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  • Security Ops: How Your Peers are Facing the Threat Landscape

    Discover the current state of security operations and how your peers around the globe are responding to security incidents of all sizes and types, and why it might seem like a losing battle.

  • How Leading Companies Are Navigating Modern Event Storms

    When an event storm hits, IT teams don't have the option to draw the shutters and wait it out – they have to tackle it head on. Click inside to see how some companies are leveraging machine learning to predict, prevent, and avoid outages and event storms altogether.

  • Banking on Machine Data

    Financial organizations have unique technology, competitive, regulatory, and demographic requirements that prevent them from achieving their strategic goals. Machine data can help make large strides in improving operational intelligence by having end-to-end visibility of their infrastructure. Download this white paper to discover how.

  • Analytics-Driven Security in Government

    To help combat increasing security threats due to added IT complexity, analytics-driven security operations models are being used to enhance the ability to detect, prevent, respond, and predict threats at machine speeds. Download this resource to find out more about this security strategy.

  • Using Splunk to Develop an Incident Response Plan

    Discover ways to help your organization prioritize threats and breaches and how machine data can help detect those breaches.

  • Analytics-Driven Infrastructure Insights

    Find out about an analytics-driven monitoring tool constructed to unify and correlate infrastructure metrics and logs so your sysadmins don't have to.

  • Getting Started with Splunk Insights for Infrastructure

    Click onwards to find out the basics of an infrastructure management tool, built to increase your enterprise's monitoring and metric collection capabilities across multiple environments and as many servers as needed.

  • Artificial Intelligence and the Future of IT Operations

    $105,302. That's the mean business cost of an IT incident – and poor monitoring and response systems are often to blame. Discover how AIOps can offer a proactive, predictive alternative.

  • User Behavior Analytics Overview

    Data science and machine learning are joining forces to locate previously undetectable security treats with user behavior analytics. Discover how this coalition works, as well as 5 threat detection pain points, in this white paper.

  • The Four Pillars of Government IT Modernization

    Continue reading to learn the four steps that government and public sector entities are taking steps towards consolidating network and cloud computing siloes, while encouraging consistent security capabilities across agencies.

  • Operationalizing Threat Intelligence Using Splunk Enterprise Security

    Explore the challenges and requirements of implementing high-coverage threat intelligence, and how your organization can achieve operational maturity.

  • Mitigate Business and Security Risk with Splunk

    Learn how your organization can better understand the gaps and vulnerabilities in your environment in order to reduce risk to your business through risk mitigation.

  • Understanding Machine Data and Where It Comes From

    Machine data is often underused and undervalued due to the various IoT and other data sources it comes from. In this white paper, discover these numerous data sources and learn 3 steps to put your machine data to good use.

  • Gathering Valuable Insights from Network Machine Data

    Download this guide for an overview of how gathering and analyzing machine data on your network enables you to protect your corporate networks from attacks, provide visibility into network traffic, and determine your network's role in the availability and performance of critical services.

  • The Essential Guide to Collecting and Analyzing Machine Data

    Some of the most important insights you can gain—across IT and the business—are hidden in big data. But how do you collect and analyze this data? Tap into this PDF to learn where you should be collecting big data from and the value it can provide to IT, security, IoT and business analytics use cases.

  • AI and Machine Learning in Your Organization

    With machine learning-powered initiatives, you can detect issues before they paralyze your business. Download this resource for more on where you can apply machine learning and AI for insights.

  • A Guide to Fraud in the Real World

    In the digital era, fraud is becoming harder to prevent. Organizations are turning to machine data, which they can analyze to learn vital fraud prevention information. Download this report to learn how Duke University and several other organizations handled a fraudulent attack with machine data analysis.

  • Collecting Big Data from Virtual and Physical Infrastructures

    Often times, organizations struggle to know where to collect big data from. By defining the use cases you're attempting to resolve, you can identify where you should be gathering data from. Tap into this eBook to learn about big data use cases on both virtual and physical infrastructures.

  • The Essential Guide to Security

    With recent high-profile breaches, global ransomware attacks and the scourge of cryptomining, you need to defend your organization, adopt the right processes and procedures early on, and hunt down new adversaries. Inside, learn about the 6 stages of a security journey and more.

  • A Beginner's Guide to CollectD

    Read on to access a beginner's guide to collectd, a lightweight and open-source daemon that trawls and collects system and application performance metrics to help your admins get a clearer picture of system health.

  • All Things Data: A Collection of Customer Stories

    Data can help you do amazing things, especially machine data. Download this 50-page resource to explore 42 customer success stories, each of which use machine data to drive actionable insights, enhance operation efficiencies, enhance the customer experience, and more.

  • Data Secret Revealed: A Collection of Security Customer Stories

    Find out how several prominent organizations, such as Duke University, Discovery, Inc., the U.S. Federal Department, and the city of Los Angeles, upgraded to a SIEM platform and gained powerful security analytics insights.

  • Case Study: How Hyatt Gave Developers More Time to Innovate

    When developers wind up spending most of their time identifying and troubleshooting issues, their ability to innovate is ultimately jeopardized. Click to learn about a platform that can provide real-time visibility across multiple or even hundreds of environments and can help give developers their lives back.

  • Multi-Environment Infrastructure Insights: Guide to Getting Started

    As server counts approach triple digits and span multiple data centers and cloud environments, effective monitoring and management can become close to impossible – that is, without the right set of tools. Continue reading to learn about an infrastructure management platform designed to address the complexities of modern server monitoring.

  • Leveraging AI and ML for Greater Impact

    Download this report to review ESG survey findings on trends, business philosophies and opinions about data analytics environments and machine learning usage within small, medium and large businesses.

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