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  • How to Build Infrastructure to Deliver a Superior Online Experience

    Sponsored by: Cloudflare

    As demand increases for web-based services and applications, businesses must satisfy customer needs while ensuring that their websites and apps remain secure, fast, and reliable. In this white paper, uncover 5 steps you can take to meet customer needs and provide a secure and seamless user experience.

  • How Cloudflare Optimizes Web Content for Faster Page Loads

    Sponsored by: Cloudflare

    Consumers expect fast, seamless experiences when they use websites and web apps. If your website is not fast and performant, you are likely missing out on huge business opportunities. In this white paper, learn how Clouflare can help boost your web performance through content optimization.

  • Getting Faster: Know Your Website, and Know What’s Slowing It Down

    Sponsored by: Cloudflare

    The numbers don’t lie: Users prefer faster websites and applications. Download this white paper to uncover the various factors that impact web performance, and the steps businesses can take to assess and improve the performance of their web properties.

  • Despite Prioritizing Digital Transformation, Most Businesses Don’t Know Where to Begin. Here’s a Start.

    Sponsored by: Hughes Network Systems

    The majority of businesses today are interested in pursuing digital transformation, yetmore than half of them have not even begun the process. One way to accelerate the journey is to engage the services of an MSP/MNSP. Learn about the business impact an MSP/MNSP can have on your organization today.

  • How the Right Managed SD-WAN Delivers the Agility, Flexibility, and Security Needed Now

    Sponsored by: Hughes Network Systems

    View this infographic to learn how a managed SD-WAN can help retailers deliver new capabilities as needs change, support changing work and business practices, and keep it all secure.

  • Cloud Application Security & Performance: Critical Considerations for SaaS Providers

    Sponsored by: Cloudflare

    Users today want faster, more personalized interactions when they use a SaaS app. It’s possible to build such experiences if you use the right tools. Download this white paper to learn what Cloudflare has to offer.

  • Managed SD-WAN

    Sponsored by: Hughes Network Systems

    In the digital transformation of retail, stores have become increasingly depend on the store’s internet connection. In this short video, Tim Tang discusses how SD-WAN can help bridge the gap between the retail industry’s need and the current legacy infrastructure’s capabilities.

  • Network Considerations for Restaurants Adopting a Cloud POS

    Sponsored by: Comcast Business

    In this white paper, uncover the most important networking considerations that restaurant executives need to keep in mind when adopting a cloud POS system in order to ensure maximum benefit for those new systems.

  • MicroScope – May 2020: Staying connected

    Sponsored by: MicroScope

    In this issue, read about how the channel is helping customers stay connected during the pandemic, with Covid-19 raising hardware as businesses aim to provide technology for home workers. Also discover the benefits of SD-WAN and learn about the top compliance concerns for the coming year

  • WAN Edge Infrastructure: Comparing the Top Vendors

    Sponsored by: Versa Networks

    In this Gartner report, learn about the critical capabilities to look for when searching for the right WAN Edge Infrastructure, so you can find one that closely aligns with your requirements.

  • When Machines Talk to Machines

    Sponsored by: CradlePoint

    Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology is poised to reshape every aspect of the business landscape. In this white paper, explore M2M-IoT technologies, the factors that are driving adoption and the key areas in which organizations can take advantage of M2M-IoT.

  • Business Value of CenturyLink Adaptive Networking Solutions

    Sponsored by: CenturyLink

    IDC research shows that CenturyLink Adaptive Networking Solutions have helped customers to increase their network capabilities in terms of performance and agility. Download this infographic to learn more from IDC’s research.

  • CenturyLink Adaptive Networking Solutions Enable Enterprise Customers to Optimize Network Costs and Performance

    Sponsored by: CenturyLink

    The enterprise journey to becoming digitally native requires the adoption of 3rd Platform technologies. These new technologies require a network that is adaptable to varying and expanding traffic performance needs. In this IDC report, learn about some key benefits that CenturyLink Adaptive Networking solutions can help organizations achieve.

  • Build a Reliable, Mobile-Friendly Wireless Network

    Sponsored by: Aruba Networks

    Find out how to create reliable, secure, mobile-friendly Wi-Fi connectivity for your organization's users, especially in industries like education and retail that rely more and more on the interactions between people and technology.

  • Infographic: Comparing 13 Leading SD-WAN Vendors

    Sponsored by: TechTarget

    We've assembled a helpful infographic that compares and contrasts the offerings of 13 leading SD-WAN vendors. Just take some time to participate in our multiple-choice WAN Research Survey to claim an instant download of this infographic.

  • UC as a Service (UCaaS)

    Sponsored by: RingCentral

    The UCaaS market in North America is marked by a large and dynamic provider landscape. In this UCaaS Leadership Scorecard, explore the top 10 UCaaS providers in North America.

  • The State of Office 365 Performance

    Sponsored by: Riverbed

    The rise of cloud computing and business reliance on SaaS applications has brought with it a host of new features. However, the burden of troubleshooting tickets is felt by end users and IT staff alike. In this report, explore findings from a survey of 300 IT decision makers with responsibility for Microsoft Office 365 at their organizations.

  • Cloud-Managed Networks: Are They the Secret To Success?

    Sponsored by: Aruba Networks

    Gartner found that midsized businesses spend 1.5x more on infrastructure technologies than large enterprises. Yet, they must deploy and maintain this technology with limited staff. That’s where a cloud-managed network can help. Find out if a cloud-managed network could be right for your business in this white paper.

  • IoT Time Podcast

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    In this episode of IoT Time Podcast, Ken Briodagh sits down with Brian Kracik, Sr. Director Product Marketing, Enterprise Communications and Cloud Services, at Oracle to talk about the SD-IoT, which is the intersection and leveraging of SD-WAN technologies for IoT applications and enhancements.

  • Trends in Connected Technologies for First Responders

    Sponsored by: CradlePoint

    In this white paper, examine the role connected technologies play in the effectiveness and safety of first responders and explore considerations for evaluating mobile network solutions that enable it all to work securely and reliably.

  • 5G: APAC guide to next-gen mobile connectivity

    Sponsored by:

    From efforts to turn Malaysia's Langkawi island into a 5G testbed to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on sales of 5G devices, the guide offers a range of perspectives from different stakeholders in APAC's 5G nascent ecosystem.

  • Build a Smarter Network With Aruba

    Sponsored by: Aruba Networks

    Your small and medium business is constantly evolving. You need a networking solution that is faster, more reliable and easier to manage so you can focus on your business – not managing your network. In this white paper, explore a comparison of Aruba and Cisco Meraki to help you decide which is a better fit for your organization.

  • Unlocking the Power of LTE & 5G in Branch Networks

    Sponsored by: CradlePoint

    IoT devices, digital signage, customer Wi-Fi, and cloud applications offer new services and experiences to customers. And these businesses are turning to LTE and 5G to support their branch transformation. In this e-book, explore success stories of Cradlepoint customers who have implemented LTE edge networking in fixed and mobile branches.

  • Leveraging Automation in Telco Environments

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    Many service providers have started down the automation road as part of their NFV-led transformations, understanding that they will reap the most benefit from virtualization by moving all the way to cloudification. In this white paper, learn why automation is a valuable tool for service providers looking to improve their operational efficiency.

  • Red Hat’s Darrell Jordan-Smith: Open Source Powers the Network Edge

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    5G is not just a telecommunications technology — it is transforming diverse industries like energy, automotive, security, and financial services. In this Mobile Europe article written by Darrell Jordan-Smith, VP for Vertical Industries and Global Accounts at Red Hat, explore the impact of 5G and low-latency edge computing.

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