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  • How to Boost Your Breach Defense: A 3-Part Plan

    Even the strongest, most protected networks can be brought to their knees with just 1 minor misstep. Thus, the cyber defender has to protect against all attack vectors. In this blog, learn how you can help secure your organization by adopting a 3-part security model consisting of security in depth, DevSecOps, and security validation.

  • 5 Steps: How to Defend Your Company Against a Security Breach

    In this white paper, discover the 5 steps on how to defend your company against a security breach with the NIST framework.

  • Micro Focus ArcSight: Protecting Security Analytics with an Audit Quality SIEM Platform

    In this white paper, discover how ArcSight is protecting security analytics with an audit quality SIEM solution.

  • Security, Risk and Governance Breach Defense: Anatomy of a Breach

    The odds of experiencing a data breach are 1 in 4. And as seen from breaches including Equifax, Yahoo and Uber, the effects are costly. But how can organizations keep secure? There needs to be a plan. In this webcast, Rob MacDonald discusses how organizations can use the NIST Framework to strengthen their defenses against a breach.

  • Machine Learning in Security

    In this webcast, Mario Daigle, VP of Product for Interset, a Micro Focus company, discusses 2 main categories of machine learning—supervised and unsupervised—and how they can be applied practically in the context of solving cybersecurity problems.

  • Preparing for Personal Data Privacy Policies

    As data privacy laws continue to be established, the relationship that individuals have with companies has changed. No longer are companies free to just collect data and do whatever they please; they now effectively become stewards of the data. In this e-guide, discover how organizations can better manage personal data.

  • Risk Assessment with Secure Content Management

    Tune into this webinar to learn how Micro Focus's Secure Content Management suite and its components help mitigate risk through the data assessment process.

  • Ensure Privacy Protection Through Your Digital Transformation

    Today, the race to digital transformation is a vital one. However, as enterprises begin their digital transformation journey, they have to make privacy protection a top priority. In this webcast, Becky Arenson and Carole Murphy discuss how to minimize the risk of digital transformations with a unified technology framework.

  • Understanding Data Privacy and CCPA

    In this e-guide, get a better understanding of data privacy through two expert articles about the intersection of marketing and data privacy as well as everything you need to know about the California Consumer Privacy Act.

  • Big Data Protection with Data-Centric Security

    Smart connected devices are everywhere, including billions of mobile devices carrying sensitive data in the hands of users across the globe. How safe is your data in light of today's modern threat landscape? Read on to learn more.

  • Privacy: Data Protection and Identity Management

    To help enterprises meet modern privacy mandates such as GDPR, the California Consumer Privacy Act, and beyond, Micro Focus brings together comprehensive technology portfolios. In this webcast, Nathan Turajski, Director of Product Marketing at Micro Focus provides an overview of their Data Protection and Identity Management solution.

  • Privacy and Data Protection Webinar

    There is a lot more data at risk today than there has been in the past. This explosion of personal data being collected, harnessed, and used means that companies have to be increasingly aware of how they manage it. In this webinar, learn about challenges in privacy and data protection and how to face them head on.

  • Best Practices for GDPR and CCPA Compliance

    The regulatory climate around the world for data protection is heating up, with GDPR leading the way and other regional areas starting to enact their own frameworks. In this research report, explore key findings from an in-depth survey of North American organizations with regard to their plans for GDPR and CCPA compliance.

  • 2018 State of Security Operations:Report of the Capabilities and Maturity of Cyber Defense Organizations Worldwide

    Micro Focus Security Intelligence and Operations Consulting (SIOC) has assessed the capabilities and maturity of 144 discreet SOCs since 2008. In this 5th Annual State of Security Operations report, review insights into what makes some of the most advanced cyberdefense centers around the globe successful.

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