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  • How to Build a Winning Cybersecurity Team

    Sponsored by: Global Knowledge

    Just like a sports team, cybersecurity teams need to be carefully built and managed in order to reach peak performance. Effective cybersecurity teams also require adequate processes and technologies to support their efforts. So, what should you consider when building a winning cybersecurity team? Read on to find out.

  • Interview with Identity Expert

    Sponsored by: Mitek Systems, Inc.

    In this Q and A, the head of risk and payments at an American money transfer company sits down with the customer success leader at Mitek to talk about role of identity verification in innovation and how increasing regulations will affect financial institutions. Read on to learn more.

  • Asurion developers choose Snyk for developer-focused approach and for its product vision and innovation

    Sponsored by: Snyk

    Most companies use a huge amount of open source code in their development process – without the proper security channels set up for managing and protecting their data. Here, a company with microservices-based architecture found an open source-specific security tool that met their data management needs. Read the case study now to learn how.

  • Securing Open Source Libraries: 2019 Update

    Sponsored by: Snyk

    In this 79-page eBook, find an in-depth analysis on the current state of open source security. The eBook features insights into finding and fixing vulnerable packages, integrating testing to prevent vulnerabilities, and choosing a SCA solution. Access the full guide here.

  • The State of Kubernetes Adoption and Security: Alcide 2019 Survey Report

    Sponsored by: Alcide

    Download your copy of The State of Kubernetes Adoption and Security to learn about Kubernetes adoption changes year-over-year, evolving practices around Kubernetes use and security, and key challenges faced by those with Kubernetes experience as well as those starting out.

  • Mobile Verify

    Sponsored by: Mitek Systems, Inc.

    Through advanced machine-learning algorithms, identity verification enables businesses to authenticate their digital users’, empowering them to enhance customer experience and data security. Read this data sheet to explore the science behind Mitek’s Mobile Verify digital identity verification tool and how it works.

  • The Future of Identity

    Sponsored by: Mitek Systems, Inc.

    Identity will be far different in the years ahead than in all the years before. What’s changing? For better? For worse? In this white paper, discover Mitek’s point of view about today’s state of identity and how to steer toward a more advantageous future of identity.

  • Leveraging Threat Intelligence for Efficient Threat Hunting

    Sponsored by: ThreatQuotient

    In this webinar, ThreatQuotient displays how threat intelligence can be used to help make the threat hunting process more efficient and prioritize threat hunting activities.

  • Building Your Kubernetes AppSecStrategy

    Sponsored by: Snyk

    According to Gartner research, by 2023, over 70% of global organizations will be using containers in production services. Kubernetes security, then, is a top priority, especially as third-party components introduce vulnerabilities. Watch this webinar to learn three lessons to improve your organization’s application security strategies.

  • Shifting Docker security left

    Sponsored by: Snyk

    According to Snyk’s data, 57% of developers use containers in their daily, everyday work. But there’s a dark side to the popularity of containers: 50% of the most popular free certified Docker images have known vulnerabilities. What are some quick fixes to improve security? For Docker security recommendations and tips, read the full eBook here.

  • Emerging Technology Analysis: SOAR Solutions

    Sponsored by: ThreatQuotient

    Although SOAR and SIEM share similar security capabilities, they are distinct markets unlikely to consolidate. However, technology leaders at SOAR providers need to understand this distinction in order to build upon existing SIEM services. This deep dive from Gartner focuses on SOAR and offers recommendations for SOAR providers.

  • Threats of Surveillance Tools: Spyware and Stalkerware

    Sponsored by: RSA Conference

    Digital monitoring of workers, children and spouses is more commonplace than ever. But what happens when the line between monitoring and spying becomes blurred? Tune in to this RSAC podcast as two security experts share the work they’ve been doing to help protect victims and their personal data from unwanted surveillance.

  • Leading Change for CISOs: Embedding a Secure Culture

    Sponsored by: RSA Conference

    There was a time when cybersecurity was strictly a concern for IT departments, but those days are long gone. In today’s far-reaching threat environment, cybersecurity needs to be baked into the very fabric of a company. In this webcast, learn how organizations can leverage organizational change models for an all-inclusive culture of security.

