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  • A Guide to Fraud in the Real World

    There are 6 scenarios where you and your customers are prone to fraud. In this white paper, discover these common scenarios and learn how a fraud detection platform can identify risks within your organization.

  • Data Secrets Revealed - A Collection of Customer Stories

    Tap into this resource to see how analysts, IT directors and CISOs at forward-thinking organizations such as Vodafone, Ubisoft and Domino's Pizza are approaching big data analytics and security.

  • Essential Guide to Machine Data

    There can be roadblocks to turning your big data into actionable insights. Tap into this 130-page guide for advice and examples of how real companies use 3 principles to maximize their big data.

  • Turning Data Into Answers: A Collection of Security Customer Stories

    Businesses today produce an incredible amount of data during their everyday operations. In this resource, learn how a wide variety of organizations, ranging from healthcare providers to universities, are harnessing machine data to deliver better products, enhanced customer experience, and gain increased data security.

  • The Essential Guide to Machine Data

    Big data, time-series data—whatever you choose to call it, machine data can synthesize valuable insights from the normal data output of your organization's operations. In this comprehensive guide, learn how to identify use cases of machine data within your organization, ranging from security and compliance to IT operations and DevOps.

  • How to Get Your Cloud Migration Strategy Right

    The security challenges of navigating the cloud are widespread. This resource offers strategies for successful cloud migration and provides tips for gaining full visibility in operations, security and cost management.

  • A Beginner's Guide to Collectd and Analytics

    Find out how you can easily index and analyze key performance metrics and machine data aggregated by collectd with the proper cloud-enabled analytics tools.

  • The Five Essential Capabilities Of An Analytics-Driven SOC

    This white paper outlines how you can gain visibility into potential vulnerabilities by adopting an analytics-driven SOC. Read on to find 5 capabilities that are "must-haves" in this type of system.

  • Building your own software asset management system with Splunk

    Are you using them within the terms of your licensing agreement? Are your prepared for an audit by a vendor? Read this whitepaper on a Software Asset Management (SAM) solution that can provide you with easy access to these questions, as well as address concerns around security.

  • 2018 Security Predictions

    What will the future bring for security? This resource offers predictions for 2018, such as how machine learning and DevSecOps will impact and benefit security strategies.

  • A Layman's Guide on How To Operate Your SIEM Under The GDPR

    Click inside to get a general introduction to the GDPR, especially focused around the aspects most important to log management. Then discover some specific compliance guidance and use cases for network and information security logs.

  • The SIEM Buyer's Guide

    How have SIEM platforms evolved? This SIEM Buyer's Guide reveals the differences between modern SIEM and legacy SIEM and offers 9 technical capabilities of a modern SIEM strategy and how it can improve your overall security.

  • Why You Should Take Security in the Cloud

    Advanced security threats and attacks are getting harder to detect as hackers are becoming more sophisticated. Access this white paper to learn how the cloud can provide improved security benefits to your organization with a real-time view into advanced attacks and threat actors.

  • Taking IT To The Next Level

    Digitization is changing the way all of us do business, and now is the time to act by exploring new priorities for your IT team. Read this whitepaper to learn how DevOps and container management can bring your organization into the age of digitization.

  • Ransomware 101: 3 Keys Ways to Get Started Combating Ransomware

    Ransomware was recently declared the number 2 most dangerous online threat to consumers and organizations, according to Europol. This white paper offers insight into complex, growing ransomware attacks and reveals 3 tangible steps to combatting ransomware within your organization.

  • The SIEM Buyer's Guide

    Before making a SIEM purchasing decision, read this buyer's guide which outlines the 9 technical capabilities no modern system should go without. Then learn what Splunk has to offer not only as a SIEM but as a data analytics tool for your entire IT system.

  • 4 Easy Ways Central Logging Improves Security Posture

    Reliable central logging or log management is the first critical step toward gaining visibility across a multi-layered security environment. This resource reveals how to gain immediate visibility into critical security incidents with 4 basic sources that security teams can leverage along with central logging.

  • Damage Control

    According to a Splunk research report, the total mean cost of a critical incident is $141,628. Explore this research report to gain insight into damage control strategies and the impact of critical IT incidents within your organization.

  • Make Your IT Events Less Eventful

    The complexity of modern IT environments is leaving IT with apps that flood them with events, false positives, and useless alerts. IT needs tools that enable them to identify and solve the issues that matter most. Access this white paper to learn how deploying an event analytics tool eases this task with data-driven insights.

  • Key Benefits of Taking Your SIEM To The Cloud

    Explore 5 benefits of taking your SIEM platform to the cloud. As a bonus, uncover two case studies to see how organizations have gained key advantages, like lowering operational costs, increasing focus on strategic initiatives, and more.

  • Software as a SIEM: Improve Your Security Posture by Using Splunk as your SIEM

    Businesses now require tools that can be used for rapid response detection, incident investigation and coordination of CSIRT breach scenarios. A tool, like Splunk software. Read this white paper and explore what this innovative SIEM has to offer.

  • Comparing Security Information and Event Management Providers

    With so many vendors on the market offering SIEM services that differ in subtle ways, how do you know which one is right for you? This Gartner Report seeks to answer that question by listing the pros and cons of 19 SIEM offerings so you can make your own informed choice.

  • Splunk's Top Predictions for AI, Machine Learning, IoT, and More

    AI and machine learning, IoT, DevOps collaboration, security and more – how can you tell which factors will be a flash in the pan vs. trends that will have an everlasting effect on the shape of the data management landscape? Uncover Splunk's top predictions to find out what trends will help shape 2018.

  • Damage Control: The Impact of Critical IT Incidents

    IT incidents result in annual costs running into millions of dollars, while the average organization is dealing with hundreds of incidents every week. This Quocirca research report analyzes the impact critical IT incidents have on organizations, which halt business processes and impact users.

  • Data and Analytics Secrets Revealed: A Collection of Customer Stories

    Uncover a diverse variety of customer stories – from organizations like Ubisoft, Yelp, Equinix, Domino's, and Gatwick Airport – about how they turned data into one of their leading assets with enhanced analytics, data security, IoT, and big data capabilities.

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