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  • Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

    Sponsored by: Spin Tech

    Given the nature of artificial intelligence, it’s no surprise to see organizations integrating AI capabilities into their cybersecurity strategies. This webinar provides a comprehensive overview of AI and its role in cybersecurity, offering expertise for evaluating AI-based cybersecurity tools and vendors.

  • Cybersecurity Evolved: The Sophos Business Impact

    Sponsored by: Sophos

    Improvements to cybersecurity often rely on an increase in IT resources, which most organizations are unable to fulfill. This collection of 5 Sophos customer success stories illustrates how organizations may be able to strengthen threat protection and efficiency without adding headcount. Read on to discover how.

  • Secure remote access with zero trust

    Sponsored by: Merlin International

    Although all most all federal employees are working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, federal agencies are still face issues regarding network security. Access this white paper to learn strategies for securing workloads, legacy systems, and remote access and discover the 7 benefits this can lead to for federal agencies.

  • The Rise of Enterprise Ransomware

    Sponsored by: Sophos

    Ransomware attacks have recently seen a pattern shift towards larger enterprises – but why? This white paper further examines the ransomware threat landscape, including key threats to keep an eye on and critical security technologies organizations should include to protect themselves.

  • Conquering the Authentication Challenge of Zero Trust

    Sponsored by: Micro Focus

    According to Forrester, passwords, along with similar traditional authentication methods, will soon be a thing of the past to be succeeded by biometrics in the zero-trust authentication architecture. Watch this video to go in-depth into advanced authentication methods, best practices and potential architectural blueprints.

  • Example of a Cloud Ransomware Attack Video Presented by Spin Technology

    Sponsored by: Spin Tech

    As organizations continue to move their sensitive data to cloud environments, it should come as no surprise that hackers are altering their methods to improve the success rates of their ransomware campaigns. Watch this video to see how a seemingly simple phishing scheme leads to a cloud ransomware attack.

  • 12 Reasons Why You Need Stronger Mobile App Security

    Sponsored by: NowSecure

    Whether it’s for internal communication, enhancing customer experience or part of a digital transformation initiative, mobile applications play a critical role and ensuring their protection is paramount. Download this infographic to discover 12 reasons why organizations need stronger mobile app security strategies.

  • How Capsule8 Protects Containerized Environments

    Sponsored by: Capsule8

    When it comes to containerized environments, it’s often thought that isolation equals security. This isn’t the case – if the host is compromised, then the hacker can access any container on the host. Download this solution brief to learn more about how Capsule8 protects containerized environments from runtime threats to security and performance.

  • Capsule8 Protect Product Whitepaper

    Sponsored by: Capsule8

    Responsiveness, SecOps productivity and cost savings are just a few of the areas for improvements when it comes to security management in today’s constantly evolving business environment. Download this white paper for an in-depth look at Capsule8 Protect and discover how it may be able to help you reach your cybersecurity objectives.

  • Improve Your Privacy Strategy

    Sponsored by: TITUS

    As data privacy concerns and regulatory compliance requirements grow more complex and stringent, IT and security teams are tasked with the increasingly difficult task of improving their organization’s privacy strategy. This white paper highlights how Titus’ Accelerator for Privacy tool can help enhance current capabilities. Read on to learn more.

  • Plan for the worst: Creating an effective cyber security incident response plan

    Sponsored by: Verizon

    Cyberattacks are now a matter of “when,” not “if” so as attacks become more sophisticated, it’s critical to have an incident response plan in place to deal with them. Access this resource to learn the 6 steps to include in your cyber security incident response plan to ensure your network is prepared for an attack.

  • MITRE ATT&CK Evaluations — APT29

    Sponsored by: Trend Micro

    In addition to their framework enabling organizations to learn about common cyberattacks, MITRE ATT&CK also offers an evaluation service in which they assess an organization’s security posture against simulated versions of known attacks. Download this white paper for an in-depth look at Trend Micro’s evaluation results.

