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  • Cellular Connectivity for Location-Based Applications in Vehicles

    Today’s vehicle fleets in industries such as public transit and public safety often leverage technologies to improve efficiency and safety but are rendered ineffective once the accuracy of location data is compromised. Download this white paper to learn about 3 key benefits of LTE and 5G for in-vehicle location tracking.

  • The Viability of a Wireless WAN for Business

    This independent report by Nemertes, based on detailed customer interviews, found that wireless wide-area network (WWAN) technology has clear and dramatic benefits without sacrificing performance or reliability or driving up network costs. Read on to learn more.

  • Using Cellular Networking Solutions for In-Band and Out-of-Band Management

    To mitigate the effects of an unreachable router or appliance, Cradlepoint NetCloud combined with LTE and 5G adapters or routers offer a remote troubleshooting solution utilizing the Remote Connect suite of advanced Out-of-Band and In-Band features. Access this solution brief to learn more about cloud-managed remote troubleshooting.

  • Remote Monitoring of Video Surveillance

    Video surveillance has become critical for addressing security concerns in cities, businesses, campuses, and many other places. But while capturing footage is essential, ensuring secure and reliable transmission is equally critical. Read this solution brief to learn about the benefits of cloud-managed LTE for remotely monitoring video footage.

  • Mobile Broadband for High-Quality In-Vehicle Video Streaming

    Fleet vehicles have evolved into rolling digital workstations. But effective, reliable connectivity is only available to organizations with exceptional networks. Read this solution brief to dive deeper into common networking challenges and learn how LTE and 5G wireless solutions could address them.

  • Optimizing Wi-Fi as WAN and LTE for Mobile Stations in Healthcare Facilities

    Telehealth, mobile workstations, and medication carts have put EHR and patient care on wheels — changing the way they deliver services. However, the technologies are only as reliable as the wireless connectivity available at each location. Download this brief to learn how a cellular-enabled hybrid WAN solution can benefit mobile healthcare carts.

  • Why Retail Stores Rely on LTE & 5G First

    In brick-and-mortar stores, wired connectivity isn’t agile enough to accommodate retail technology trends. Today’s retailers are embracing a cellular-driven approach to maximize connection reliability and flexibility. View this infographic to discover how the wireless WAN branch helps these retailers puts LTE and 5G first.

  • T-Mobile Retail Stores Prevent Downtime with Cellular-Based Automatic Failover

    With 5,000+ retail stores that depend on connected devices and business-critical applications — including Point-of-Sale (POS) systems and digital signs — 100% uptime is essential for daily operations at T-Mobile. Read this case study to learn about a failover solution that helps them maintain this uptime as well as reliable in-store connectivity.

  • ON24 File Export Retail to Email

    Retail has been undergoing a transformation over the last few years, an evolution accelerated by the pandemic. In this webinar, join Cradlepoint’s Robin Manke-Cassidy (Director of Solution Marketing) and Bill Hunt (Senior Solutions Architect), for a discussion around these changes and what it takes to bring retail to modern customers.

  • ON24 File Export Restaurant

    Watch this webinar to learn how restaurants that rely on wireless WAN for network agility can employ a cellular edge networking solution to enable the flexibility they need to innovate for today and the future.

  • Find Your 5G:Spectrum and Uses for Business

    The value of 5G for business hinges on understanding how use cases vary depending on types of spectrum and network availability. Using this knowledge, you can expand your organization’s presence, usher in new technologies and improve operations along with customer service. View this infographic to get a crash course in 5G for business.

  • The 5G for Business Guidebook

    Besides being able to download Netflix movies faster, should you really care about 5G? Download this e-guide to learn about the basics of 5G, how it differs from 4G, why you should care and how to find the best 5G fit for your organization.

  • The ROI of Cellular Broadband for Enterprise Remote Working Technology

    The number of employers saying the shift to remote work has been successful for their company rose from 73% to 83% within about 6 months during 2020, according to PwC. Learn about the best practices for supporting employees with the hybrid work-from-home model and the implications of providing wireless LTE and 5G routers for remote workers.

