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  • Splunk Predictions 2020

    5G, AI, and deepfakes – these technologies may seem futuristic and speculative, but they’re much more imminent and realistic than you think. Read Splunk’s predictions for 2020 to learn how these technologies will come into play in the future of IT operations and security.

  • Splunk IT Operations Predictions 2020

    Read through some of Splunk’s 2020 IT operations predictions – including increased AR/VR utilization, a renewed emphasis on UX design, AI integration, and more.

  • 5G, AI, Deepfakes and Beyond: The Future of IT and Security

    The past few years has seen the emergence of several innovative technologies and increased sophistication of attacks – both of which shape the way business is done. In this report, explore the cybersecurity trends and threats to keep in mind for 2020 and beyond.

  • Splunk Emerging Tech Predictions 2020

    A new year means new advances in the technologies that are shaping our culture and workplace strategies. Stay ahead of the curve. Read these emerging tech predictions to learn what the future holds for AI, IoT, blockchain and more.

  • Splunk IT Security Predictions 2020

    Technology continues to redesign every aspect of how we live and work. It also creates new security vulnerabilities that savvy attackers are exposing. Being aware of the potential threats allows individuals and organizations to protect their data. In this white paper, uncover some of the most pertinent security considerations for 2020.

  • 5 Big Myths of AI and Machine Learning Debunked

    Read this white paper for an explanation of the key differences between weak and strong AI and a debunking of 5 common myths regarding AI and machine learning (ML).

  • One Fish, Two Fish, Three Fish, Fraud Fish

    In this Dr. Seuss style storybook, discover how numerous types of fraud, such as credit card, phishing, account takeover, and more can affect your organization.

  • The Power of a Data-to-Everything Platform

    Read this white paper for 3 key questions to ask before devising a strategy to conquer your data, and then advice to gain unprecedented visibility into your successfully designed data flows—future-proofing your organizational architecture.

  • The 5 Forces Building the Next Data Wave

    View this white paper to explore the 5 forces building the next data wave. Review how these 5 forces can help unite your organization's data and business goals, and learn what you can do to catch the next big wave in business transformation.

  • Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations SaaS And Software: The Top 15 Global Vendors 2019

    Research In Action has evaluated AIOps solutions based on surveyed customer needs and requirements, and compiled a list of top 15 global vendors for comparison—read the results of their research here.

  • The SIEM's Buyers Guide for 2020

    In short, a SIEM is a security platform that ingests event logs and offers a single view of this data with additional insights—but as with all growing tech offerings right now, its current capabilities may be far more than you are aware. Read this white paper to learn about the evolution of SIEM, and 9 technical capabilities of a modern SIEM.

  • Adopting Splunk's Analytics-Driven Security Platform as Your SIEM

    Read this white paper to learn why analytics integrated into a modern SIEM solution can turn your masses of machine data into unrivaled threat intelligence that catches attacks before they happen.

  • The Path to Business Process Transparency

    Progressive organizations are turning mountains of machine data into unique business insights—in real-time. Read this white paper to learn how several big names in business are turning their machine data and analytics strategies into huge profit.

  • 30 Ways to Use Splunk in Financial Services

    Read this white paper for 30 ways to use Splunk's real-time analytics capabilities to protect your financial services from revenue-threatening disruption.

  • Modernize Your Legacy IT With Predictive Analytics

    Every business is a technology business, and IT departments are essential to delivering a growing number of services that their legacy systems cannot properly support. Read this white paper to learn how to modernize your legacy IT systems with predictive analytics to keep the lifeblood of you organization agile and responsive.

  • 4 Ways Digital Transformation Can Help the Bottom Line and How a SIEM Can Help

    There are many ways digital transformation can benefit a company. Download this white paper to explore four ways a SIEM solution can help.

  • The Present and Future of Security Operations

    In this white paper, learn about several technologies, processes, and philosophical trends that may help CISOs overcome today's security operations challenges and develop a well-organized and operative future-oriented strategy.

  • One Fish, Two Fish, Three Fish, Fraud Fish

    In this Dr. Seuss style storybook, discover how numerous types of fraud, such as credit card, phishing, account takeover, and more can affect your organization.

  • Modernize Your IT Monitoring with Predictive Analytics

    Inside this white paper, find out how to ensure evergreen IT monitoring capabilities throughout your IT stack – and learn why predictive analytics will be the key to keep up with growing infrastructure complexity.

  • 5 Big Myths of AI and Machine Learning Debunked

    This white paper will debunk 5 common myths surrounding one of the business world's most promising technological assets—AI and machine learning.

  • Innovators in Action: A Collection of Inspiring Customer Stories

    Inside this collection of case studies, find out how over thirty different organizations in industries like communications, energy, software, finance, and more are generating value from their machine and operational data.

  • Beginner's Guide To Observability

    Jump into this guide to take a closer look at the truth behind "observability": what it is, why it's important, and what it takes to achieve it inside your own IT department. To help illustrate, you'll also find a collection of real-world observability examples from companies like your own.

  • The Essential Guide To Fraud

    Threat actors are constantly discovering new ways to commit fraud to exploit a wide range of online services. Companies and their customers face the risk of losing money, ruining reputations and protecting the integrity of programs. In this white paper, learn how to protect your business against fraudulent activity.

  • 4 Reasons to Add UBA to Your SIEM

    To combat threats, organizations traditionally have turned to SIEMs. However, more sophisticated use cases require a machine learning-powered solution. This is where user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) can prove to be an invaluable addition to your SIEM. In this white paper, learn about 4 reasons to add UEBA to your SIEM.

  • 7 SIEM Trends to Watch in 2019

    In recent years, SIEM solutions have become more of an information platform, with enterprise demands for better security driving much of the SIEM market. In this white paper, explore 7 SIEM trends to watch in 2019.

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