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  • The Autonomous Digital Enterprise

    Dive into this white paper, The Autonomous Digital Enterprise, to uncover a vision of enterprises as they’ll look in 2025 – and find out which technologies will play the most critical roles moving forward.

  • What is Machine Learning Operations? MLOps Explained

    Open this blog post to learn more about MLOps, the three crucial components of any MLOps strategy, and the benefits your organization could stand to see from using MLOps now.

  • Face The Workflow Automation Gap Head On

    Open this white paper to learn how to execute workflow automation in your organization.

  • The Importance of Digital Process Automation (DPA)

    Dive into this blog post to learn more about DPA, what distinguishes it from Business Process Automation (BPA), and its potential benefits on engineering, employee experiences, and more.

  • Advantages of Automating Managed File Transfer

    Despite the fact that file transfer is the lifeblood of any modern organization, a surprising number of companies have neglected this crucial link in their data architecture. Read on to learn how automating managed file transfer via workflow orchestration can help you avoid the common dangers of traditional file transfer.

  • BMC 2019 SecOps Survey

    This Forbes Insight offers new findings on the state of SecOps today, from time management to budgeting priorities and more.

  • Why AIOps is a Game Changer for ITOps Today

    ITOps has been revolutionary in its own right—which is causing people to question how much better AIOps can be. This guide considers the impact of ITOps and AIOps on organizations and their digital transformation and DevOps initiatives. Download the guide to see which model is the real game changer.

  • 4 Steps to Ensure Network Performance for Remote Workers

    The terms ‘bandwidth consideration’, ‘business continuity’, and ‘end-user response’ are swirling in the heads of IT professionals. Employees are required to work from home, and so steps must be taken to ensure they are kept connected and productive.Access this e-book to take a deeper dive into work-from-home network prep.

  • Challenges and Opportunities On The Road to IT-Driven Customer Experiences and Business Outcomes

    Dive inside this 20-page research report to explore how over 300 C-level executives of financial services – each representing an organization with over $100 million in annual revenue – are conducting organization-wide digital transformation initiatives.

  • Five Key Elements of Continuous IT Compliance

    As compliance regulations become more stringent, security and compliance teams are under additional pressure to ensure security, reduce risk and avoid conflicts. Download this white paper to learn more about a modern, intelligent approach to security – including 5 critical elements necessary for continuous IT compliance.

  • Be a Digital Business Hero with Intelligent Capacity Management

    Mainframe teams no longer have a margin for error. Dive into this guide to learn how to start introducing automation and artificial intelligence capabilities into mainframe management processes – and how to use those capabilities to tackle growing capacity demands before they grow unmanageable.

  • Driving Resiliency and Security in the Financial Services Industry

    Resiliency is critical to the long-term success of the financial services industry. This is due to the amount of sensitive personal and financial data they manage that have attracted increasingly sophisticated cyberattack methods. Read on to discover best practices for ensuring security and resiliency of t financial services organizations.

  • The Ransomware-as-a-Service Evolution Is Here, with Its Sights on Your Mainframe

    The latest iteration of ransomware, known as Ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS), provides hackers with access to ransomware resources in exchange for sending a portion of each ransom to the malware programmer. So, what proactive steps can organizations take against ransomware groups? Read this white paper to find out.

  • The Digital Workplace for Dummies

    Download this Digital Workplace for Dummies guide for tools and information you can use to design, launch and optimize your digital workplace.

  • Indicators of Compromise and Why It Takes Six-Plus Months to ID a Breach

    Each year, cybercriminals find novel ways to bypass existing security measures and disrupt workflows. In order to effectively protect sensitive data, security approaches need to be an endless, ongoing effort as well. But identifying the indicators of an attack or compromise is tricky. Download this white paper for tips to get started.

  • Accelerating DevOps Delivery Cycles for Dummies

    Application workflow orchestration is too often overlooked in the path to DevOps. In this “Accelerating DevOps Delivery Cycles for Dummies” guide, familiarize yourself with the top DevOps strategies, the Jobs-as-Code approach, and more.

  • How BMC Helix Optimize Can Help

    For years, IT organizations have struggled to intelligently manage and use their IT resource investments. As organizations continue to grow increasingly reliant upon external service providers and public cloud services, these challenges are getting infinitely more difficult.

  • The mission: Ensuring high-quality, cost-efficient service delivery

    Today's digital businesses depend on service delivery excellence to keep customers happy and their revenues growing. At the same time, they must keep costs under control towork within tight capital and operational IT budgets.

  • Examining the Business Impact of ITSM, Digital Workspaces, and Chatbots

    The consequences of slotting digital workspace, ITSM, and chatbot platforms into existing IT environments aren't always readily apparent – especially when making the case to business stakeholders. Inside this Forrester analysis, read through the benefits, costs, and risks associated with these investments, from ROI to expected operating costs.

  • Automate Cloud & DevOps Initiatives Across All Phases

    The combination of DevOps and cloud change a lot about how and where work gets done, but not necessarily how quickly. Access this E-Book to learn how to efficiently automate cloud workloads and DevOps throughout your entire development process.

  • How to Select a Workload Automation Tool

    Workload automation (WLA) is a critical component of modern IT operations. Continue reading to unearth the criteria identified by real users and automation experts for use in pinpointing the WLA solution of best fit for your IT department

  • Simplifying Big Data in a Multi-Cloud World with Streamlined Workflows

    To keep big data multi-cloud projects flowing efficiently, consider implementing an automated workflow management and data integration platform—so more time is spent on utilizing actionable insights than tired operational processes. Read more information here.

  • Meet the Challenges of the Digital Age with Control-M

    Read this white paper to learn how a cloud-compatible workflow automation solution can help smoothly transition businesses into a digital model best fit for reaping analytics insights and making data-driven decisions.

  • Empower the Digital Workplace with Enterprise Chatbots

    In this white paper, learn how enterprise chatbots can be used to meet changing employee expectations. Discover the benefits of chatbot technology, and explore how chatbots can help your organization increase business agility and improve cost savings.

  • From DevOps to DevSecOps: Integrating Security

    They key to launching successful DevSecOps initiatives is to help teams spread security activities throughout the development lifecycle, a skillset that experts suggest many developers lack. Discover ways to integrate security into DevOps practices, and how to encourage collaboration within these teams.

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