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  • SD-WAN Becomes the Network

    Sponsored by: VMware Velocloud

    This Doyle Research report explores how SD-WAN is positioned to provide critical cloud networking capabilities across corporate, branch, and remote office locations. Plus, learn about a variety of cloud-based WAN use cases, as well as the VMware NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud and its core features.

  • Neustar Security Solutions Overview

    Sponsored by: Neustar

    Learn about Neustar and their approach to DNS and security. Tap into this resource to find out how you can maintain network performance while tightening security for key areas, like DDoS protection and identity assurance.

  • How 1 Company Improved Team Collaboration with Video

    Sponsored by: Zoom Video Communications

    In this case study, learn about travel search site, Skyscanner, and why they decided to implement Zoom cloud-based video communications when they were in need of a videoconferencing system. Learn how Zoom helped improve team collaboration with HD video quality and higher meeting participant capacity.

  • Moving Video Communications to the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Zoom Video Communications

    Download this white paper to learn about Zoom Video Communications—a cloud-based videoconferencing platform that offers video, audio, and chat communications. Also explore the 10 top reasons for moving away from on-prem communications.

  • How You Can Make Incident Response Faster and More Efficient

    Sponsored by: CoreLight

    Watch this webcast to learn about Zeek—an open-source network security monitor that is formally known as Bro—and see how it can transform network traffic into high-fidelity data streams for faster incident detection.

  • How to Develop your End-to-End Network Automation Strategy

    Sponsored by: Itential

    This white paper explores what it takes to create a holistic and effective network automation strategy. Learn about an intelligent workflow engine that's designed to help you visualize the workflows and user stories you're trying to automate.

  • Network Security & Performance: Mastering a Multi-Cloud Approach

    Sponsored by: 128 Technology

    Learn about 128T's Session Smart Routers and find out how you can operate more efficiently in hybrid and multi-cloud environments by improving network security without hampering app performance.

  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to perimeterless network security

    Sponsored by:

    Perimeterless network security is expanding the horizons of businesses looking to protect their data. In this buyer's guide, we look at how a secure perimeterless digital workplace is best achieved, explore the previous barriers perimeterless security can overcome and assess how traditional network security can be banished to the past.

  • The SD-WAN Waiting Game and The Future of Networking

    Sponsored by: Telstra

    Watch this webinar to hear Head of Managed Network Service and Enterprise Solutions Architect for Telstra, Anthony Hopewell, discuss the current state of SD-WAN adoption, and how the technology will impact the future of networking.

  • 5 Reasons Corelight Gives You Better Data for Incident Response and Threat Hunting

    Sponsored by: CoreLight

    Download this white paper to learn about a product that can give you a holistic view of your network and turn network traffic into high-fidelity data for analysis.

  • 8 Reasons More Companies Are Moving Their Communications to the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Vonage

    Read this white paper to learn about cloud-hosted phone systems and for the top 8 reasons why more companies are moving their communications to the cloud.

  • Digital Transformation with Cloud Integration: Supplying Contextual Information in Real Time

    Sponsored by: Vonage

    Read this white paper to explore the different ways businesses are reaping the benefits of cloud integration in their communications systems.

  • Future Proof Your Investment Strategy for Data Center and Cloud

    Sponsored by: VMware and Arrow

    Read this white paper to learn about a software-defined HCI architecture of compute, network, and storage virtualization technologies, that—together with automation and management—enables businesses to modernize their infrastructure, automate IT, run modern applications and more.

  • Choosing the Right Path to SD-WAN Adoption

    Sponsored by: Burwood

    If you are looking to adopt SD-WAN, the landscape of options can be dizzying. In this guide, discover 6 key questions to ask on the road to SD-WAN adoption to make sure your organization steers in the right direction.

  • Network Traffic Analysis

    Sponsored by: CoreLight

    A network IDS typically looks for potential attacks based on monitoring traffic for known behavior or discrete characteristics. But, they often lack the power to identify sophisticated attacks. Read on to discover how your security team could benefit from a networking monitoring framework with sophisticated network traffic analysis.

  • Networking, Security & Apps Teams Working as One

    Sponsored by: F5 Networks

    Download this infographic to help you learn the 5 major features you should look for when shopping for a unified NetSecDevOps platform. Additionally, learn about a platform that can provide agile app delivery without compromising security or performance.

  • 4 Steps to Transforming Network Security

    Sponsored by: Tech Data - Vmware

    Download this white paper to explore 4 steps you can take to revamp your network security, and learn about a technology that promises to transform networking and security with a software platform that can exist across data centers, clouds, and more, helping you maximize visibility.

  • Key Questions to Ask when Evaluating UCaaS Providers

    Sponsored by: Mitel Networks Limited

    In this guide, discover 12 categories – each with a set of targeted questions – that are designed to help you evaluate UCaaS providers and ensure you make an informed decision that will benefit your communications.

  • 7 Questions to Ask When Evaluating SD-WAN Solutions

    Sponsored by: VMware Velocloud

    What should you be looking for from an SD-WAN vendor? Read this analysis from Ashton, Metzler & Associates for 7 questions to ask when evaluating SD-WAN platforms.

  • SD-WAN for Dummies

    Sponsored by: VMware Velocloud

    In this SD-WAN for Dummies e-book, find out how IT and business managers can migrate to a distributed network which is less complex, more flexible, and easier to manage.

  • The SD-WAN Provides the Fast Path to the Virtual Cloud Network

    Sponsored by: VMware Velocloud

    A virtual cloud network (VCN) is designed to allow the branch, public cloud, SaaS, user edge, IoT edge and data center to run on a single, common network with a consistent set of services. Read this 11-page white paper from research analyst Zeus Kerravala for more information on VCN, and why SD-WAN is the best starting point for a VCN.

  • 5 Questions to Ask in Global Network Services RFPs

    Sponsored by: MASERGY

    Download this resource for tips on creating RFPs for global network services, and find out 5 must-have questions to include in your RFP.

  • Global SD-WAN Vendor Market Mid-Year Forecasts, 2018

    Sponsored by: VMware Velocloud

    The SD-WAN market demonstrated consistent growth and maturity throughout 2018. To investigate just how quickly it was growing, Frost & Sullivan conducted research on the state of SD-WAN and its major vendors. Explore their market forecasts for SD-WAN, and find out how vendors like VMware-VeloCloud are helping to foster the technology's growth.

  • Spotlight On The Total Economic Impact Of A Virtual Cloud Network

    Sponsored by: VMware Velocloud

    To understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with investing in a Virtual Cloud Network, delivered on NSX technology, as a way to bridge your network to the cloud, Forrester Research interviewed 5 VMware NSX customers. Explore Forrester's findings to learn about real life customers' experiences as they modernized their WAN for the cloud.

  • SD-WAN Use Case Profile Matrix: What's Driving SD-WAN Adoption?

    Sponsored by: Telstra

    In this white paper, explore 6 reasons to switch to SD-WAN, and discover how different sectors are using the technology.

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