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  • Secure Web Gateways: Voice of the Customer

    See how customers rate secure web gateway vendors such as Cisco, Forcepoint, McAfee, Symantec and Zscaler to assist you in your buying decision.

  • 3 Steps to Managing Shadow IT

    Download this resource to gain visibility of cloud services in use and block risky apps to improve security with 3 easy steps.

  • Miners in the Shadows: Extracting Treasure with Stolen Resources

    Malicious cryptomining lets cybercriminals profit at your organization's expense. Find out who they're targeting and how to protect your network.

  • Networking and Security: Bury the Hatchet in the Cloud

    In this webinar, learn why joining forces with your networking manager may be the best thing for your security team and cloud migration.

  • Bust Threats or Risk Getting Busted

    In this webcast, learn the latest trends on top threats and best practices you can use to protect against threats in your organization. The webcast also reviews steps you can take to improve your threat detection, prevention and remediation efforts.

  • The Truth about Shadow IT

    Employees in every industry are expected to work quickly, but they're often frustrated by company-issued apps. As a result, they're downloading personal apps to get the job done instead of using secure, enterprise-approved tools. This is called shadow IT. In this infographic, learn how your organization can stop shadow IT in its tracks.

  • Malicious Cryptominers are Eyeing Your Resources.

    Malicious cryptominers tap into an organization's computing power in order to create cryptocurrencies and generate profit for themselves. If your organization is protected, it can cost you in many ways. In this white paper, learn how to protect your organization using Cisco Umbrella as your first line of defense.

  • Protect Your Organization From Unwanted Cryptomining

    Malicious cryptomining is a browser or software-based threat that enables bad actors to secretly use a business' computing power to mine digital currency. Bad actors are drawn to cryptomining because it's an easy and anonymous way for them to generate cash. In this white paper, learn how to protect your organization from cryptomining.

  • Ransomware Galore: The Four You Shouldn't Ignore

    Ransomware is a growing issue that isn't going away anytime soon. Most organizations have already renewed their focus on data backup and recovery. But beyond that, do you know what your top defensive priorities should be? In this white paper, explore 4 things your organization must do to defend against ransomware.

  • What Attacks Aren't You Seeing?

    We work everywhere, yet traditional network security solutions still focus on protecting employees while on the corporate network. In this resource, learn about the risks of only relying on legacy defenses. Also, discover how Cisco Umbrella can help your organization by providing visibility into all internet requests across your network.

  • Cisco Ransomware Defense: Keep Ransomware at Bay

    Files and information are the lifeblood of an organization. Keeping this information secure is nonnegotiable. Without the appropriate defenses, ransomware can inflict enough damage to reduce an organization to operating with pen and paper. In this white paper, learn the benefits of Cisco Ransomware Defense.

  • 6 Ways to Make Your Security Stack Work Harder

    Discover how to amplify your existing investments to extend your security off-network, anywhere users go.

  • 3 Red Flags You're Not Getting the Security You Were Promised

    Discover 3 security red flags to pay attention to when choosing a DNS security provider.

  • Effective Security for the Multicloud Era

    Download this resource to understand how you can stay secure in your multi-cloud environment, today.

  • Bringing Security to the Perimeter of your Cloud Network

    With the change in how employees work and access data, organizations need new, always-on security protections that perimeter and endpoint security solutions can't deliver. In this white paper, explore insights into VPN, DNS, and IP layer usage, risks, and protection.

  • Malware or Maleficent? Take This Quiz to Find Out

    Take this quiz to learn about a security platform that uses the internet's infrastructure to block malicious destinations before a connection is ever established.

  • Find out if ransomware poses a big threat to you

    Ransomware is one of the most pressing threats in today's business world, and successful attacks can cost organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars. Take this quiz to learn more about ransomware threats and find out if your organization is at high risk.

  • The Cloud Security Journey for the University of Oklahoma

    Watch this webcast to learn why University of Oklahoma chose Cisco Cloudlock and Umbrella to protect their highly sensitive and heavily regulated data in the cloud and on prem.

  • How Yelp Securely Connects People with Great Local Businesses

    At Yelp, it is the expectation that there will be a consistent high-level user experience for all customers. It is no surprise that Yelp is always seeking to enhance its security practices. This case study examines how Yelp built automation into its security practice to ensure the security of its customers and employees.

  • How Italy's Largest Service Provider Leverages Security

    In this case study, find out how Telecom Italia (TIM) was able to keep more than half a million business customers safe, while having a competitive advantage and an incremental revenue opportunity in the process.

  • The Rise of the Secure Internet Gateway

    Implementing a secure internet gateway (SIG) can help you monitor and prevent malicious traffic from entering or leaving your organization's network. Download this white paper to learn more about SIGs and the secure features they can bring to your organization.

  • Ransomware Defense For Dummies

    Take a look at this Ransomware Defense for Dummies e-book for 5 short chapters that explore how ransomware operates and its defining characteristics, security best practices to reduce ransomware, and more.

  • Cisco Umbrella Case Study: Prologis Boosts Security & Performance

    Learn how Prologis, a logistics real estate leader, boosted their security and performance with Cisco Umbrella.

  • Defending Your Network from Cryptomining

    Threat actors increasingly look toward cryptomining, the production of virtual currency, as an easy source of income. Learn how to defend your organization from malicious cryptomining with a security portfolio, today.

  • Healthcare Security: How You Can Ward Off Insider Threats

    One of the greatest healthcare security threats comes from users within an organization. In this expert handbook, John Nye shares recommendations for technologies that healthcare organizations can use to fight against insider security threats.

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