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  • The Path to GDPR Compliance

    Sponsored by: Digital Shadows

    In May 2018, GDPR comes into full force. But what does this regulation bring, and how do you prepare? This white paper outlines the 4 key steps towards GDPR compliance and 8 key changes to be aware of under GDPR.

  • Next-generation Vulnerability Management

    Sponsored by: Skybox Security

    49% of security professionals say their network is at least somewhat vulnerable to security threats and eliminating vulnerabilities is a continuous battle. This white paper explores the processes of the vulnerability management lifecycle, reviews current areas of deficiency and introduces next-generation vulnerability management.

  • Secure Applications in the Development Phase with DevSecOps

    Sponsored by: Veracode, Inc.

    Effective application security is more than a one-time scan. Security needs to be continually assessed during every step of the app development process. This three step process puts you on the path to developing a mature app security program.

  • Building a Secure Foundation to Reduce Cyber Risk

    Sponsored by: Tenable, Inc.

    According to the Dimensional Research survey "Trends in Cybersecurity Frameworks and Foundational Controls", 52% of respondents said their cybersecurity program has major gaps or weaknesses, or many minor ones. This resource offers a strategy for building a secure foundation to reduce cyber risks within your organization.

  • 3 Reasons: Why DevOps is a Game-Changer for Security

    Sponsored by: Tenable, Inc.

    Oftentimes, security teams have struggled with keeping pace with DevOps. This resource explores the intersection of DevOps and InfoSec and offers 3 reasons why security organizations will benefit by combining these 2 practices.

  • What is The Multi-Cloud?

    Sponsored by: Fortinet, Inc.

    This white paper explores why the usual methods of cloud security are not able to effectively secure multi-cloud environments. Then, learn how an open standards-based fabric of integrated and adaptive security products could provide the visibility and coordination needed to provide a high level of protection.

  • Painless DevSecOps Integration across the Value Stream

    Sponsored by: Tasktop

    This webcast explores how to take a DevSecOps approach to minimizing the impact of vulnerabilities on your apps. Find out how to make developers, QAers, and security pros aware of vulnerabilities as soon as possible and discover how you can integrate tools end-to-end across the value stream.

  • Cryptocurrencies are the New Frontier of Fraud

    Sponsored by: Digital Shadows

    In this white paper, discover the most common methods used by criminal actors, including account takeovers, mining fraud and scams against initial coin offerings (ICOs). Then, learn how to update your security infrastructure to combat the changing cryptocurrency landscape in 2018.

  • Why all Companies Should Require Digital Risk Management

    Sponsored by: Digital Shadows

    In this white paper, learn why your organization should adopt a digital risk management strategy to mitigate corporate risk and the first 2 steps to getting started.

  • Attack Your Attack Surface: How to Reduce Your Exposure to Cyberattacks

    Sponsored by: Skybox Security

    The average enterprise today must defend against exploitation of an attack surface composed of tens of thousands of potentially exploitable attack vectors on its networks and system. This resource offers insight into reducing exposure to cyberattacks with an attack surface visualization strategy.

  • The CSO Broad-Level Reporting Survival Guide

    Sponsored by: BitSight

    This 16-page survival guide dives into advancing the CSO/CISO-board relationship and why the board needs security leaders to fuel disciplined growth. Uncover what the board wants, how to present to the board, and tips to communicate with the board.

  • Automating Cloud Security to Mitigate Risk

    Sponsored by: Skybox Security

    The cloud opens new ways for attackers to access your sensitive data. This paper explores the potential security challenges enterprises face as they migrate to any kind of cloud setup and offers guidance to ensure a smooth migration.

  • Secure Access for the Small Business Owner

    Sponsored by: Fortinet, Inc.

    This white paper explains how Fortinet gives IT organizations a choice of WLAN offerings that provide seamless mobility within a single facility or between multiple sites to ensure business-critical apps maintain performance and reliability without impacting security.

  • How to Improve Security with Network Packet Visibility

    Sponsored by: ADLINK Technology

    Access this white paper to learn how real-time analysis of network traffic exposes malicious attacks and enhances information security.

  • DPI and Cloud Computing Security Platforms for the IoT Era

    Sponsored by: ADLINK Technology

    As IoT continues to grow, the security of networks is at risk. This resource offers strategies for securing network devices used in PDI for cloud computing security as well as an approach to integrating hardware and software to address new security requirements of the IoT era.

  • Secure SD-WAN: Integrated NGFW Security with WAN Transformation

    Sponsored by: Fortinet, Inc.

    Access this white paper to unlock how to secure your SD-WAN network infrastructure with NGFW security.

  • Economic, Operational & Strategic Benefits of Security Framework Adoption

    Sponsored by: Tenable, Inc.

    What are the business and security benefits that come from adopting a security framework? In this 96-page e-book, 38 information security leaders share success perspectives and lessons learned regarding their security framework.

  • Solve Migration, Security, and Productivity Challenges Around Office 365

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    Organizations around the world are embracing Office 365 as their tool of choice for productivity applications. However, it is critical to have a strong plan in place to ensure a seamless migration. This webinar discusses challenges that typically arise during an Office 365 migration and how to deal with them.

  • Modern IAM: Build Trust Without Sacrificing Security

    Sponsored by: CA Technologies

    This white paper outlines how a modern identity and access management system can help build trust between yourself and your users without infringing on their freedom.

  • Unified Threat Management (UTM) Buyer's Guide

    Sponsored by: Fortinet, Inc.

    Click inside to learn the 4 aspects that any good unified threat management (UTM) system has, as well as a buyer's checklist to make sure you have everything you need.

  • What the Hybrid Cloud is Not: Urban Myths About the Multi-Cloud World

    Sponsored by: Concerto Cloud Services

    Many CIOs are wary of migrating apps and data due to lingering myths from cloud's early days. This paper busts the top five myths surrounding hybrid cloud, exposing what cloud is really capable of, and why now is the time to get on board with hybrid cloud.

  • CISO Interview

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    Take a look at this webcast interview to learn about security issues organizations are trying to overcome and how CISOs are dealing with the challenges of cybersecurity.

  • Identify and Respond to Security Threats Faster

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    The key to reducing incident detection and response times lies in automating basic tasks, such as intelligence gathering. This resource offers strategies for improving incident detection and response through a streamlined process of workflows, routing, and communication tools.

  • The Global CISO Study

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    81% of CISOs are highly concerned that breaches are going unaddressed according to this global study. Inside this report, explore the progress CISOs have made and the specific steps organizations are taking to enhance security response.

  • 7 Scenarios That Call for Managed, Cloud-Centric IT Services

    Sponsored by: Concerto Cloud Services

    If you don't have the time, staff, or budget to address every scenario on your own, managed cloud services are a compelling option. This white paper covers seven of the most common IT issues and how managed cloud services help solve them.

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