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  • All About Ethernet: How, Why and When Businesses Use It

    Businesses today are increasingly large consumers of data, and their bandwidth needs are often beyond what DSL and Wi-Fi can deliver affordably to power daily operations. As a result, Ethernet is emerging as an alternative connectivity option. Learn about Ethernet in this resource, and the 2 main benefits it can offer.

  • Dedicated Internet Access: Is It Right for Your Business?

    As most businesses know, under-performing Internet can lead to poor user experience, missed deadlines and worse. That's where dedicated Internet access can help. Learn about dedicated Internet access in this white paper.

  • Private IP: An Alternative Connectivity Option for SMBs

    If you're an SMB or growing business, and are struggling to get the network performance you need, consider Private IP addressing. Private IP, or PIP, provides a simple, dedicated cloud-based network at a more realistic price. Learn about PIP and what it could do for SMBs in this resource.

  • What to Know About SD-WAN: Benefits, Deployment Challenges & More

    Companies are increasingly deploying SDN technologies—like SD-WAN—to make the network more efficient and get better use out of costly—and quickly exhausted—bandwidth. Learn about deploying SDN and SD-WAN, and the possible benefits and challenges in this resource.

  • IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Communication SP SD-WAN Managed Services 2018 Vendor Assessment

    Download this IDC excerpt to review an assessment of 10 communication service providers that provide SD-WAN managed services on a global basis, and their current capabilities, as well as future plans for delivering managed services.

  • How to Optimize CX Through Your Contact Center

    There are current technology offerings that can help cure common contact center issues and improve key metrics, all while driving better customer experiences—read this white paper to find out what they are and how they can work for you.

  • 5 Considerations for Evaluating a Modern Enterprise Security Platform.

    Security teams will be stretched thin. The jobs they perform will become increasingly more complex given the continued proliferation of attacks. To meet these challenges, practitioners are considering new solutions and approaches. Download this white paper to explore 5 considerations for evaluating a modern enterprise security platform.

  • Magic Quadrant for Network Services, Global

    In the past 12 months, Gartner has observed continued evolution of enterprise requirements and buying criteria for global networks. Dive into this document to discover the Magic Quadrant for network services, to learn about various vendors' strengths, cautions, and more.

  • How Flexible IT Platforms Can Transform the Customer Experience

    Read this white paper to learn how a flexible IT platform can help you deliver the CX that your customers demand, empower your employees, and demonstrate value to shareholders.

  • Digital Transformation: Discover the Right Path to Avoid Hype and Disappointment

    Are you able to scale your network to support your digital business? Recent research by IDC has shown that network transformation is vital to overall digital transformation. Explore those findings in this report, "Digital Transformation: discover the Right Path to Avoid Hype and Disappointment."

  • CMOs: How to Leverage Data to Enhance Customer Experiences

    In this white paper, learn how CMOs can drive cutting-edge customer experiences by leveraging their existing business data, and review how leveraging your data effectively can help attract new prospects, increase conversion rates, and reduce customer churn.

  • 3 Steps to Digital Transformation Success

    In this expert guide, learn about new ways to integrate network security and SD-WAN to re-vamp your security strategy.

  • Gaining Visibility into Risk and the ROI of Your Security Program

    To make informed decisions about risk tolerance and security spending, it is critical to gain insight into the effectiveness of your security architecture, the threat landscape, and vulnerabilities. Download this IDC research report to explore how organizations can evaluate their security programs in the broader context of business risk.

  • Incident Preparedness and Response Report

    Preparing for and responding to data breaches and cybersecurity incidents is never easy. It takes knowledge of your environment and its unique threats, effective teamwork and, just as importantly, an Incident Response Plan. Download this report to learn how to formulate or improve your own cybersecurity incident mitigation and response efforts.

  • 10 Signs Your Team is Struggling to Collaborate

    Download this infographic for 10 signs that your team may be struggling to collaborate—and what you can do about it.

  • Tips and Tactics for Sparking a Mobile Workforce

    Being productive away from the office is about more than having a smartphone and a laptop. It's about having access to the right tools, the right information and the right contacts—all in a format that meets the particular challenges of the mobile worker. Read this white paper for tips on how to maintain an efficient mobile workforce.

  • How EMEA Companies Plan to Embrace the Disruptive Power of SDN

    Enterprises in the EMEA region have been slower to deploy SDN technologies than their peers elsewhere in the world, but they are now poised to catch up—according to recent research by Verizon. Explore those results in this regional report.

  • 5 Reasons to Update Your Old Office Phone

    Cloud communications is not just for large companies. In fact, many growing SMBs are exploring, and migrating, to cloud-based systems. Explore the 5 main reasons why SMBs are updating their old office phones in this infographic.

  • Making CX Your Business Differentiator in a Competitive Market

    View this white paper to learn about common CX challenges altering customer expectations around the globe. Review how instilling a customer-first business culture can jumpstart your CX strategy, and learn how to implement new technology and CX initiatives successfully, while delivering on business value and improving overall customer satisfaction.

  • CISO's Guide to Cloud Security

    Most organizations have a growing portion of their IT infrastructures in the cloud. This rapid migration presents a unique security challenge. Traditional products were never designed to secure these dynamic environments. Download this white paper for important considerations to keep in mind when investigating a cloud security platform.

  • Harness the Cloud

    In this guide, learn about the 6 purchase considerations when choosing the right service provider for your organization.

  • 8 Ways VoIP Helps Growing Businesses Meet Big Demands

    Growing businesses need quick, agile communications systems that easily meet their needs. In this brief, explore 8 ways cloud-based VoIP phone services can help your business be ready to meet its big business demands.

  • Vendor Analysis: Managed Security Services, Worldwide

    MSSPs increasingly offer a wider and more varied set of services; however, Gartner has found most clients are primarily interested in contracting MSSPs for 24/7 remote security event monitoring and response services. In Gartner's Major Quadrant for Managed Security Services, explore strengths and cautions of vendors in the market.

  • Go Big on a Small Budget with Cloud

    In this e-book, see how a cloud-based VoIP service can help your business compete—and win.

  • Keep the Lights on in 3 Simple Steps

    Preparing for disaster recovery through business continuity planning can be a good decision for businesses of any size to keep communication and collaboration running. But where do you start? In this white paper, discover 3 simple steps that can help you maintain communication and collaboration operations.

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