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  • Mobile Security Case Study

    Sponsored by: Symantec

    Your business could not survive without users being empowered by mobile technology. Yet one quarter of organizations have been affected by a security breach that has either resulted in lost data or downtime. In this resource, learn how Symantec is helping 3 companies overcome their mobile endpoint protection challenges.

  • Choosing the Right Endpoint Security Controls for your Security Lifecycle

    Sponsored by: Symantec

    In the modern world of cloud-enabled digital transformation initiatives, endpoint security has gained importance. Download this report for key points to consider when evaluating endpoint security software such as endpoint protection and endpoint detection and response.

  • The Secrets to BYOD Revealed

    Sponsored by: Teleware

    Jump into this guide to find out to maintain a happy, engaged, and secure BYOD mobility strategy without all of the aches and pains. Plus, hear from real world IT and business leaders as they recap the trials and tribulations of their own BYOD experiences.

  • Top 10 Security Changes in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    In this webinar, see an overview of the most notable enhancements to the many security capabilities in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 and how to use them to enhance the security posture of your systems.

  • 2019 Mobile Threat Landscape Report

    Sponsored by: CrowdStrike

    Malicious actors have increasingly sought to diversify the way they attempt to compromise their targets and achieve their objectives. In this research report, discover key types of mobile malware observed so far in 2019, along with their typical deployment mechanism. Also, explore how and why certain criminal actors are targeting mobile devices.

  • Expanding Machine Learning Applications on the Endpoint

    Sponsored by: Blackberry Cylance

    Endpoint detection and response (EDR) has emerged as a key component of an endpoint security strategy. But according to recent research, customers believe there is still opportunity for improvements in EDR. Download this report to learn about the current EDR approaches taken and how machine learning can benefit EDR.

  • How to Pick a Winner in EDR

    Sponsored by: Palo Alto Networks

    The MITRE Corporation conducted an independent test of the detection and investigation capabilities of leading endpoint detection and response (EDR) products against real-world attack sequences. This research report will break down the results and what it means for your organization as you assess your endpoint security toolkit.

  • Sydney Opera House Case Study

    Sponsored by: Blackberry Cylance

    The Sydney Opera House embarked on a renewal process which included updating their endpoint security system. They were looking for a solution that could help address a number of challenges including cyberattacks and compliance. Download this case study to learn why they choose to deploy CylancePROTECT.

  • Mobile Security in the Financial Services

    Sponsored by: Wandera

    Download this report for an overview of mobile security challenges facing modern Financial Services companies, including changing technologies and compliance with government regulations, as well as an in-depth analysis of how mobile cyber threats impact the industry.

  • Are You Taking a Risk-Adaptive Approach to Dynamic Data Protection?

    Sponsored by: Forcepoint

    In this webcast, Bharath Vasudevan from Forcepoint discusses how taking a risk-adaptive approach combined with behavioral analytics can enable your security to fluctuate based on the threat environment. The webcast will also explore how Forcepoint's solution, Dynamic Data Protection, delivers risk-adaptive protection.

  • The Future of Cybercrime and Security

    Sponsored by: Webroot

    In Juniper Research's The Future of Cybercrime & Security report, explore key takeaways and an overview of the network & endpoint cybersecurity competitive landscape.

  • Business Endpoint Protection

    Sponsored by: Webroot

    Download this e-book to learn about the benefits of Webroot's SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection software.

  • A Quick Guide to Stopping Ransomware

    Sponsored by: Webroot

    In this infographic, explore 9 proactive steps you can take to reduce the likelihood that you'll fall victim to a crypto-ransomware attack.

  • Testing Security Effectiveness with the MITRE ATT&CK™ Framework

    Sponsored by: Cymulate

    The MITRE ATT&CK framework has gained traction thanks to its comprehensive mapping of adversary tactics and techniques used to infiltrate a network, compromise systems and act on malicious threat actor objectives. In this solution brief, learn how Cymulate can help organizations model threat simulations with the MITRE ATT&CK Framework.

  • Gaining a Strategic Endpoint Security Advantage in the Era of Advanced Threats

    Sponsored by: Symantec

    Today's advanced threat landscape poses serious challenges for enterprises of any size. But the rising trend of attacks directed against midsized enterprises should bring security to the forefront of business planning for these organizations. In this report, learn how machine learning and AI can help in the fight against advanced threats.

  • How To Identify Compromised Devices With Certainty

    Sponsored by: HelpSystems

    It is important for organizations to protect their devices from any threats. However, many security tools can't identify which alerts are important. In this white paper, learn how to avoid serious damage by focusing on swift detection and effective response.

  • 4 Steps to Help You Practice for the CISSP exam

    Sponsored by: TechTarget

    Are you ready for the CISSP exam? Your free CISSP prep guide awaits. Add your unique insights to our market research program to access your free PDF download and become one step closer to earning your certification!

  • Evaluating Endpoint Antimalware Protection Software

    Sponsored by: TechTarget

    With millions of different kinds of malware in the wild and with cyberattacks on the rise, one hypercritical issue for organizations of any size is to ensure strong protection against malware. Participate in our Endpoint Security survey to gain access to our exclusive e-book which compares popular antimalware protection software.

  • Go Beyond Next-Gen IPS

    Sponsored by: Trend Micro, Inc.

    Organizations have relied on next-gen IPS to detect and block threats at wire speed. But with the first next-gen IPS arriving on the scene more than a decade ago, at what point does "next generation" become "current generation"? In this white paper, learn why enterprises can no longer solely rely on a next-gen IPS to protect their networks.

  • How the University of Sunderland Simplified and Enables Mobility and BYOD

    Sponsored by: Ignition Technology Ltd

    The University of Sunderland was looking for a platform that assured users are who they say they are while still being incredibly easy to use for all members of the university community. In this case study, learn how Duo allowed the university to do this while reducing the impact of cyberattacks.

  • Lenovo ThinkShield Solutions Guide

    Sponsored by: Lenovo

    It's time to act before your next attack, read this Lenovo ThinkShield Solutions Guide to find out what to do next.

  • Surviving Today's Onslaught of PC Security Threats

    Sponsored by: Lenovo

    54% of companies think their data, devices and employees are secure, but Lenovo research shows many are not responding to threats the right way. Find out if you're at risk today.

  • Top 10 Mobile Deployment Tips for 2019

    Sponsored by: Vox Mobile Solutions

    Read through 2019's top 10 mobile deployment tips to keep up to speed with the latest enterprise mobility trends – and get tips on how to streamline your budget, employee satisfaction, and management responsibilities along the way

  • Explore the ROI of CylancePROTECT and CylanceOPTICS

    Sponsored by: Blackberry Cylance

    To protect endpoints, servers, and cloud workloads, CylancePROTECT and CylanceOPTICS provide an AI-driven threat prevention, detection, and response platform. In this Forrester Total Economic Impact study, examine the potential ROI enterprises realize after deploying these Cylance platforms.

  • The Digital Workspace: 3 Elements of Success

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    When it comes to managing the digital workspace, IT leaders overwhelmingly selected security as the top challenge. However, when managed properly, the right cloud-based digital workspace can keep organizations secure. In this white paper, learn how a unified Citrix experience can help organizations expand their security.

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