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  • Energy Queensland Embarks on Digital Workplace Journey

    Dealing with major IT service inefficiencies? Download this case study to see how exactly Energy Queensland, the largest Australian electric company, used Remedy and BMC Discovery to boost service management through IT infrastructure, resulting in 40% better request handling time and 50% better change assessments.

  • The 3 Core Components of BMC Helix

    Both internal and external service management strategies are in the midst of a substantial paradigm shift thanks to the growing viability of cognitive technology and automation. Inside, dive into the three core elements that comprise a modern cognitive service management strategy.

  • Transport for London Customer Story

    Since implementing a mobile workforce London transportation has seen accelerated ticket exchanges while savings costs. Read this case study to see how Transport for London turned mobile devices into a workforce solution that helped solve London's transportation issues.

  • ITIL V4: Intro to the 2019 ITIL Update

    Dive into this article to find out what's new within the fourth iteration of ITIL, including the most recent batch of certifications, and find out what's changed since the V2 and V3 editions.

  • The Truth About Cognitive and AI

    AI and cognitive technologies are finally ready to shed their sci-fi associations and make an impact on day-to-day business and IT operations, and companies are eager to dive in. Inside, find out why IT service management might be the best place to get started.

  • Will ITIL Die or Be Reborn in the DevOps Era?

    Is DevOps the end of ITIL? Or can ITIL and DevOps work together harmoniously? Jump into this blog to read further in to the DevOps vs. ITIL argument from several industry perspectives – and find out what factors should determine your IT organization's strategy moving forward.

  • The Future of Service Management

    Find out what's on the horizon for ITSM as artificial intelligence and machine learning start to become standard service management technology options – and take a closer look at the impact that cognitive service management strategies can have on productivity, service accuracy, and more.

  • Helix Chatbot: Empower the Digital Workplace with Enterprise Chatbots

    View this white paper to learn how chatbots can help empower your digital workplace, and review how a BMC Helix Chatbot can help your organization drive business value, reduce costs, and improve user experiences.

  • BMC Helix: Deliver everything-as-a-service with intelligent, omni-channel experiences in the cloud

    Growing service demands have placed a heavy burden on the businesses providing them, and the cost of managing these services is resource intensive. Read this short 2-page whitepaper to learn how a BMC Helix cloud can provide your business support in service management.

  • ITIL Certification: Cost & Benefit Analysis

    Is earning an ITIL certification worth the investment? Jump into this blog post to weigh the costs and the benefits of an ITIL certification at varying levels – and learn how to determine if it's the right move for your career.

  • Examining the Business Impact of ITSM, Digital Workspaces, and Chatbots

    The consequences of slotting digital workspace, ITSM, and chatbot platforms into existing IT environments aren't always readily apparent – especially when making the case to business stakeholders. Inside this Forrester analysis, read through the benefits, costs, and risks associated with these investments, from ROI to expected operating costs.

  • The Business Value of BMC Helix Discovery Software

    Open up this IDC report to find out how nine organizations utilized discovery software to improve visibility into their data center and software stacks, increase auditing efficiency, and more, ultimately earning each organization an average five-year ROI of 470%.

  • All Transformation Starts Here

    Portfolio discovery and planning provides IT teams with the visibility and insight necessary to identify and migrate the right components, at the right time, in the right way. Open this whitepaper to learn how to develop a portfolio discovery strategy that can set your cloud environment up for success through every step of its lifecycle.

  • Cognitive Service Management: The Next Stage of ITSM

    Is traditional ITSM strategy enough to keep up with spiking user demands, now and into the future? Jump into this white paper to learn how ITSM is evolving through the steady integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities – a new methodology commonly referred to as cognitive service management (CSM).

  • Why Discovery Is Critical to Multi-Cloud Success

    Open this whitepaper to learn how multi-cloud discovery provides insight into your assets and their relationships across your environments, and can help you reduce cloud cost and risk.

  • Automate Cloud & DevOps Initiatives Across All Phases

    The combination of DevOps and cloud change a lot about how and where work gets done, but not necessarily how quickly. Access this E-Book to learn how to efficiently automate cloud workloads and DevOps throughout your entire development process.

  • Leveraging The Power Of The Mainframe

    Having more intelligent and automated detection, remediation, and operations in your mainframe is crucial to maintaining an agile, digital business—and there has never been a better time for investing in AI and machine learning technologies to do so. Read this white paper to learn about the opportunities and benefits in automating your mainframe.

  • Making Business Workflows First-Class Citizens In The Modern Software Delivery Life Cycle

    Open this analyst brief to learn how jobs-as-code and batch processing can lead to increased efficiency between dev and ops teams, and even lead to far fewer errors in production.

  • How to Select a Workload Automation Tool

    Workload automation (WLA) is a critical component of modern IT operations. Continue reading to unearth the criteria identified by real users and automation experts for use in pinpointing the WLA solution of best fit for your IT department

  • Simplifying Big Data in a Multi-Cloud World with Streamlined Workflows

    To keep big data multi-cloud projects flowing efficiently, consider implementing an automated workflow management and data integration platform—so more time is spent on utilizing actionable insights than tired operational processes. Read more information here.

  • How Do You Really Put AI to Work for ITOps?

    Find out how machine data and AIOps platforms are helping encumbered IT teams make sense out of the intricacies of modern infrastructure and applications – finding patterns, diagnosing problems, and even predicting future changes.

  • Meet the Challenges of the Digital Age with Control-M

    Read this white paper to learn how a cloud-compatible workflow automation solution can help smoothly transition businesses into a digital model best fit for reaping analytics insights and making data-driven decisions.

  • 11 Guidelines for Minimizing Vulnerability for IBM z/OS while Improving Compliance

    The traditionally under protected enterprise mainframe can be a huge target for hackers. So, how do you safeguard it? In this white paper, learn about 11 steps you can take to strengthen z/OS security and compliance—and safeguard your critical business data.

  • TrueSight Cloud Security

    Download this resource to learn how TrueSight Cloud Security can automate security and compliance checks and remediation across your multi-cloud platforms.

  • 6 Steps to Successful Capacity Management

    Inside this 12-page guide, uncover 6 IT infrastructure best practices that can help you smooth out capacity inconsistencies across your entire stack – including on-prem and cloud.

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