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  • Overcoming Office 365 Security and Compliance Auditing Challenges

    Sponsored by: Quest

    Auditing processes have generally not kept up — the majority (75%) of internal audit organizations describe the maturity of their audit transformation as relatively low.

  • Securing Big Data

    Sponsored by: Thales

    In this white paper, explore the results of the various performance benchmarks run by the Vormetric Product Development team on a reference Hadoop configuration secured with Vormetric Transparent Encryption.

  • Vormetric Transparent Encryption for the SAP HANA® Data Management Suite

    Sponsored by: Thales

    While SAP HANA users realize unmatched operational efficiency, enhanced capabilities are often accompanied by increased risk. In this white paper, take a closer look at Thales’ Vormetric Transparent Encryption (VTE), designed to help organizations control the risks of sensitive data-at-rest within SAP HANA environments.

  • Avoiding Data Leaks with Scalable Encryption and Access Controls

    Sponsored by: Thales

    Many organizations use Amazon S3 to store their sensitive data. However, in order to secure data in a cloud environment like S3, you need complete control of your data. In this white paper, discover how organizations are ensuring the data stored in their Amazon S3 is safe and complies with the strictest security regulations.

  • 8 Simple Steps for Automating Governance, Risk, and Compliance in Financial Services Organizations

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    Managing layers of local, regional, and global regulation is an exceedingly complex endeavor for financial services organizations. However, automating Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) processes can significantly mitigate the risks of running afoul of regulators. In this resource, explore a checklist with 8 simple steps for automating GRC.

  • DataVisor Scales Multicloud Security & Compliance for Customers

    Sponsored by: Lacework

    In this case study, discover how DataVisor, a rapidly growing organization that offers AI-based fraud detection and risk management, was able to ensure security, productivity and compliance across their expanding multicloud environment.

  • Securing Your Cloud Solutions for Government Adoption

    Sponsored by: Coalfire

    FedRAMP establishes cybersecurity requirements for CSPs that deliver solutions to the federal market and utilizes independent experts to advise organizations and assess their compliance. In this report, assess the market and industry dynamics that affect both FedRAMP and cloud adoption in the federal government.

  • The Business of Data Security: 4 Often Overlooked Security Considerations for SMBs

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    As SMBs continue to rely on digital channels for the management and storage of critical information, it’s imperative that a data security strategy is implemented to meet increasingly strict security and compliance requirements. With than in mind, download this e-book to uncover 4 often-overlooked data security considerations for SMBs.

  • Controlling Classified Information

    Sponsored by: Clearswift

    Besides compliance requirements, data loss prevention (DLP) strategies are critical for maintaining good cybersecurity hygiene as well as avoiding financial or reputational damage. To learn more about Clearswift’s flexible and simple DLP offering, download this solution brief.

  • Achieving Security and Compliance for SAP HANA in the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Thales

    Although widely used for storing and processing sensitive data, achieving security and compliance for SAP HANA in the cloud goes beyond the scope of traditional security methods. Download this white paper to discover how Thales is addressing this trending issue.

  • Where Law and Tech Will Collide in 2020

    Sponsored by: RSA Conference

    The acceleration of “tech disruption” across all industries is exacerbating privacy risks to consumers globally. NIST has released draft privacy controls, providing guidance for companies to manage privacy risks. Watch this RSA Conference webinar to see industry experts discuss where technology and the law might find friction in 2020.

  • Five Key Elements of Continuous IT Compliance

    Sponsored by: BMC

    As compliance regulations become more stringent, security and compliance teams are under additional pressure to ensure security, reduce risk and avoid conflicts. Download this white paper to learn more about a modern, intelligent approach to security – including 5 critical elements necessary for continuous IT compliance.

  • Cloud Migration Challenges

    Sponsored by: BigID

    Cloud migrations are nearing the point of necessity – even for highly regulated and risk-averse organizations. So, how can these organizations minimize risk, ensure data privacy and avoid costly disruptions? Read on to learn more about the challenges of cloud migration and how BigID is helping organizations overcome these obstacles.

