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  • SD-WAN: Hitting the mainstream

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    For the networking industry, 2018 was the year that interest in software-defined wide area network started to ramp up in earnest, as more enterprises started to assess the benefits of the technology, and more early adopters started to make concrete purchasing decisions. In this e-guide, our experts explore the state of play in the SD-WAN market.

  • Network Management Case Study: Hub Australia

    Sponsored by: Cisco Meraki - APAC

    This case study explores how Hub Australia's National Facilities and Technology Manager, James Moffat, worked with Cisco Meraki to monitor, troubleshoot, and manage their network.

  • AT&T NetBond® for Cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    Sponsored by: AWS - AT&T

    Download this white paper to learn about a network that enables you to maintain your hybrid environment, meaning you can continue to utilize current investments in on-premises infrastructure and strategy—while having optimal network connectivity.

  • The Network Effect: How Higher Education Institutions Can Stay Competitive in the Digital Age

    Sponsored by: Cisco Meraki - APAC

    This white paper explores how organizations like higher education institutions that have distributed campus networks can meet and exceed high user expectations for wireless connectivity. Hear from a number of IT pros and executives from a variety of universities to find out how they used cloud-managed tools to help them transform their networks.

  • DNS Security with Meraki MR & Umbrella

    Sponsored by: Cisco Meraki - APAC

    This white paper explores how to update DNS security so that you can address the potential attacks from malicious actors hiding in the bevy of DNS traffic. Find out what steps you can take to improve your security posture, and learn about the integration of Cisco Umbrella and Meraki's wireless access points.

  • AWS Direct Connectivity with SDN: Cloudscene Case Study

    Sponsored by: Megaport

    As the world's largest connectivity directory for colocation data centers, CSPs, and network fabrics, it was important for Cloudscene to find a way to provision direct connectivity to AWS that could support high availability. Find out how Cloudscene developed a high-performing website with AWS through direct connectivity via Megaport's SDN.

  • Elastic Interconnection Means Better Cloud Connectivity

    Sponsored by: Megaport

    As traditional point-to-point connections become too expensive to provision across various cloud services and private cloud infrastructure, you may find yourself looking for another way to support cloud connectivity. Find out how elastic interconnection helps support connectivity by doing for the network what cloud services did for computing.

  • Intent-Based Networking and SDN: Shaping the Future of Networking

    Sponsored by: Dimension Data

    SDN and intent-based networking share more in common than hype about their promises and potential. Our expert weighs in on how the two technologies aim to improve automation.

  • SDN & SD-WAN: Transform Network Infrastructure and Security

    Sponsored by: Dimension Data

    In this expert e-guide, CIO and principal analyst John Burke of Nemertes Research discusses what key considerations to keep in mind when updating your network infrastructure and security with SD-WAN.

  • Highlights of the Futuriom Application Networking Survey

    Sponsored by: NetFoundry

    With 75% of VPN users seeking a better cloud networking technology, legacy networks clearly aren't keeping up with the demands of modern apps across cloud and IoT. Discover more facts like this one from the Futuriom Application Networking Survey and find out what app security considerations are shaping the future of networking

  • Preparing Your Network for Digital Transformation

    Sponsored by: Cumulus Networks

    In this white paper, learn about the primary network challenges associated with digital transformation and find out how web-scale networking principles like disaggregation and automation make it possible to get transformation efforts off the ground.

  • Megaport Cloud Router (MCR) Changes Cloud Networking as you Know It

    Sponsored by: Megaport

    Until recently, private cloud connectivity was out of reach for many. But now, it's becoming more readily available for anyone to access seamless cloud interconnectivity. Find out how you can build and optimize hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, and multi-region networks.

  • 6 Steps for Building an IoT-Ready Network

    Sponsored by: Cisco Meraki - APAC

    Check out this white paper to learn about new cloud-managed network technologies that can enable governments to support the exponential growth of sensors, cameras and other IoT-enabled devices without dramatic increases in network support staff and expenses.

  • How Cloud-Based Network Monitoring Tools Can Make Finding Errors Easier

    Sponsored by: Aerohive Networks

    Download this expert guide to learn how 1 performing arts college uses network management tools to quickly detect problems, and explore a new tool by Aerohive that integrates with Amazon Alexa and enables you to query client and network analytics, as well as accomplish routine tasks, with just your voice.

  • Computer Weekly – 11 December 2018: Manchester's evolution from rag trade to digital hub

    Sponsored by:

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we visit Manchester to examine the city's growing digital and e-commerce industry and find out why the former home of the UK rag trade has been so successful. We look at the challenges of IT security in the quantum computing age. And we talk to Bloomberg's CTO about tech innovation. Read the issue now.

  • Rethinking Dorm Wi-Fi

    Sponsored by: Cisco Meraki - APAC

    Learn how higher education institutions are delivering high-bandwidth, versatility, and easy management Wi-Fi to their users, so your organization can do the same.

  • F5 BIG-IP to NGINX Plus: Migration Guide

    Sponsored by: NGINX

    In this guide, learn about 5 industry trends that are disrupting traditional load balancing and app delivery technologies and find out why software load balancing and open source technologies are on the rise.

  • Refresh Your Branch Networks with SD-WAN

    Sponsored by: Cisco Meraki

    In this e-guide, principal analysts John Burke from Nemertes Research and Lee Doyle from Doyle Research discuss the ongoing changes that SD-WAN is bringing to enterprise networks.

  • Get Started with your SD-WAN Deployment

    Sponsored by: Cisco Meraki

    In this e-guide, experts like Steve Garson, President of consulting firm SD-WAN Experts, and Andrew Froehlich, President of West Gate Networks, give their advice on how to plan your SD-WAN deployment.

  • Networks 2020: The Foundation for the Global Enterprise Digital Journey

    Sponsored by: Telstra Global

    Download this Ovum research report to explore the digital priorities of today's enterprise organizations, as well as insights on building a network architecture to support your business agenda.

  • Aerohive HiveManager: An AI Virtual Assistant for Network Administration

    Sponsored by: Aerohive Networks

    Find out how Aerohive has engineered a voice-drive interface for their network management system, and has created AI-enabled cloud networking that's integrated with Amazon's Alexa Virtual Assistant.

  • Essential Guide to Network Modernization: Supporting Network Investment Decisions

    Sponsored by: Telstra Global

    In this guide, explore the considerations and practices you need to know before making your next network investment to support your business objectives and goals.

  • The Cloud Networking Guide: Why your Access Network Serves you Better in the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Aerohive Networks

    This guide examines the characteristics and benefits of cloud-managed access networks as a subset of cloud IT services to help you decide whether cloud networking is right for your organization, or if it's better to stick with more traditional deployment models.

  • Cisco & Google Cloud: Modernize your Enterprise

    Sponsored by: Google

    In this resource center, you'll learn how Cisco's Hybrid Cloud Platform for Google Cloud is designed to help you create a consistent environment across both public cloud and on-premise assets so that you can rapidly develop and deploy apps anywhere you need to.

  • SD-WAN: Reshape Network Performance

    Sponsored by: Infovista

    Get tips from principal analyst Lee Doyle on how to prioritize network traffic and improve reliability. Plus, find out how SD-WAN stacks up against traditional MPLS when it comes to app performance, latency, and quality of service.

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