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  • Risk Management as Revenue Driver: An Adaptive Approach

    Recently, PwC interviewed 1,535 executives in risk functions from 76 countries and across 30 different industries. They used this information to serve as models in their successful approaches to risk. These “Adapters,” as they’re called, were effective in tackling innovation-related risks. Read this article to see why they stood out.

  • Questions to Ask Your GRC Software Provider

    Are you asking the right questions of your GRC vendor? You should demand the features and benefits that will make your program and people as effective as they can be—today, and well into the future. View this video for questions to ask your GRC software provider today.

  • Simple Steps for Setting Up A Project Risk Register

    For sophisticated projects, organizations typically turn to a project manager to assess and plan for risks. One emerging practice being used by project managers is the curation of a risk register. But what is a risk register? What does it entail? How can your organization get started making one? Read on to find out.

  • Transformative Risk Management

    Like social distancing to “flatten the curve”, effective risk management starts with focusing on the self and a small inner circle. In this podcast, join 3 distinguished GRC experts and risk leaders as they discuss the new era of risk management. Listen in to hear what they have to say.

  • GRC & Me: A Conversation on Risk Language

    Communication is one of the foundational elements of an organization’s ability to ensure productive relationships both within and between companies. In this podcast, join Melissa Ryan, co-founder of Asureti, as she discusses how her risk language and threat rating tools facilitate communication within and between organizations.

  • What is Operational Resilience?

    According to Gartner, operational resilience is a set of techniques that allows people, processes and information systems to adapt to changing patterns. How do businesses not just prepare but succeed when faced with the unexpected? Read this quick article to get an understanding of how organizations comprehend their respective risk.

  • The Top 5 InfoSec Professional Challenges

    What keeps you up at night? If you’re anything like most risk and information security professionals, the list is long. Juggling security concerns, reporting on risk data, and managing the latest regulatory requirements all add up. To stay in the know, read the top 5 challenges infosec professionals face, and the common thread linking them all.

  • What Strategies Can Alleviate Executive Concerns Over Data Breaches?

    As data breaches and cybersecurity become a growing concern felt by the entire organization, CEOs face an increasingly difficult task of identifying, communicating and preventing risk across various departments. Read this blog post for the results of a survey designed to understand this issue from the perspective of the CEO.

  • The Risk Cloud

    Approaches to risk management are shifting from reactive to proactive. Integrating risk management programs is a key to growth in today’s digital landscape. Many of the challenges involving risk, including lack of visibility and poor UX, can be solved through a more agile approach. Read this white paper to learn about the Risk Cloud and agile GRC.

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