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  • Investigation or Exasperation?

    This IDC State of Security Operations Report reveals insights from 600 organizations on the current readiness of security, where organizations are focusing their security efforts, and what is driving the need for security. Find out how organizations are handling attacks, and how many are unprepared.

  • New Criteria for Today's SIEM

    This white paper explores key capabilities to consider when evaluating a new SIEM – or re-evaluating a legacy SIEM against today's requirements.

  • A Guide to Fraud in the Real World

    Fraud is a growing problem in the U.S. and is expected to grow 10% more each year, according to Splunk. This white paper presents various real life scenarios of fraud challenges being faced by Duke University and others.

  • Operationalizing Threat Intelligence Using Splunk Enterprise Security

    Gather insights on the challenges and requirements of implementing high-coverage threat intelligence.

  • Splunk Enterprise Security

    Tap into insights offered by this white paper on analytics-driven security and how to continuously monitor modern threats.

  • A Collection of IT Operations Customer Stories

    Large data volumes can create major infrastructure headaches, especially when dealing with disparate systems and closed infrastructure silos. Check out how companies from a wide array of industries are tackling new data problems and turning operational data back into valuable business insights.

  • How IoT Insights Could Help your Organization Reach Their Goals

    IoT insights can be used to deliver better customer experiences, predict potential errors, reduce costs, and much more. Download this resource to see how 5 organizations analyzed machine data and profited from their insights.

  • A Collection of Business Analytics Customer Stories

    Disparate systems, siloed infrastructures and increasing volumes of data can make it difficult, costly and time-consuming to manage IT environments. But with the right tools, you can combat this problem. This resource takes you through 8 real-life business analytics use cases. Success stories include Domino's, Shazam, Unicredit and more.

  • Data Secrets Revealed

    Find out how several prominent organizations, such as Duke University, Discovery, Inc., the U.S. Federal Department, and the city of Los Angeles, upgraded to a SIEM platform and gained powerful security analytics insights.

  • Clear Up Your Event Storms With Event Analytics

    In today's expanding and increasingly intricate IT environments, how exactly can IT filter through all events as they occur to solve system issues as they arise? Learn more about intelligent event analytics, designed to recognize patterns and anomalies within your system's activity and take steps to resolve problems instantly.

  • Data Secrets Revealed: A Collection Of Security Customer Stories

    Find out how you can improve Security Operations and identify, prioritize and manage security events with alert management, risk scores, and customizable dashboards and visualizations.

  • The Essential Guide to Security: How You Can Solve Security Challenges

    With recent high-profile breaches, global ransomware attacks and the scourge of cryptomining, you need to defend your organization, adopt the right processes and procedures early on, and hunt down new adversaries. Inside, learn about the 6 stages of a security journey and more.

  • Turning Data Into Answers: A Collection of Security Customer Stories

    Incident investigation and remediation can be reduced from hours to minutes for enhanced security posture. Through the examples of 15 case studies -- Duke University, Ohio Health, Discover Communications and others-- learn where data was harnessed throughout disparate systems to benefit the core operations and security of the organizations.

  • The Five Essential Capabilities of an Analytics-Driven SOC

    Organizations are now looking to analytics-driven security operations centers (SOCs) to close the gaps in their network defenses. In this white paper, uncover how a successful SOC should have 5 key attributes.

  • How to Improve your Security Posture

    In this white paper, you will learn the 3 SIEM trends that call for a big data SIEM approach as well as the limitations of traditional SIEM strategies.

  • Comparing Security Information and Event Management Providers

    With so many vendors on the market offering SIEM services that differ in subtle ways, how do you know which one is right for you? This Gartner Report seeks to answer that question by listing the pros and cons of 19 SIEM offerings so you can make your own informed choice.

  • The SIEM Buyer's Guide

    How have SIEM platforms evolved? This SIEM Buyer's Guide reveals the differences between modern SIEM and legacy SIEM and offers 9 technical capabilities of a modern SIEM strategy and how it can improve your overall security.

  • Taking IT To The Next Level

    Digitization is changing the way all of us do business, and now is the time to act by exploring new priorities for your IT team. Read this whitepaper to learn how DevOps and container management can bring your organization into the age of digitization.

  • Data and Analytics Secrets Revealed: A Collection of Customer Stories

    Uncover a diverse variety of customer stories – from organizations like Ubisoft, Yelp, Equinix, Domino's, and Gatwick Airport – about how they turned data into one of their leading assets with enhanced analytics, data security, IoT, and big data capabilities.

  • Data Onboarding with Splunk: Where Do I Begin?

    Listen in as Luke Netto from Splunk gives an overview of key terms and in-depth advice about pre-onboarding and data discovery, normalizing your data, data ingestion from APIs, wire data, and event logs, and more.

  • How Splunk Enables Fast Data Science for Cybersecurity Operations

    Discover how to bridge the gap between data scientists and security analysts to accelerate intelligence for cybersecurity operations. Plus, find out how Splunk's machine learning-enabled analytics provides a unified system for collecting, digesting, and querying data.

  • The Essential Guide to Machine Data

    By identifying machine data sources, you can learn how to support a variety of use cases, ranging from monitoring your cloud deployments to identifying breach attempts and plugging vulnerabilities.

  • Choosing the Right Infrastructure for Your Splunk Deployment

    Discover how to optimize performance for your deployment of Splunk data ingestion and analytics by going through the important considerations for optimizing your underlying infrastructure.

  • The Essential Guide to Machine Data

    Big data, time-series data — whatever you choose to call it, machine data can synthesize valuable insights from the normal data output of your organization's operations. In this comprehensive guide, learn how to identify use cases of machine data within your organization, ranging from security and compliance to IT operations and DevOps.

  • Tips & Tricks for Growing Your Splunk Deployment from 50 GB/Day to 1 TB/Day

    Hear from IT Specialist Gareth Anderson on how to overcome common Splunk growth and data ingestion challenges so that you can take your deployment from 50 GB/day to 1 TB/day.

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