  • Service Account Security for Dummies

    Sponsored by: Thycotic

    Nearly every organization faces significant security threats due to unmanaged, uncontrolled privileged service accounts, which hackers are happy to exploit. Download your copy of Service Account Security for Dummies to better understand and manage their service accounts and reduce the risk of accounts being compromised and abused.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Building an Insider Threat Program

    Sponsored by: Proofpoint

    60-70% of security incidents are a direct result of insider behavior – intentional or unintentional. As a result, organizations are quickly developing ways to address the insider threat problem. This white paper The Ultimate Guide to Building an Insider Threat Program, highlights the necessary steps and considerations you need to get started.

  • RSA 2020 Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack in the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Spin Tech

    Ransomware has evolved to attack cloud services, including Office 265 and the G-suite. This video from RSA 2020 provides a detailed breakdown of the anatomy of modern ransomware attacks – including how they target cloud services. Watch now to learn more about how ransomware attacks work.

  • SANS Institute: Cloud Security Survey Results

    Sponsored by: ExtraHop

    The SANS Institute conducts an annual survey designed to better understand how organizations are using cloud capabilities, the most prominent threats to cloud environments and assets, and best practices for improving security. Read on to unlock the 2019 report.

  • How to Ensure NIAP Mobile Application Compliance

    Sponsored by: NowSecure

    Mobile applications allow for improved business operations and more seamless experience. However, for federal agencies, the heavy burden of ensuring each app meets the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) security requirements causes a massive roadblock. Download this white paper to learn ease this headache.

  • How Can We Integrate Security into DevOps and Infrastructure as Code Pipelines?

    Sponsored by: Trend Micro

    As attack surfaces grow larger, it’s critical to incorporate security into every aspect of an organization. The emergence of DevSecOps enables the automation of security within the software development lifecycles, but implementation can be tricky. Download this white paper for recommendations and best practices.

  • Attacker Behavior Industry Report

    Sponsored by: Vectra AI

    While it can be helpful to look at attack vectors and specific threats, it’s also useful to examine the behavioral patterns of cyberattacker in order to better understand the attack lifecycle. Download this report the Vectra Attacker Behavior Industry Report, which looks at cyberattacks across industry, geography, company size and threat type.

  • How the Cognito platform replaces IDS and enables organizations to detect intrusions again

    Sponsored by: Vectra AI

    While intrusion detection systems (IDS) and intrusion prevention systems (IPS) have long been a staple in incident response strategies, the modern threats that target today’s organizations require a new approach – perhaps one that leverages automation an AI. Read this white paper for more about defining the next generation of IDS.

  • Looking within: The Hidden Costs of Insider Threats

    Sponsored by: Proofpoint

    Whether it’s careless users, disgruntled employees or compromised accounts, the cost of insider threats is on the rise. The infographic provides a closer look at the statistics and insights regarding the dangers of insider threats. Download now to learn more.

  • When Internet Traffic Takes a Wrong Turn

    Sponsored by: Farsight Security

    IP hijacking is an emerging cyberthreat in which hackers modify public routing tables in order to direct online traffic along the hijacked route towards the attacker’s network. To learn more about this threat, including how to mitigate it, download this infographic.

  • Top Threats to Cloud Computing: The Egregious 11

    Sponsored by: ExtraHop

    Because cloud environments continue to be a lucrative target for cyberattacks, organizations need to be aware of the potential threats they face and how to defend against them. Download this Top Threats report from the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) for a look at 11 of the most significant threats, risks and vulnerabilities to keep an eye on.

  • An Executive’s Guide to Integrating SecOps and NetOps

    Sponsored by: ExtraHop

    Like development and operations teams before the widespread adoption of DevOps, SecOps and NetOps teams have historically operated independently. However, synergy between these groups drives better results when it comes to user experience, security and agility. Read on to uncover statistics that demonstrate the value of this partnership.

  • 2020 SANS Network Visibility and Threat Detection Survey

    Sponsored by: ExtraHop

    Today’s networks – which embrace cloud, encryption, IoT and third-party vendor access – are becoming more complex, making visibility and security difficult. The following SANS report provides an in-depth look at the results from a recent network visibility and threat detection survey. Read on to view current trends and challenges.

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