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  • The Future of Storage Administration: Top Skills You Need to Know

    Just wanted to invite you to take our quick Primary Storage Research Program survey. Its goal is to identify emerging and reaffirm established storage hardware, systems, and cloud storage adoption trends. Access it here and a get a free copy of one of our latest e-guides, like The Future of Storage Administration: Top Skills You Need to Know .

  • Data Center Infrastructure Management: Learn About, Compare and Choose the Right DCIM Software

    Open up this exclusive E-Guide to explore the background of data center infrastructure management (DCIM), including tools, DCIM's place in the modern data center, and how to evaluate your data center management needs.

  • The Evolution of HCI Networking

    Hyper-converged technology is still a work-from-home infrastructure staple for serving virtual desktops to remote users, the need for which is now greater than ever. Read our expert guide on The Evolution of HCI Networking to dig further this trend and discover how to tackle any HCI networking challenges that may crop up.

  • Review hybrid cloud management tools from Google, Azure, AWS, and more

    Plenty of organizations are already using hybrid cloud strategies, but cloud management tools and strategies can oftentimes be more complex than they need to be. Open up this E-Book to explore hybrid cloud management tools from Google, AWS, Azure, and more.

  • Navigating the All-flash Array Buying Process

    Our vendor-agnostic AFA buyer's guide objectively examines key vendors in the space and will help you navigate the AFA buying process. Simply complete a few quick, multiple-choice questions about your company's flash strategies and purchasing intentions and you will receive a free copy of the 55-page guide.

  • How to Choose Your Next Server

    A lot has changed under the hoods of modern servers, especially over the last few years. That means when it's time for your enterprises next refresh cycle, there are some interesting new features to consider. Check out's latest ebook, How to Choose Your Next Server to learn more about the latest server features, ranked and reco

  • Machine Learning & Bias Concerns Weigh on Data Scientists

    How can you address, correct, neutralize, and eliminate machine learning bias in your business? Tell us about your current analytics, BI, and/or AI/ML initiatives, and as a thank you, we'll give you a downloadable copy of our expert guide to conquering algorithmic & human bias in ML—so you can create an immediate action plan for your company.

  • Explore a hybrid cloud migration strategy

    Check out this E-Guide on hybrid cloud adoption to learn benefits and advantages of hybrid cloud, how to migrate effectively, how to simplify your migration strategy, and much more.

  • Exclusive Look at AFA Solutions & Vendors

    To cut through the all-flash market chaos, we've compiled An Exclusive Look at AFA Solutions & Vendors, an e-guide that directly compares the top 6 AFA systems and will catch you up on all the market buzz. Download your copy to see what's new with Pure Storage, IBM, HPE, and more.

  • Colocation SLA's

    Colocation SLAs can be an expensive investment. On top of that, you need to be sure you're entrusting your critical assets to a worthy provider. That's why we assembled this guide to colocation SLAs, designed to help you get the best cost agreement possible while still ensuring your assets' security.

  • Before-You-Buy Guide to IT Managed Services

    Like most IT purchase decisions, managed services are not a decision to be taken lightly. That's where this guide will help. Access your copy of this exclusive "Before-You-Buy" Guidebook on IT Managed Services to get a closer look at the latest market factors to consider before signing off on new IT management services.

  • A Brief Compendium of AI Use Cases

    Share with us your current AI goals in our brief survey, and our e-guide A Compendium of AI Use Cases will be yours. From digital twins and SCM to manufacturing, financial services, & healthcare—we've compiled all the most relevant use cases for your convenience, so claim your copy before they are gone!

  • CCNA 200-301 Official Cert: Practice Exam

    Achieving your Cisco Certified Network Associate, or CCNA, certification is no small feat. Luckily, searchNetworking is here to help you prepare! We're giving you access to our all new CCNA Practice Exam. Inside, discover 12 questions (and answers) that provide a realistic example of what you can expect on the exam.

  • 2021 Guide to CyberSecurity Certifications & Career Growth

    Due to the highly competitive nature of career growth the cybersecurity field, we crafted this e-guide, 2021 Guide to Cybersecurity Certifications & Career Growth. Take this short survey to receive your free copy and learn how you can stand out from your peers and land that raise/promotion.

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