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  • Key Findings from the Verizon 2020 Payment Security Report

    In this infographic, discover a brief overview of the key features and findings from Verizon’s 2020 Payment Security Report (PSR) – which aims to illuminate the challenges business leaders are facing related to the payment industry, compliance, PCI DSS and more.

  • 2020 PSR Executive Insights

    Verizon devoted their 2020 Payment Security Report on the challenges CISCOs face in designing, implementing and executing a sound data security compliance program and the power of strategic thinking. Download the report to get started.

  • 2020 Payment Security Report

    Each year, Verizon releases a Payment Security Report, which aggregates findings across a number of security and compliance subject areas into valuable insights designed to help CISOs understand and overcome key security pitfalls, operational challenges and compliance roadblocks – read on for this year’s report.

  • Verizon Workforce Communications Report

    Businesses have scrambled to get the right systems in place, including VoIP and UCaaS, with the shift to work from home. Verizon, along with 451 Research, polled businesses to gather insights into the long-term effects of WFH policies along with the role of UCaaS in their success. Read the report for key findings.

  • The New Digital Workplace: Overcoming the Limits of Time and Place

    Download this executive summary to explore Harvard Business Review’s research on how the digital workplace has changed amid the pandemic.

  • Be a leader in the digital workplace

    How can you be a digital workplace leader? It starts by delivering the best employee experience—wherever workers are located. Download this infographic to review research on what you need to deliver a modern, digital workplace.

  • Recreating Work as a Blend of Virtual and Physical Experiences

    2020’s pandemic has, in part, accelerated the already present trend of ditching the traditional office in favor of the flexibility of remote work. Read this Verizon white paper to learn how businesses are building new foundations for success in their new workplace—and which strategies are seeing real success when it comes to employee productivity.

  • Tips for Remote Workers Using Persistent Collaboration Tools

    Access this resource to learn how to adjust communication and collaboration tools to fit your organization’s needs whether you are just getting started or are already using them.

  • Simplify How Employees Work Using Unified Communications and Collaboration

    To stay competitive in today’s accelerated business pace, organizations need better ways to communicate and collaborate. They need to support their remote and traveling workforce with even more services and tools. In this brief, learn how your organization can simplify how employees work using unified communications and collaboration.

  • How to Choose the Best VoiP Provider for Your Business

    Access this resource to learn 5 considerations when evaluating VoIP solutions and providers.

  • 6 Tips to Promote Connectivity in the Digital Workplace

    Read this article to discover why building a culture that supports flexible work arrangements is just as important as the collaboration technology you provide and view 6 tips to help you get there.

  • Empower employees to communicate and collaborate, from anywhere

    Check out this data sheet to learn the 6 ways One Talk and BlueJeans work together for your business.

  • What is VoIP?

    Access this resource to learn what exactly a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is, the variety of ways to place VoIP calls, and the 6 benefits of a VoIP solution.

  • The CX Balancing Act: Personalization Meets Respect for Customer Privacy.

    Access this resource to see what it takes for customer to share their data and discover the top 3 CX experiences a company should deliver in exchange for personal information.

  • Simple, Secure Networking with SD-WAN

    Digital transformation has changed from a ‘down-the-road’ initiative to an action item. With the changing application landscape and increase in cloud connectivity, organizations need to become more adaptable – and fast. View this webcast on how SD-WAN can galvanize transformation by amplifying network performance and security.

  • Winning the CX war: Crafting the perfect experience

    Access this research report to see how you can harness and analyze customer data to provide top-notch customer service.

  • Consumers in the Americas: Seeking speed and trust

    Consumers across the Americas have prioritized speed and efficiency since the first drive-through was invented. So how do you improve the consumer experience for these customers? Check out this Verizon white paper to learn how your customer experience strategy can be improved and acted upon in the Americas.

  • 5G Will Transform How Business Gets Done. Are You Ready?

    5G is quicker than anything else out there, but it can bring more than just speed. Increased capacity and bandwidth grant your organization more opportunities to innovate. Want to learn more? Read this e-book for a deep dive into 5G. It explains what 5G is, how it works, where it may be headed—and what it could mean for your business.

  • 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report

    Each year, Verizon conducts a Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) to observe and analyze data breaches and provide industry professionals with key takeaways, industry highlights, relevant best practices, and more. Read on to unlock the complete 119-page report overviewing this year’s findings.

  • The Benefits of a Software Defined Secure Branch with Versa Networks

    Branch or remote office network architectures have barely changed for more than 15 years, but what is required of them has significantly evolved. Today’s digital enterprises require a network landscape that is agile, intelligent, secure and reduces operational complexity while being cost-effective. This white paper reveals what you may be missing.

  • Is Your Front Door Open and Unlocked for Cyber Criminals?

    When it comes to cyber security, small businesses represent 43% of all data breaches because their false sense of security leads them to not put proper defenses in place. In this blog, learn why cyber criminals often target SMBs before going after larger organizations.

  • Mobile Security Index 2020

    Mobile technology and the cloud are enabling and medium-sized businesses to grow and compete with larger enterprises more effectively. But unless they take further steps to secure their mobile devices, SMBs could face significant damage to their reputations and bottom lines before the competition even begins.This infographic explains in detail.

  • Next-Generation Technologies and Cybersecurity

    The details of the future of cybersecurity can be daunting, but the world of technology evolves quicker than any species. If your organization is not prepared, it will be under heavy threat, and soon. View this white paper to explore some of the key cybersecurity implications of new and emerging technologies.

  • Cyberattacks on Mobile Devices are on the Rise

    5G networks promise increased security, but as it stands now, many organizations need to implement their own mobile security measures. Greater functionality means greater vulnerability, and your network must be ready. This article describes the new threat landscape that arrives with 5G and tells you how your organization can prepare.

  • Key Cybersecurity ‘Windows’ You Need to Close

    Just as small businesses often don't appreciate their overall cyber risk profile, they typically don't grasp exactly how cybercriminals are breaching their data stores through malware. This article indicates exactly which measures must be taken to effectively defend from cybersecurity threats.

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