  • FedRAMP Strategy Guide

    Sponsored by: AWS - Coalfire

    As cloud service providers (CSPs) consider pursuing or begin planning for FedRAMP authorization, it’s important to fully understand and adequately prepare for the FedRAMP process. Download this strategy guide for a FedRAMP overview, costs, authorization paths and timelines and 5 steps to ATO.

  • Lay Your Security Tech Foundation

    Sponsored by: TITUS

    Today’s data breaches have legal, financial and reputational implications, and overcoming this challenge is made more difficult by increasingly complex and stringent regulations. Download the following Forrester report, which outlines 4-step approach to help organizations get started with building their strategies around these challenges.

  • Titus data identification

    Sponsored by: TITUS

    The increasingly complex compliance landscape makes it harder for organizations and users to delineate what defines sensitive data. Download this solution brief for a closer look at Titus’ Data Identification tool – which can help organizations and users identify sensitive data within emails to better understand and mitigate data risk.

  • The Cloud Native Compliance Playbook: Strategies for the Enterprise

    Sponsored by: Capsule8

    Regardless of organizational size or desired environment, security and compliance challenges are consistently the largest obstacles on the road to cloud native adoption. The Cloud Native Compliance Playbook: Strategies for the Enterprise explores key challenges and best-practices to help organizations build their cloud security strategy.

  • Improve Your Privacy Strategy

    Sponsored by: TITUS

    As data privacy concerns and regulatory compliance requirements grow more complex and stringent, IT and security teams are tasked with the increasingly difficult task of improving their organization’s privacy strategy. This white paper highlights how Titus’ Accelerator for Privacy tool can help enhance current capabilities. Read on to learn more.

  • How to Ensure NIAP Mobile Application Compliance

    Sponsored by: NowSecure

    Mobile applications allow for improved business operations and more seamless experience. However, for federal agencies, the heavy burden of ensuring each app meets the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) security requirements causes a massive roadblock. Download this white paper to learn ease this headache.

  • The Complete Guide to SOC 2 Compliance and Certification

    Sponsored by: Ostendio

    Download this SOC 2 Audit guide to uncover the evolution of SOC compliance, the differences between SOC 1, 2, and 3 reports, and much more.

  • Understanding the Complexities of Digital OT Security

    Sponsored by: Fortinet, Inc.

    To address growing vulnerabilities within their infrastructure, organizations often look to incorporate various point security tools to cover each new risk. However, this approach creates additional complexities and introduces a myriad of new security challenges. So, what’s the best path towards simplified cybersecurity? Read on to find out.

  • Veracode Security Labs

    Sponsored by: Veracode, Inc.

    In order to help organizations enable their software developers to identify, remediate and prevent vulnerabilities, Veracode Security Labs provides comprehensive training for the most relevant application security topics of today. Read on to learn more about the program.

  • Incorporating Technology to Mitigate Email Exploits and Human Error

    Sponsored by: Egress Software Technologies Inc

    Traditional email security approaches are no longer viable in today’s environment. In fact, a recent FBI study indicated that BEC generates more than 50% of all cybercrime revenue. Download this IDC Vendor Spotlight report for a closer look at Egress’ Intelligent Email Security offering, which uses machine learning to enhance threat readiness.

  • The Business Case for Cloud Threat Defense

    Sponsored by: Palo Alto Networks

    In order to protect the growing security and compliance requirements needed to protect cloud data and applications, organizations are implementing cloud threat defenses. Download this white paper to get a better understanding of the benefits, costs, issues and risks associated with implementing cloud threat defenses.

  • CW APAC, June 2020: Trend Watch - data protection

    Sponsored by:

    Asia-Pacific organisations see the importance of having good data protection practices, even as they are still grappling with organisational and operational challenges. In this handbook, Computer Weekly looks at the different levels of preparedness across the region and what firms can do to plug any gaps.

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