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  • The Importance of Performance Speed in E-Commerce: How Brands can Prevent Site Latency Due to 3PC

    The need for speed powers E-Commerce. A loading screen or buffering delay can cause a customer to click off your website and move on to the next. This brief guide explores how third-party code can increase site latency, and what steps to take to keep your site performing at its best. Access the guide here.

  • The Silent E-Commerce Sales Killer: Customer Journey Hijacking

    One of the most critical aspects of digital retail is ensuring a seamless, tailored shopper experience. While e-commerce leaders invest resources into ensuring this, the conversion rate from site visit to sale is just 2.86%. In this article, explore how customer journey hijacking is redirecting your customers and how to protect against this.

  • The Hidden Obstacle in the Consumer Purchase Path: 3PC Cookies and Domain Calls

    When it comes to digital retail, revenue growth is heavily tied to customer experience. And while third-party capabilities enable a personalized experience, they can also expose vulnerabilities. In this article, go in-depth into the risks of third-party capabilities and discover how to identify and remediate risks.

  • Who’s Stalking Mobile App Users?

    It’s difficult to disagree with the convenience of mobile applications, but have you ever considered the data being captured? Consumer awareness and regulations like GDPR & CCPA are creating a dramatic shift in app development and experience. In this report, find hidden vulnerabilities, the role of cookies & other findings.

  • Tech Powering your CX Might be Dragging Revenue

    Unknown third-party code outside of your control can introduce new risks or heighten existing ones. Read on to learn about digital risk scans and how you can reduce digital revenue threats like customer information theft, data leakage, site latency, and more.

  • This is the #1 Threat to Your Digital Properties

    In the early days of the Web and e-commerce, CISOs could secure the web application code developed by internal teams. But now, the majority of a website's code relies on third-parties. In this white paper, learn what CISOs need to know in order to protect themselves and their digital properties from malicious third-party code.

  • Malware: The Ubiquitous Menace

    Every day seems to bring news of web-based malware attacking another popular, highly trafficked website, causing harm to visitors and tarnishing the site owner's reputation and bottom line. In this white paper, learn how IT and SOC managers can protect their customers and employees by addressing security gaps on the front-end of their website.

  • 6 Security Facts that Organizations aren't Considering

    In this white paper, discover the 6 security facts that you should start considering to make your websites more secure.

  • EU GDPR Compliance puts Focus on Data Tracking, Encryption

    GDPR compliance is mandatory by May 25, 2018. Discover how encryption will be an overlooked but key part in compliance, as well as how to reduce risk by avoiding keeping more personal data than is necessary for business/legal needs.

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