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  • Why HIPAA Compliance is Impossible without Privileged Management

    Sponsored by: One Identity

    In this white paper, gain valuable insights into automating privileged account management and streamlining compliance to meet HIPAA's requirements.

  • Security Trends in a Post-WannaCry Environment

    Sponsored by: Juniper Networks

    68% of IT and security pros have increasing levels of concerns about ransomware over the next 3 years, according to a recent Juniper Networks report. Delve deeper into the study to learn more about security trends.

  • The City of Frankfurt Enables Work from Home with Two-Factor Authentication

    Sponsored by: One Identity

    Find out how the City of Frankfurt created a better work-life balance for its employees by enabling secure work from home with effective, user-friendly two-factor authentication.

  • Wire Transfer Guard: Harnessing Distribution Deception to Prevent Cyber Fraud

    Sponsored by: Illusive Networks

    This resource highlights how early network visibility and insight allows defenders to secure the time they need to analyze the adversary and take appropriate action when protecting financial transfers.

  • Deception Matters: Slowing Down the Adversary

    Sponsored by: Illusive Networks

    Access this SANS review to learn about the key benefits of deception technology and how to successfully deploy it in your network security strategy.

  • Cyberespionage Campaign Hits Energy Companies

    Sponsored by: SecurityMatters

    What will your company do if the next Dragonfly-type attack targets you? Discover why the implementation of a defense-in-depth strategy is key to successfully mitigate cyberthreats like Dragonfly.

  • The Rebirth of Endpoint Protection

    Sponsored by: NSS Labs

    Advanced endpoint protection shows significant promise for protecting endpoint devices. However, this emerging market is rapidly growing and in a constant state of flux. Inside this resource from NSS Labs uncover key factors to consider when evaluating AEP.

  • Deception Technology Comes of Age

    Sponsored by: Illusive Networks

    Today, deception technology is gaining more and more attention as an innovative cybersecurity technology that can shift the balance of power back to your business. This white paper details how to embrace deception as a network security tool with 5 compelling reasons.

  • Evolution of Next Generation Firewall

    Sponsored by: NSS Labs

    Enterprises need to stop attackers at the network perimeter, and that's where next generation firewalls (NGFWs) come in. But how should you choose a next generation firewall? Learn how in this white paper.

  • Computer Weekly – 13 February 2018: On the path to diversity in tech

    Sponsored by:

    In this week's Computer Weekly, after the UK celebrated 100 years of women's suffrage, we look at what more needs to be done to encourage greater diversity in IT to help tackle the ongoing skills shortage. We examine how mobile app developers can improve security. And we look at the role of containers in storage architecture. Read the issue now.

  • Visibility, Detection and Control for Industrial Networks

    Sponsored by: SecurityMatters

    This resource reveals how to improve network security with strategies such as visibility, threat detection capabilities and control.

  • Why Deception is Essential to Your Cybersecurity Strategy

    Sponsored by: Illusive Networks

    The average time that attackers live inside an enterprise network before being detected is 146 days. This Frost and Sullivan report details how deception security technologies can speed up detection and cause attackers to expose their vulnerabilities.

  • Demystifying IT Risk to Achieve Greater Security & Compliance

    Sponsored by: Lynx Technology Partners

    Discover 4 steps to help you create effective risk management so that you can get a better picture of the threats facing your organization and improve your defense against them.

  • Achieve Effective PCI Compliance by Automating Required Controls and Processes

    Sponsored by: Skybox Security

    Find out how to improve PCI DSS compliance by incorporating a platform into your network and information security workflows that provides a holistic understanding of your attack surface.

  • Stop Targeted Attacks Before they Stop your Business

    Sponsored by: Illusive Networks

    Access this resource to learn about Illusive's Deception Management System, a security tool where deceptions are perpetually designed, turned and tailored using AI so they appear—and remain—authentic to attackers.

  • 2018 Security Predictions

    Sponsored by: Splunk

    This resource offers predictions of 2018 and how machine learning and DevSecOps will impact and benefit security strategies.

  • What is Attribute-Based Access Control?

    Sponsored by: Axiomatics

    Learn about the evolution of traditional role-based access control and how the shift towards attribute-based access control is impacting cybersecurity.

  • Breach Prevention: The New Way Forward

    Sponsored by: NSS Labs

    Attackers are able to bypass traditional endpoint and perimeter-based security solutions. This white paper explains why organizations are adopting breach detection systems (BDS) to evolve with the ever-changing threat landscape.

  • CW ANZ – February 2018: Prepare for EU data law

    Sponsored by:

    Faced with the double whammy of complying with Australia's upcoming data breach notification law and Europe's new data protection rules, Australian firms are behind where they need to be in their compliance efforts. In this month's CW ANZ, learn how Australia is getting ready for the GDPR and the challenges they are facing in meeting the new laws.

  • Driving Transformation in the Financial Services Industry

    Sponsored by: Intel

    In this system brief, learn about the new Intel Xeon Scalable processer which is already being used in the financial services industry to provide upgraded performance, deep analytics and machine learning, enhanced security and more.

  • How to Effectively Implement ISA 99 / IEC 62443

    Sponsored by: SecurityMatters

    This resource offers insight into how to implement IEC 62443, the worldwide security standard of Industrial Control System networks, formerly known as ISA 99. Uncover tips to comply with the key technical requirements.

  • It's Time for a Smarter Approach: Threat-centric Vulnerability Management

    Sponsored by: Skybox Security

    Access this white paper to learn how threat-centric vulnerability management (TCVM) offers a smarter approach for your organization as the threat landscape continues to evolve.

  • Reduce Your Audit Tax: Five Methods to Lessen the Burdens

    Sponsored by: Lynx Technology Partners

    The security and regulatory environment these days has mushroomed to the point that very few organizations ever go untouched by the auditor's viewfinder. Access this resource to uncover the 5 steps to developing and implementing an audit tax strategy for greater automation of data collection and reporting.

  • Cyber Security Framework Checklist

    Sponsored by: Lynx Technology Partners

    This resource will walk you through creating your own IT risk program that follows the key elements of the NIST Cyber Security Framework. As an added bonus, uncover 3 reminders for establishing security best practices.

  • The Rising Face of Cybercrime: Ransomware

    Sponsored by: BitSight

    This BitSight Insights Report examines the cybersecurity performance of nearly 20,000 organizations in the face of rising ransomware attacks. Uncover the report's 5 key findings about the different types of ransomware attacks across industries like education, government, and finance.

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