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  • April ezine: SD-WAN more than just networking

    Sponsored by: MicroScope

    An issue covering SD-WAN, storage innovations and opportunities for channel growth

  • SD-WAN Network Connectivity Design: A 3-Step Process to Balance Price, Performance, and Risk

    Sponsored by: MASERGY

    SD-WAN is making it easier than ever to diversify WAN connectivity but this new agility brings with it the responsibility to engineer the smartest network design. In this white paper, explore best practices and a 3-step process you can use to help you design your network.

  • WAVE Push-to-Talk: Connect Mobile Workers Quickly & Securely

    Sponsored by: Motorola, Inc.

    Whether you rely on smartphones, radios, computers, or landlines, find out how you can enable push-to-talk (PTT) communications across broadband and radio networks so that critical, time-sensitive information flows quickly and securely between mobile workers and teams.

  • Every Guest Experience Perfected with Unified Voice and Data Communications

    Sponsored by: Motorola, Inc.

    For the hospitality sector, embracing new technology while retaining the personal touch is crucial—but how do you do that? Having unified voice and data communications can significantly help. Learn more about it in this white paper.

  • The Benefits of Network Visibility for Industrial Automation

    Sponsored by: Forescout

    Industrial assets owners have little to no visibility into existing industrial threats and flaws, and therefore no way to anticipate, analyze and respond to incidents. This whitepaper shows how the use of network monitoring technology in manufacturing networks brings tremendous value to both information technology and operational technology teams.

  • How Passive Monitoring Can Streamline NERC CIP Compliance

    Sponsored by: Forescout

    The North American Electric Reliability Corporation Critical Infrastructure Protection (NERC CIP) standards are a set of requirements designed to secure the assets required for operating North America's bulk electric system. In this e-book, learn how SilentDefense can help North-American utilities by saving considerable effort and money.

  • A Guide to Simplifying Compliance with NIST SP 800-53 and 800-82

    Sponsored by: Forescout

    NIST Special Publication (SP) 800-53r4 provides a catalog of security controls for federal information systems and organizations and a process for selecting controls to protect operations and organizations. In this resource, explore the provided table which presents NIST SP's security controls applicable to ICS networks.

  • Securing the Critical Industrial Infrastructure

    Sponsored by: Splunk Services UK Ltd

    Awareness of the impact of a breach in the ICS (Industrial Control Systems) and OT (operational technology) environment has risen considerably. Threats to ICS could have severe impacts on the business and reputation of an organization. In this white paper, learn how cyberattacks are affecting both IT and OT networks, including the risks involved.

  • Creating an Infrastructure to Support Smart Building Connectivity

    Sponsored by: CommScope

    Before you start begin the transition to a smart building, it's important to understand the systems and infrastructure required to power them. Read this 49-page e-book to learn about intelligent buildings, and how you can establish a connectivity strategy to support one. Also explore 3 needs emerging as more enterprises embrace this technology.

  • Building a Cloud Migration Launchpad: 3 Steps for Network and Security Readiness

    Sponsored by: MASERGY

    Establishing an IT launchpad for cloud migration can help you significantly accelerate the process. In this white paper, learn 3 crucial steps you can take to help prepare your network for cloud migration.

  • Mobile World Congress 2019: The year 5G use cases got real

    Sponsored by:

    In this e-guide we will examine some of the bigger themes that emerged over the course of Mobile World Congress 2019 - which now attracts over 100,000 people every year.

  • Will I Save Money on my Global WAN if I Move to SD-WAN?

    Sponsored by: BT

    A critical question that a lot of enterprises ask is, "Will SD-WAN help us save money while improving the network?" Unfortunately, the answer to that question is very complicated. Read on to find out what factors shape the financial impact of SD-WAN on your network.

  • SD-WAN's True Value: Controlling the User Experience

    Sponsored by: Infovista

    Businesses have become absolutely reliant on app performance. As critical apps move to the cloud, IT can't risk launching a SD-WAN solution that doesn't offer complete visibility into app performance for every user, on every session. Find out how to build your SD-WAN deployment with QoS in mind.

  • Understanding SD-WAN Solutions: How to Ensure Peak Visibility and Performance

    Sponsored by: MASERGY

    In this quick guide, learn about your options with SD-WAN and find out how you can ensure peak network visibility and performance.

  • 3 Key Areas of SD-WAN and Performance Improvement

    Sponsored by: MASERGY

    Learn about 3 SD-WAN capabilities that make networks and bandwidth dynamically manageable with the ability to architect workload placement and redesign it as needs change.

  • 2019 Networking Trends to Watch

    Sponsored by: BT

    This Ovum Research report gives an update on each of the predominant network trends like SD-WAN, cloud, and NFV. Learn about the networking trends to watch throughout the rest of 2019.

  • Understanding Enterprise WAN Transformation: Survey Report 2019

    Sponsored by: Apcela

    Apcela's 2019 Survey Report: Understanding Enterprise WAN Transformation assess current industry trends, ranging from the spread of SD-WAN to the proliferation of new technologies such as AI and IoT, and to see what companies expect to tackle in the upcoming year. Download this research report to discover key findings.

  • Preparing Your Network for Digital Transformation

    Sponsored by: Cumulus

    No matter what your digital transformation strategy looks like, your network is going to be either the hero or a hindrance. In this white paper, discover the challenges with digital transformation and how web-scale networking principles like automation make digital transformation possible and profitable.

  • The Age of Virtualization

    Sponsored by: BT

    Networks are going through a period of dramatic transformation, but it is the next phase of networks which will be truly transformational. Instead of boxes, virtualized versions of a range of different services can be deployed on edge devices or from the cloud. In this article, learn more about the virtualization journey.

  • Securing Dynamic Networks

    Sponsored by: BT

    Networks are changing as new 'internet native' applications and services drive demand for more bandwidth, performance and flexibility. This paper provides a summary of the key security considerations in the hybrid network landscape, as well as some suggestions as to how the challenges can be overcome.

  • Build the Infrastructure Your Business Needs to Thrive

    Sponsored by: BT

    This white paper helps you survey your options – from SD-WAN to NFV and beyond – and explores how to overcome 3 network evolution challenges. Find out how you can identify the ideal time and way to adopt new network technologies and transform your network at a global scale.

  • The Real Way to Future-Proof Your Network

    Sponsored by: BT

    Read this brief article to learn about the ongoing network evolution, beyond the boundaries of SD-WAN, that is already happening with the emergence of network virtualization, orchestration, cloud, and APIs.

  • SD-WAN Optimizes Contact Centers for Uptime that Keeps Customers Coming Back

    Sponsored by: 128 Technology

    Customers interact with your brand across a growing number of channels – which is great because it increases engagement. But it also means that your network teams have to work even harder to deliver seamless connectivity. Find out how contact center provider, Voxai Solutions, overcame the shortcomings of legacy technologies by switching to SD-WAN.

  • 11th Annual State of the Network Study

    Sponsored by: Viavi

    Explore the 11th Annual State of the Network Global Study to learn about the specific challenges that network teams have been confronting lately under the influence of increasing cloud adoption, including driving visibility into cloud resources while managing app performance.

  • Viavi Observer End-User Experience Score

    Sponsored by: Viavi

    This white paper explores how you can replace hundreds of KPIs with a single end-user experience score – eliminating guesswork and troubleshooting dead ends. From network operations and architects to developers, engineers, and executives, find out your IT teams can analyze user experiences with a color-coded score and performance visualizations.

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