  • 5G in Vehicles: What You Need to Know

    In this webinar, network experts discuss Cradlepoint’s newest router for 5G-connected vehicles, which is designed to handle high performance 5G connectivity and edge computing. Tune in for everything you need to know about 5G and 5G in vehicles.

  • Canon Singapore Uses LTE to Provide Reliable Access Control Data in Facilities

    Canon Singapore’s Facial Access Control Temperature System is a valuable technology for a variety of businesses and facilities that need to remotely track the health and wellness of employees and visitors. In this case study, learn how Canon Singapore was able to use LTE to provide reliable access control data with the help of Cradlepoint.

  • Students Use School District’s Private Cellular Network for Better Distance Learning Experience

    The Murray City School District in Utah was facing a common but critical pandemic-related challenge: With children and parents stuck at home for remote work and distance learning, high-bandwidth technologies were becoming unreliable. In this case study, learn how the school district was able to leverage CBRS to address this challenge.

  • Maritime Logistics Company Uses LTE To Make Nearshore Connectivity More Cost-Effective

    In the maritime industry, logistics companies are continuously seeking technologies that can provide secure, flexible and scalable mobile network solutions. In this case study, learn why one maritime logistics company decided to deploy Cradlepoint to enable cost efficient nearshore connectivity.

  • Everyday Independence Succeeds In Rapid Expansion With Day-1 Connectivity

    Everyday Independence, a healthcare provider, was experiencing strong growth, with new therapy offices opening on a regular basis. But its timetable for voice and data connectivity at these new hubs could not be met by major telecommunications providers. Open this case study to learn how LTE edge routing with SD-WAN made the difference.

  • Nonprofit’s Shift To All-Wireless Offices Creates Unprecedented Agility & Growth

    Facing overly expensive network infrastructure costs and unacceptable levels of wired broadband downtime, nonprofit organization WISE Employment began contemplating a move to 100% wireless. In this case study, learn how WISE was able to achieve this goal with the help of Cradlepoint.

  • WANs Beyond Wires

    Wireless WANs, based on the capabilities of 4G LTE and more powerful 5G technology, are becoming an essential part of any organization’s digital transformation. In this white paper, uncover 5 key strategies for Wireless WAN deployments.

  • Thermal Imaging Cameras, AI & LTE Enable Safer Screenings as Employees Return to Offices

    Organizations utilize IntelliSite’s robust imaging technology and AI-driven software platform to help identify people who may be experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. But managing connectivity and information security across thousands of disparate sites was a real challenge. Read this case study to learn how IntelliSite gained greater visibility.

  • 5G for Business Helps Construction Company Begin Rollout of Next-Gen Technologies

    Taylor Construction researched and prepared innovative technologies that required the performance of 5G, including holographic building visualization, wide-area safety scanning, IoT structural sensing, real-time design display and large-site failover. Watch this video to learn how CradlePoint was able to turn research into reality.

  • Visio Health Instantly Isolates IoT Data on Diagnostic Telemedicine Carts

    Visio Health is a telemedicine company that creates technology such as conferencing carts and software that communicates with ‘smart’ medical devices. To support their carts, Visio Health needed reliable, secure networking, and for devices, they needed automated IoT monitoring. See this case study to learn how CradlePoint was able to help.

  • What You Need to Know About the Pathway to 5G in Retail

    The evolution of wireless broadband is helping retailers keep technologies connected at all times. From Internet access in stores to vital uptime in pop-up locations and kiosks, LTE and 5G have roles to play in almost every retail business. In this webinar, learn how 5G will help enable retailers to leverage cloud opportunities with confidence.

  • Cradlepoint Solution Allows Retail Jewelry Store to Open on Time, Saving $50,000

    Pandora, an international jewelry retailer, was almost delayed opening one of its unique concept stores in Lancaster, PA because of an ISP strike. However, its outsourced IT expert packaged a technology solution that allowed the store to open on time. Read the full case study to learn the details and how the jeweler avoided a $50,000 loss.

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