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  • 6 Steps to Achieving Data Access Governance

    Organizations need to satisfy compliance requirements and be able to quickly address security threats. They need to centralize the access request process and put an end to ambiguity about who has access to what. In this white paper, discover how organizations can achieve this by following 6 steps to implement data access governance.

  • Identity and Access Management for the Real World: Identity Governance

    This white paper evaluates what IAM for the real world would, should and can look like. It delves into the most pressing IAM issues faced by virtually every organization and offers actionable, affordable and sustainable approaches to the challenges you face. Read on to learn more.

  • Strategies to Ensure Success for your Governance Project

    In years past when talking about IAM, the hot topics were single sign-on and role-based access control. However, governance is the goal now, and many organizations are finding it hard to reach. Learn about Identity and Access Governance (IAG), why it's important and how your organization can make an IAG program successful.

  • 8 Best Practices for Identity and Access Management

    In this white paper, find 8 key practices that can help you improve your identity management system to ensure better security, efficiency and compliance.

  • Understanding Privileged Identity Theft

    Privileged Identity Theft is a widespread technique in some of the largest data breaches and cyberattacks. In this white paper, learn why privileged identities pose such a risk to enterprises and how your organization can protect itself.

  • The Journey to IAM Success

    In this e-book, read about the IAM journey that 6 organizations have made - and how One Identity helped them reach their goals.

  • Providing the Right Privileged Access to Get the Job Done

    In this case study, learn how Cavium, a processor manufacturer used One Identity Safeguard and Active Roles Simplify and secure access to privileged credentials, Automate password changes to reduce exposure for passwords being stolen or misused, and much more.

  • The Breach Prevention Playbook

    Today's breaches leave us knowing that IAM and password security is more important than ever before. In this e-book, discover IAM practices and technologies that can bolster your chances of not only surviving the inevitable breach but enabling your organization to emerge with minimal damage.

  • Log Management Essentials

    In IT environments, a wide variety of sources generate log messages in many different formats. Whether you are trying to enhance security, improve operations or meet compliance objectives, log data contains valuable information and harnessing that data is critical. In this white paper, learn how to properly implement log management.

  • How to Forward Log Messages to Splunk From syslog-ng

    Splunk is a popular search and analysis platform. Many users of Splunk have also deployed syslog-ng in their environments to help with tasks like collecting and centralizing log messages from network devices. In this white paper, learn about 5 use cases for syslog-ng and how to get them started.

  • NIST Cybersecurity Framework

    This white paper provides an overview of the NIST Cybersecurity framework, an internationally widespread collection of best practices on how organizations should develop and upgrade their IT security infrastructure.

  • Storing Logs in Elasticsearch Using Syslog-ng

    Elasticsearch is a scalable, searchable NoSQL DB that boasts a main appeal of syslog-ng capabilities (a high-performance log collector that works with data coming from a wide variety of sources). Read this white paper to learn more about Elasticsearch and why you may want it to process your logs.

  • Logging in Docker using syslog-ng

    There are many use cases for containers, but have you considered containerization of your central log server? In this whitepaper, find a demonstration for containerizing your event logging, and learn why Docker is the go-to choice for central log servers.

  • Optimizing SIEM

    SIEM solutions form the core of many enterprises' IT Security strategy but they can be expensive to deploy and maintain. Optimizing your SIEM solution can reduce costs and improve performance. In this white paper, learn about the challenges, solutions and benefits of optimizing your SIEM solution.

  • Message Classification with syslog-ng

    Log messages can be used to detect security incidents, operational problems, policy violations, and are useful in auditing and forensics situations. Read this white paper to find out how system logging can help ease the burden of system administrators and see how you can simplify your logging architecture with syslog-ng.

  • The 10 Universal Truths of Identity and Access Management

    IAM is an ever-moving target that has become a large and integral part of IT operations. In this white paper, discover 10 universal truths of IAM and how you can evaluate your need, implement a solid IAM solution and optimize its usage.

  • Protecting the Data of Refugees and Those Who Help Them

    Danish Refugee Council (DRC) wanted to standardize the management of their Active Directory. After evaluating options, DRC deployed One Identity Active Roles. In this case study, learn how DRC was able to increase their control and insight over system access, simplify compliance, save at least 10,000 hours of effort manually, and more.

  • You Can Get IAM Right

    In this book created exclusively for the RSA Conference, delve into the most pressing IAM issues faced by virtually every organization and sustainable approaches to the IAM challenges you face today.

  • Is Biometrics the Future of Security?

    Biometrics is the automated recognition of individuals based on their behavioral and biological characteristics. Learn why it's important to your business's security and why passwords may not be unique enough anymore.

  • The 12 Essential Tasks of Active Directory Domain Services

    This resource outlines the 12 essential tasks of Active Directory (AD) Domain Services and how utilizing AD can help improve your security needs.

  • Strategies for Successfully Managing Privileged Accounts

    One of the most important aspects of an IAM program is the securing, management and governance of privileged accounts. This resource uncovers strategies for successfully managing privileged accounts in order to improve your IAM approach.

  • 5 Steps to Mitigate the Risks of Privileged Accounts

    Granting privileged access increases the risk of a security breach, no matter what industry your organization represents. This resource provides strategies for preventing security breaches and offers 5 steps to mitigate the risks of privileged accounts

  • Easy Active Directory Clean-Up Tips

    Inside this E-Guide, read through some Active Directory organization strategies designed to minimize the headaches that often accompany user group restructuring projects – and ultimately reduce the time spent sifting through messy group architectures.

  • Azure Active Directory vs. Classic AD

    Jump into this E-Guide to find out how to pinpoint the differences between the Microsoft Azure edition of Active Directory and the classic Windows Active Directory – and how to use those differences to your enterprise's advantage.

  • Go Back to the Basics with Active Directory

    Despite your level of familiarity, it never hurts to keep up-to-date on basic Active Directory best practices. Inside this E-Guide, brush up on some basic Active Directory tips and tricks around domain controllers, cloud AD interactions, and more.

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