  • ThreatQ for Government Agencies

    Sponsored by: ThreatQuotient

    As government agencies are considered critical infrastructure, they are under constant attack from hackers, political activists and foreign state-sponsored actors. The first step to detecting, responding and recovering from incidents is finding a way to increase situation awareness. Download this brief to learn more.

  • The Total Economic Impact™ Of Snyk

    Sponsored by: Snyk

    The global security industry is struggling to keep up with rapidly evolving and unpredictable security threats – and many of these threats can be sourced to open source vulnerabilities. In this report, Forrester examines the TEI™ and ROI of an open source security platform. Check out the report here.

  • PCI Deep Dive Webinar: Software Security Framework to Replace PA-DSS

    Sponsored by: Snyk

    Developing secure payment software can be tricky, especially when dealing with third-party components. PCI secure software frameworks offer clear procedures, tools, and recommendations for compliancy. In this webinar, four experts dive into how to ensure PCI compliance and protect your organization from vulnerabilities. Watch the webinar now.

  • Protecting Intellectual Property: Black, White, and Shades of Gray

    Sponsored by: InteliSecure

    Complying with data privacy regulations is important, but rarely is regulated data the only data worth protecting. Losses associated with regulatory fines present far less risk than the potential losses associated with intellectual property theft. In this white paper, learn how a data protection program can help you protect even unstructured IP.

  • Onboarding IT Service Providers Shouldn’t be Complicated, Costly, or Risky

    Sponsored by: Tehama

    Enterprises need to secure, accelerate, and simplify how they onboard external third parties and provide access to critical and vulnerable systems while mitigating the cybersecurity risks. This white paper goes in-depth into the associated risks and outlines potential tactics for ensuring security during the onboarding process.

  • Pervasive Protection: Enabling Secure Work from Anywhere

    Sponsored by: Malwarebytes

    The digitally transformed workplace consists of employees that expect to get their work done anywhere. This mix of onsite and remote workers, as well as the explosion of devices and applications they now use, presents a security challenge. In this infographic, find out what security managers need to know to defend against today’s cyberattacks.

  • Auth0 Case Study: Developer Security at High-Growth Scale

    Sponsored by: Snyk

    For an organization that focuses on authentication and authorization processes, security is the number one priority – teams must be able to identify vulnerabilities before attackers do. See how this CIAM platform company made that possible in this open source security case study. Click here to read more.

  • Buyer’s Guide to Threat Intelligence Platforms

    Sponsored by: ThreatQuotient

    As organizations begin to build their threat intelligence operations, they must consider how they will organize their data. Threat intelligence platforms (TIPs) give IT teams the visibility required to make the most of existing resources. Read this white paper to learn more about TIP, and how to go about making an informed buying decision.

  • Comprehensive Lifecycle Management

    Sponsored by: Insight

    The expectations of today’s workforce combined with the advancements in technology, means there are more mobile devices than ever before. While this is good for productivity, it creates its own set of security challenges. In this webcast, learn how to better protect your organization with Microsoft’s EM+S Solution and Insight.

  • Cisco Umbrella and Meraki MR – Effective protection for corporate and guest Wi-Fi

    Sponsored by: Cisco Umbrella

    In this solution brief, take a closer look at the integration of Cisco Umbrella and Meraki MR for simple and effective protection for corporate and guest Wi-Fi. Discover how it works and why you should consider deploying this integration.

  • QualiFYI

    Sponsored by: QualiSystems

    There’s a massive demand for cyber experts to secure networks with efficiency and confidence. With cyber ranges, testing the defenses is easier and more trustworthy. In this brief interview, Quali discusses how cyber range training is a crucial endeavor that organizations must take on. Click inside the hear why.

  • How to Safeguard Against Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Attacks

    Sponsored by: Tala Security

    Cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks are a rising concern for all industries and will continue to be a favored strategy for cybercriminals. With a proactive and strategic approach, your organization can ensure web application security. Read on to learn more.

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