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  • SIG - How to build a SASE strategy

    Digital transformation and workforce changes require networking and security to move to the cloud, where they can be delivered as a single converged service. The SASE model consolidates numerous networking and security functions into a single integrated offering. View this webinar to learn about Cisco's approach to SASE.

  • SIG - Gartner 2021 Strategic Roadmap for SASE Convergence

    Gartner predicts that SASE will become the new standard for security in the coming years. So what does that mean for you and your business? Download Gartner’s 2021 Strategic Roadmap for SASE convergence to learn short and long term recommendations for such a move.

  • Threats - The 2021 Security Outcomes Study

    In this 2021 Security Outcomes Study, discover what over 4,800 security experts had to say about their organization’s adherence to 25 security practices spanning governance, strategy, spending, architecture, and operations – including regulatory compliance, NIST and more. Read on for the full report.

  • SIG - Advanced security capabilities to expand your SASE threat protection

    Is your organization considering SASE but lacking an integrated security service to drive it? Watch this 18-minute webinar to learn how Cisco Umbrella strives to bring multiple security functions together into a single, cloud-native service – giving you the power to accelerate your SASE journey.

  • Cisco Amp For Endpoints – Premier

    Threat hunting as a practice has emerged to help organizations address today’s mounting cyberthreat landscape. Read this solution brief for an overview of the key features and capabilities of 2 of Cisco’s offerings: SecureX Threat Hunting and AMP for Endpoints.

  • Cisco Security And Mitre Att&Ck Enterprise

    The MITRE ATT&CK framework offers security pros the insights they need to better understand the behaviors and actions of cybercriminals, equipping them with the knowledge they need to outsmart them. Read this white paper to learn more about integrating MITRE ATT&CK insights into your security practices.

  • Securing Agility During Crisis

    In this case study, following the journey of New Castle Hotels and Resorts, a travel and hospitality provider, as they address several challenges which resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic, including; the need for secure and scalable remote work capabilities, faster threat detection and remediation, and more. Read on for the full story.

  • Nhs Experiences A Clear Advantage With Cisco Secure Endpoint

    NHS Management sought to build a security capability with an emphasis on simplicity and efficiency to better defend their highly targeted data against online criminals and to safeguard information from phishing attacks, ransomware, data exfiltration and more. View this case study to see how Cisco gave NHS what they needed and then some.

  • Cisco Secure Endpoint

    In today’s remote world featuring more elusive malware, traditional endpoint security simply falls short. Download this data sheet to explore Cisco Secure Endpoint – an enterprise security solution that combines endpoint protection with endpoint detection and response (EDR) and extended detection and response (XDR).

  • SIG - The Radicati Group's Corporate Web Security - Market Quadrant 2021

    Radicati Market Quadrants are designed to identify top vendors within specific technology markets. Get this report to learn why Cisco Umbrella is ranked as a Top Player by Radicati.

  • SIG - How to streamline cloud security and embrace SASE

    SASE is changing how organizations manage and secure their networks, users, apps, and devices. Having a foundational understanding of the most vital components of a SASE architecture enables organizations to more successfully converge network and security services in the cloud. Access this e-book to learn more.

  • Cisco Secure Endpoint

    Has your organization laid out a goal of improving endpoint security and consolidating management? Download this resource to explore Cisco Secure Endpoint – a cloud-native security platform that strives to integrate all of your security solutions into one view, orchestrate and deliver threat detection and response capabilities.

  • 3 Ways To Align Your Secops And Business Priorities Using Cisco Secure Endpoin

    As both security managers and technologists are tasked to do more with less, the question becomes: How can they leverage the same tools to meet both the business and the operational goals? Download this white paper to explore business vs. SecOps objectives and see how Cisco Secure Endpoint can help you join the two for improved efficiency.

  • Cisco Umbrella Video

    Find out how you can strengthen your security posture and protect your users and devices, everywhere they access the internet.

  • Webinar -Hunting threats in harm’s way and dissecting it the Holmes way!

    This talk will cover the rise of RATS, the rise of XLS attachment exploits, and new obfuscation techniques to conceal core code and configuration files by malware authors. The talk also touches on the theme of how techniques in exfiltration are changing and how rapidly other threat actors are adopting or improvising on these trends.

  • SIG - Cloud Security Buyer's Guide

    Digital transformation, distributed workplaces, cloud migration, cloud-based apps — these sweeping changes have transformed security. In this guide, Cisco defines the four core components of a robust, forward-thinking cloud security solution, and shows how Cisco and the Cisco Umbrella security service deliver on these elements.

  • SIG - Investing in a long-term security strategy: The 3 keys to achieving SASE

    Networking and security can no longer work in silos. Instead, they must work together in tandem to connect and protect users at the edge, securely and efficiently. This is where SASE enters the picture. To learn more about SASE and 3 keys to achieving it, access this e-book.

  • Reimagining Endpoint Security

    Don’t let a lack of endpoint security spell the end for your enterprise. Access this white paper featuring content from ESG Senior Analyst Dave Gruber. He drives home the “why” of endpoint security transformation and covers what organizations need to do now to contract their attack surfaces in the light of emerging technologies such as IoT.

  • SIG - Network Security Predictions for 2021

    This Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) brief looks at some of the key trends and events that will shape network security technologies, suppliers and customers in 2021. ESG senior analyst John Grady dives into his predictions for this year, anticipating what 2021 has in store for us based on what occurred in 2020.

  • SIG - Cloud Security Comparison Guide

    Securing remote users reliant on cloud apps, devices and environments is one of the most difficult – yet critical – tasks of 2021. Read this Cloud Security Comparison Guide to unlock an overview of the cloud security market and discover tips for selecting the right cloud security tool for your unique needs and challenges.

  • SIG - What your cloud security provider might be missing

    Securing today’s dynamic networks is more difficult than ever, especially in the era of cloud apps, environments and devices. View this session to unlock the 4 key components of a robust, forward-thinking cloud strategy.

  • Threat Hunting With Securex

    The world has been at least partially remote for over a year now, and while security teams have taken bolder defensive measures, security that is merely reactive won’t be able to stop increasingly complex cyberthreats. Dive into this resource to learn how you can hunt lurking threats with a platform that leverages the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

  • Cisco Secure Email Cloud Mailbox

    Your business has spent time and effort migrating your mailboxes from on-premise Exchange servers to Microsoft 365. The convenience and scalability of this migration are paying off, but now, you’re learning how to secure your new cloud environment. Download this resource to learn how Cisco Secure could help.

  • Cisco Umbrella VIDEO 2

    Year after year, email remains the top threat vector across organizations – but is that a result of poor security practices or sophisticated cyberthreats? Or perhaps a bit of both? Access this resource to get an overview of the email security landscape and discover a blueprint for protecting cloud-based email tools, like Microsoft 365.

  • Cisco Umbrella VIDEO 1

    Public cloud email services offer unmatched scalability, usability and cost-savings – however, they have become a lucrative vector for cyberthreats. Download this asset to learn more about the threats targeting inboxes and how Cisco is empowering organizations to protect their inboxes.

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