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  • Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms

    Gartner’s Magic Quadrant provides a deep scope into the EPP market and identified 19 key EPP vendor strengths & weaknesses.

  • Cisco Secure Endpoint Datasheet

    In the rapidly evolving world of malware, threats are becoming harder and harder to detect – in fact, the most advanced 1% of these threats could potentially go undetected. However, Cisco Secure Endpoint aims to provides comprehensive protection against this 1%. Access this data sheet to explore this product and its benefits in detail.

  • SOS Endpoint report

    Professionals within organizations looking to nail down endpoint security should read this Cisco Security Outcomes Study. Using data collected from 25 security practices and 11 program-level outcomes from over 4,800 IT/Sec professionals, it identifies factors that are improving the chances of successful outcomes in securing endpoints.

  • Radicati Market Quadrant 2020 Endpoint Security

    This Radicati Group analysis evaluates the market for APT protection solutions and reveals the current market leaders. Read on to understand how each vendor measures up so that you can select the right one for your needs.

  • Checklist Tips 5 Tips for Enterprises Choosing Endpoint Protection

    Is your endpoint security ready for modern cyberthreats? Download this checklist to learn 5 tips for choosing the right endpoint protection, so your security teams can increase visibility for more effective network defense, get answers more quickly and automate repetitive manual tasks. Read now to get started.

  • DNS - Quick Answer: How Can Organizations Use DNS to Improve Their Security Posture?

    DNS presents security and risk management leaders with excellent opportunities to anticipate, prevent, detect and respond to prevailing threats. Read this Gartner Quick Answer to learn why organizations should implement DNS security to protect users, devices and other critical infrastructure.

  • Marine Credit Union Bolsters Their Security with Cisco

    Marine Credit Union was on a mission to build a top-notch security that could defend highly targeted data against online criminals and nation states on a tight budget. Read this case study to learn why MCU chose Cisco Secure solutions – and see how they now leverage a stronger, unified security platform to defend against advanced threats.

  • Cisco Secure Endpoint Buyer's Guide

    The endpoint is your frontline, and your adversaries keep finding new ways to penetrate it. If threats keep growing, why wouldn’t your security? Dive into this Cisco Secure guide to learn how to ensure your endpoint security strategy meets your needs for today with an eye for what’s coming tomorrow.

  • SIG - All the benefits of a Secure Web Gateway and more

    The traditional, on-premises Secure Web Gateway (SWG) was designed to block threats, enforce your policies, and deliver secure internet to workers. New threats demand new approaches, and the modern SWG, or secure internet gateway, is so much more than a VPN alternative. Download the e-book to get started.

  • SIG - 7 must-have features for SASE

    Hybrid work is driving IT teams to adopt Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), which enables companies to provide secure, high-performance access to any application – wherever end users are. But with multiple approaches to SASE on the market, which capabilities matter most? Read on to discover 7 must-have essentials of SASE.

  • Future of Secure Remote Work Report

    This study, titled ‘Future of Secure Remote Work’, aims to better understand the challenges that organizations faced in transitioning to remote work. It uncovers the state of their cybersecurity readiness, as well as the shifts in their priorities, policies and investments, as they prepare for a hybrid work environment that is likely here to stay.

  • How a Wine and Spirits Distributor Protects its Data and Reputation with Threat Hunting

    Allied Beverage Group is one of the 10 largest wholesale wine and spirits distributors in the United States. Following the implementation of all-new IT infrastructure, this company sought out an integrated security solution that could proactively hunt new and emerging threats. Read this case study to learn how Cisco Secure delivered.

  • ESG Whitepaper Reimagining Endpoint Security

    Modern endpoint security must evolve from its predecessor. Namely, it must include prevention, detection and response capabilities that are tightly integrated to provide security teams broad protection and unified visibility into modern, sophisticated attacks. Read this ESG report to learn how to pull endpoint security out of isolation.

  • SIG - How to streamline cloud security and embrace SASE

    SASE is changing how organizations manage and secure their networks, users, apps, and devices. Having a foundational understanding of the most vital components of a SASE architecture enables organizations to converge network and security services more successfully in the cloud. Access this e-book to learn more.

  • SIG - Secure Shadow IT

    With this e-book, Cisco highlights 3 steps to managing shadow IT. Find the app security tools you need to block threats from streaming, messaging, and other insecure apps. Use these tips to keep your network, data, and workers safe.

  • SIG - Protecting your enterprise network in every way: Top 5 use cases for Cisco Umbrella

    The workplace has evolved, introducing new and complex IT security, compliance and data protection challenges. To keep your business protected, you need simplify your stack, while evolving it to meet these challenges head-on. Read this e-book to learn how Cisco Umbrella aims to provide effective threat protection across a variety of use cases.

  • SIG - How to reduce complexity and gain efficiency with SASE

    With this webinar, learn how you can move access control to the cloud edge, converge multiple security functions in the cloud, and gain infrastructure improvements to help your business.

  • Core - DNS - Your New Best Friend: DNS Security

    With this webinar, brush up on DNS security fundamentals, learn how DNS-layer security can help you block threats before they reach your users, and gain visibility into what’s really happening on your network.

  • Threats - 2021 Endpoints Threats Trends -- Cyber security threat trends: phishing, crypto top the list

    In this report, discover how using Cisco Umbrella captured billions of queries, identifying the top cyber threats in 2020, and how to stop them in the future.

  • Threats - 2021 cloud application security: The current landscape, risks, and solutions

    In this report, explore how cyber criminals steal and expose data using productivity tools and even social media platforms and music streaming services. Get exclusive insights from Cisco Umbrella to help you secure the remote tools your workers rely on outside the office.

  • SIG - The traditional SWG is out —what's taking its place?

    Explore the ins and outs of today’s evolving security landscape — and how a modern, cloud-delivered secure web gateway can fit into your infrastructure.

  • Threats - 2021 Endpoints Threats Trends Infographic -- Cybersecurity threats: Top of the charts

    For Cisco's Cybersecurity threats: Top of the charts infographic, they used Cisco Umbrella to capture and analyze billions of queries, identifying what those attacks looked like, and which types hit businesses the most.

  • Threats - The 3 riskiest cloud applications of 2021

    Are you using vulnerable cloud apps that open the door to ransomware, malware, or other types of network attacks? Our Cisco Umbrella infographic reveals the three riskiest ones in 2021.

  • The Forrester Wave Endpoint Security SaaS 2021

    With the shifted to work from home in 2020, organizations demanded SaaS-delivered endpoint security. This report evaluated the 12 most significant endpoint security vendors and scored them across 24 criteria. Read on to understand how each vendor measures up and helps security and risk professionals select the right one for their needs.

  • SIG - How to build a SASE strategy

    Digital transformation and workforce changes require networking and security to move to the cloud, where they can be delivered as a single converged service. The SASE model consolidates numerous networking and security functions into a single integrated offering. View this webinar to learn about Cisco's approach to SASE.

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