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Mobile Device Management White Papers

  • Mobile Device Management for Today's Modern Workforce

    Sponsored by: Brennan IT

    Device loss is the number one cause of data theft, as devices containing sensitive information end up in the wrong hands. Learn more about how your business can leverage mobile device management to protect your business against the threats of device loss and theft, as well as gain enhanced security features.

  • Eight Components of a Successful BYOD Strategy

    Sponsored by: MobileIron

    Download this resource to discover a UEM platform that enables your employees to enjoy seamless access to business apps and data through secure mobile devices, desktops, and cloud services while still maintaining complete control over their privacy.

  • UEM Deployment Best Practices

    Sponsored by: MobileIron

    Download this PDF now to find out the four steps to successfully deploying a UEM platform and learn how you can enable your employees to enjoy seamless access to business apps and data through secure mobile devices, desktops, and cloud services while maintaining security.

  • Banking Across Generations Study

    Sponsored by: Jumio

    According to Javelin Strategy and Research, 20% of individuals who have abandoned mobile banking blame it on the authentication process being time consuming. Take a look at this resource to gain insight into improving authentication and security within mobile banking, while ensuring a smooth customer experience.

  • Mobile Cloud Platform Customer Success Stories

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    Download this case study to see how organizations in a variety of industries have succeeded by simplifying the development, deployment, management and analysis of modern mobile applications through a comprehensive mobile platform.

  • Technical Considerations for Mobility in the Enterprise

    Sponsored by: Data#3

    Download this guide to help move your mobility discussion beyond just users and devices to take you through all the levels you need to consider for a more technical mobility strategy focused on workspace services and delivery.

  • Benefits of VMware Workspace ONE

    Sponsored by: Data#3

    Download this data sheet to learn about Workspace ONE and see how your organization can benefit from the intelligence-driven digital workspace platform that simply and securely delivers and manages any app on any device through integrated access control, app management, and multi-platform endpoint management.

  • Workspace ONE: Added Simplicity and Security with Office 365

    Sponsored by: Data#3

    As Office 365 becomes integrated within your workforce, unprepared IT teams can have difficulty maintaining the balance between security and accessibility. Learn about one easily integrated workforce solution that can boost employee productivity and security standards simultaneously.

  • Oracle Mobile Cloud Service Data Sheet

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    Download this data sheet for a look at a cloud-based MBaaS that provides a scalable platform that delivers platform services and APIs, custom APIs, analytics, mobile app development tools and more.

  • The Impact of a Digitally Empowered Workforce

    Sponsored by: Data#3

    Download this white paper to uncover the findings of a survey of over 2000 IT professionals to hear what they have to say about the impact of business applications on productivity.

  • What Is Workspace ONE?

    Sponsored by: Data#3

    Download this infographic to learn about a simple and secure enterprise platform that delivers and manages any app on any device by integrating identity, application, and enterprise mobility management.

  • How Apps Are Elevating The Performance Of Workers And Companies

    Sponsored by: VMware

    Download this research report to learn more about how business apps are impacting company performance and employee productivity.

  • Desktop as a Service: Combining User and Business Needs

    Sponsored by: Brennan IT

    As end users grow accustomed to enhanced technology experiences in their personal lives, it makes sense that they would expect to see the same in their workplace. Learn how Desktop as a Service can meet these expectations, while offering the additional security and operation benefits to keep your business running smoothly.

  • How Organizations Are Transforming the Employee Experience

    Sponsored by: VMware

    Download this case study to see how a unified workspace platform enables different organizations to make the most of workspace transformation and rapidly adopt new services and workflows, while optimizing security.

  • Mobile Security Innovation

    Sponsored by: MobileIron

    Download this white paper to see how a highly secure mobile and cloud strategy can provide the in-depth focus and expertise to deliver a highly productive user experience, innovation and scalability.

  • The Importance of BYOD Policies

    Sponsored by: Brennan IT

    Employees using their own devices in the workplace in inevitable, which is why your organization needs to have a robust BYOD policy in place. Download this white paper to learn why a BYOD policy is critical for productivity, security, and employee satisfaction.

  • The Ultimate Guide to BYOD

    Sponsored by: MobileIron

    The ultimate challenge of any BYOD program is not just managing data security or optimizing end-user productivity. It's maintaining a constant balance between security, compliance, legal liability, cost concerns and a positive user experience. Download this guide for 8 key areas to focus to ensure a successful mobile strategy in your organization.

  • Global Threat Report

    Sponsored by: MobileIron

    Mobile threats exist on many different levels across devices, networks and applications. Download this white paper to learn about some of the most recent mobile threats and how you can protect your organization.

  • Top Reasons to Refresh Desktops and Laptops

    Sponsored by: Dell EMC and Microsoft

    Download this infographic to discover why businesses should make upgrading their laptops and desktops a top priority and uncover the top 3 benefits you could gain by doing so.

  • A Guide to Choosing the Right Technology For Your Team

    Sponsored by: Dell EMC and Microsoft

    How do you ensure that every employee has the right equipment to deliver what's best for your organization? Download this instructive guide to learn how to choose the right technology for your team, by servicing their device demands and accommodating the methods in which they work.

  • Real Mobile Device Testing: Build vs Buy

    Sponsored by: Sauce Labs

    Download this white paper to help choose between on-premises mobile device testing or cloud testing services and compare the benefits of automated vs. manual testing.

  • Take a mobile-first approach to digital transformation

    Sponsored by: SearchMobileComputing

    Mobile is at the forefront of the biggest changes in the IT industry. A mobile-first approach can help ensure that organizations stay ahead of the curve.

  • The Mobility Landscape: Goals and Challenges

    Sponsored by: MicroStrategy Incorporated

    Download this white paper for an outline of the mobility landscape, businesses top goals for mobility initiatives, and how to minimize the challenges to mobility.

  • Best Practices for Maximizing the Potential of Mobile BI and Analytics

    Sponsored by: MicroStrategy Incorporated

    Organizations can maximize the potential for business decision making, from the executive level to operations. Tap into this resource for 6 best practices to maximize the potential of mobile BI and analytics.

  • Embracing Mobility: A Guide to Mobile Data Capture Solution Deployment in the Enterprise

    Sponsored by: Scandit

    Download this guide for a better understanding of how your enterprise can implement and benefit from an end-to-end mobile strategy that tackles some of today's toughest data capture workflows.

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