell With Ensilo

    Sponsored by: enSilo

    While intended for system administration and the automation of daily maintenance and management tasks, PowerShell has become a preferred tool for cybercriminals. In this white paper, learn more about how PowerShell is being leveraged by cyberattackers and how enSilo can protect your endpoints against this increasing threat.

  • Managing Usage Risks on Corporate Mobile Devices

    Sponsored by: Wandera

    This whitepaper explores the benefits of analyzing usage-based mobile risks, analyzing five main areas: shadow IT, security, productivity, legal considerations and expense management. Read on to learn how Wandera's mobile data policy can benefit your organization today.

  • A Guide to Incorporating Mobile into Your IT Security Systems

    Sponsored by: Wandera

    As mobile devices have matured from simple call and text devices, organizations need to consider what security controls to migrate from these legacy platforms and what needs to be re-evaluated, replaced or introduced. In this white paper, explore key observations and recommendations for appropriate mobile security control.

  • Lookout Enables GDPR Compliance

    Sponsored by: Lookout

    To comply with GDPR, organizations need to gain visibility and control over any data in their mobile fleet that could be compromised. Lookout is uniquely positioned to help organizations like Henkel comply. Download this case study to learn how Henkel remains compliant with GDPR using Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security.

  • A Unified-Client Platform for Enterprise-Grade Endpoint Security

    Sponsored by: SonicWall

    With the growth of ransomware and the persistent use of credential theft, endpoints are the battleground of today's threat landscape. To help with this ongoing struggle, organization could benefit from a unified client platform. Download this solution brief to learn more.

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