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  • Protect High-Value Assets From Internal Security Risks

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Access this resource to discover how your organization can gain back network security confidence regarding high-value assets and corporate data with user and entity behavior analytics.

  • Future-Proof Your Tactical IAM Projects

    Sponsored by: One Identity

    This e-book provides insight into how to overcome barriers to identity and access management (IAM) success by future-proofing your tactical IAM projects.

  • 6 Steps to Build a Holistic Security Strategy with Microsoft 365

    Sponsored by: Microsoft

    This e-book outlines how you can take advantage of the security tools built into Microsoft 365 to build a holistic security strategy in 6 steps.

  • UEBA Use Case: Insider Attack Identification

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Allow this resource to teach you how network monitoring through behavioral analytics or user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) can help detect and prevent advanced attacks.

  • Compromised User and Host Detection Using Behavioral Analytics

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Allow this resource to teach you how network monitoring through multi-dimensional analytics enables the creation of high-fidelity entity risk profiles and shrinks the time to detect attacks.

  • Holistic Endpoint Security

    Sponsored by: Cylance

    According to Forrester, as cyber threats are increasing in number and complexity, traditional approaches to endpoint security have become outdated and less effective. This Forrester study offers a market overview of endpoint security and provides key trends within the industry as well as examples of strategies organizations are taking.

  • Case Study: Growing Regional Bank Preempts Potential Cyber Attackers

    Sponsored by: Illusive Networks

    How do you get out in front of growing cyber risk without falling behind on your customer experience needs? This case study details Illusive Network's Deception Management System, a response tool which can help improve your organization's ability to identify and investigate a potentially malicious activity.

  • Software-defined Secure Networks

    Sponsored by: Juniper Networks

    According to this ESG study, 28% of organizations claim to have a shortage with network security specialists. This research report delves into how organizations can monitor their networks to detect suspicious activities and effectively enforce policies to prevent malicious behavior with the help of software-defined networks.

  • Cloud Service Provider Reduces Impact of Global Denial-of-Service Attacks by Over 90 Percent

    Sponsored by: Juniper Networks

    In this case study learn how, a managed hosting provider based in the Netherlands, reduced the impact of global DoS attacks by over 90% and reduced the amount of trouble tickets lowering service costs.

  • Reducing Cybersecurity Costs & Risk through Automation Technologies

    Sponsored by: Juniper Networks

    In this 32-page Ponemon Institute report, learn how organizations are deploying security technologies that augment or replace human intervention, along with the benefits of automation and their cost effectiveness.

  • Cyber Threat Protection Platform

    Sponsored by: NSS Labs

    Enterprise defenses are constantly being challenged by attackers who are morphing tactics and adopting new evasion techniques at a record pace. This resource offers strategies for continuous security validation and cyber risk protection.

  • System Risk Identification

    Sponsored by: NSS Labs

    Organization attack surfaces are large and complex, making it impossible to protect against everything all of the time. This resource offers strategies for assessing the impact of unmitigated risks and how to focus on the real attack surface.

  • Monitoring Industrial Control Systems to Improve Operations and Security

    Sponsored by: SecurityMatters

    Industrial Control Systems (ICS) sit at the core of every industrial process. This white paper details the pros and cons of several existing technologies that can be employed to monitor and protect ICS networks allowing organizations to best understand their environment and threat exposure throughout the entire security lifecycle.

  • Reducing Cybersecurity Costs & Risk through Automation

    Sponsored by: Juniper Networks

    Tap into a Ponemon Institute study to see how organizations can save an average of $2.3 million annually by moving to cyber automation.

  • Why ISO/IEC 27001 Compliance is Impossible without Privileged Management

    Sponsored by: One Identity

    Access this white paper to learn how privileged access management is critical to ISO/IEC 27001 compliance to establish, implement, maintain, assess and continually improve a robust information security management system (ISMS).

  • Manage PC, Mobility and iOT with Unified Endpoint Management

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    Watch this webcast to learn how you can deliver apps and data securely to users and how unified endpoint management (UEM) can help solve challenges of traditional client management in the context of the new digital workspace.

  • Security Control Effectiveness

    Sponsored by: NSS Labs

    According to NSS Labs survey of CISOs in North America, 52% of enterprises see no "value-add" from their currently deployed security products. This resource offers an approach to security control effectiveness and will assist you in evaluating the performance of security defenses as well as reveal unmitigated risks.

  • How to Design and Maintain a Secure ICS Network

    Sponsored by: SecurityMatters

    Learn about the IEC 62443 standards and their limitations so that you can reduce the exposure of industrial networks to constantly evolving threats with analytics, network segmentation, enhanced threat detection, and more.

  • Why HIPAA Compliance is Impossible without Privileged Management

    Sponsored by: One Identity

    In this white paper, gain valuable insights into automating privileged account management and streamlining compliance to meet HIPAA's requirements.

  • Security Trends in a Post-WannaCry Environment

    Sponsored by: Juniper Networks

    68% of IT and security pros have increasing levels of concerns about ransomware over the next 3 years, according to a recent Juniper Networks report. Delve deeper into the study to learn more about security trends.

  • The City of Frankfurt Enables Work from Home with Two-Factor Authentication

    Sponsored by: One Identity

    Find out how the City of Frankfurt created a better work-life balance for its employees by enabling secure work from home with effective, user-friendly two-factor authentication.

  • Wire Transfer Guard: Harnessing Distribution Deception to Prevent Cyber Fraud

    Sponsored by: Illusive Networks

    This resource highlights how early network visibility and insight allows defenders to secure the time they need to analyze the adversary and take appropriate action when protecting financial transfers.

  • Deception Matters: Slowing Down the Adversary

    Sponsored by: Illusive Networks

    Access this SANS review to learn about the key benefits of deception technology and how to successfully deploy it in your network security strategy.

  • Cyberespionage Campaign Hits Energy Companies

    Sponsored by: SecurityMatters

    What will your company do if the next Dragonfly-type attack targets you? Discover why the implementation of a defense-in-depth strategy is key to successfully mitigate cyberthreats like Dragonfly.

  • The Rebirth of Endpoint Protection

    Sponsored by: NSS Labs

    Advanced endpoint protection shows significant promise for protecting endpoint devices. However, this emerging market is rapidly growing and in a constant state of flux. Inside this resource from NSS Labs uncover key factors to consider when evaluating AEP.

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