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  • The Innovative Business of the Future

    Technology is speeding up the pace of business and without a careful eye on its evolution, your department risks falling by the wayside. Watch this webinar to learn how businesses must embrace new technologies like AI, IoT and blockchain.

  • The Data-Driven Business of the Future

    Every business has the opportunity to create value from the data – IT leaders just need to work out the best way to connect, automate and secure it. View this exclusive webinar to learn more about pervasive technologies like blockchain, IoT and AI.

  • CMOs Have Got to Grasp the Future with Both Hands

    Join Oracle's Innovation VP, Neil Sholay as he makes the case that pursuing new technology should be foremost on marketer's minds. To ignore technological innovation is not just unwise, it's a one-way ticket to irrelevancy.

  • HR Leaders Must Make Innovation a Top Priority

    As VP of Innovation at Oracle, Neil Sholay has a mission: to inspire HR to take a long look at their technology strategy. His proposition is simple: if HR management doesn't embrace the capabilities of technology like AI, machine learning and blockchain, they will find themselves rapidly slipping into obsolescence. Watch this webinar to learn more.

  • Make your CX smarter

    Inside, Jay Baer takes you through the process of revitalizing your organization's existing structures, covering data strategy, personalization and managing customer expectations.

  • HR is Ready to Take On Artificial Intelligence

    For too long HR leaders have shied away from using AI and machine learning to their full potential. In this new report by Oracle, you'll learn just how ready your workforce is to embrace the possibilities offered by AI technology.

  • See How AI and Automation are Reshaping Shared Services

    Finance leaders looking to optimize shared services are turning to AI and automation to increase their productivity. In this white paper, learn how robotics process automation (RPA) is changing the game of shared services by systemizing simple, repeatable tasks.

  • Executing a Digital Innovation Strategy

    Today's IT leaders need to understand the people, systems, processes and technologies to achieve operational gains. Access this exclusive resource to discover how.

  • Computer Weekly – 25 September 2018: Mapping the future at Ordnance Survey

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we find out how the UK mapping agency, Ordnance Survey, is innovating to put geospatial data at the heart of smart cities. We look out how to manage subscription and licensing costs when moving to the cloud. And we examine how changing the UK visa system could help tackle IT skills shortages. Read the issue now.

  • Computer Weekly – 18 September 2018: The importance of smartphone sustainability

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we examine the considerable environmental footprint of the mobile phone industry and ask what can be done to improve it. We find out how disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) is being used and when it's an option for businesses. And we look at some of the UK's emerging fintech success stories. Read the issue now.

  • Computer Weekly – 11 September 2018: Retailers buy into AI – the rise of artificial intelligence in retail

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we talk to leading high street and online retailers to find out how they are using AI to get more from their customer data. New research suggests outsourcing is bad for software development – we assess the issues. And we look at how to ensure data protection when using containers. Read the issue now.

  • AI and Chatbots and the Future of Personalization

    Did you know that right now only 0.5% of all the data in the world has been analyzed, or used? Watch this webinar to learn more.

  • Driving Personalization with AI and Chatbots

    Data and analytics are at the heart of customer experience, and companies are embracing AI to help them use data better. Discover how inside.

  • What You Can Do Now to be the CFO of the Future

    Finance leaders have to be the change agents of their organization, innovating today, predicting tomorrow and shaping the future. Watch this webinar to find out what CFOs should be doing now to take advantage of transformational tech to gain a competitive edge.

  • Predict and Engage Your Workforce for Better Performance

    Watch this webinar to learn how to stay competitive in the digital economy by giving HR what it needs to become your strategic advisor. Explore HR analytics skills, HR analytics applications and tips for overcoming key HR challenges.

  • What Do IoT, AI and blockchain Mean for Your Business?

    Transformational technologies open all sorts of opportunities for business innovation. But they also clear the path for competitors and disruptors. Watch this webinar to explore how your business can prepare for the impact of transformational technology—and be ready to reap the benefits.

  • How HR Can Make Work More Human with AI

    HR adopting new thinking around wellness, teamwork and management styles—as well as the tech that supports it—is critical to sustainable growth. Download this eBook to learn how HR is using new technologies to improve employee experience and boost productivity.

  • The Future of Financial Leadership

    Without doubt, expectations on the finance organization are changing. Finance is moving away from a pure reporting role, towards more decision support, predictive analysis, and greater responsibility for managing the overall performance of the organization. Download this eBook to learn how else finance leadership roles are expected to change.

  • The Future of Your Business Starts Now

    The development of new technologies, such as IoT, AI and blockchain enable organizations to radically streamline and enhance existing processes. Download this white paper to learn how you can use these technologies to build the business of tomorrow.

  • Top ERP & EPM Trends 2018

    Watch this webcast to learn about trends in ERP and EPM, and why cloud migration continues to be so popular.

  • GDPR is Here: Are You Ready?

    In this webcast, hear from Allesandro Vallega, Security & GDPR business development director at Oracle EMEA about survey results, maturity categories across industries, and cloud services that can help achieve GDPR compliance.

  • What Impacts HR the Most in 2018

    What are the trends affecting HR in 2018? In this video, discover the 5 most compelling trends affecting HR in 2018 and how HR professionals should respond to these changes.

  • 5 Forces of Digital Transformation

    Check out this brief webcast to learn about the five forces of digital transformation and the operational impacts it has on IT and your organization.

  • Connecting Digital and Physical Experiences for the Online Shopper

    In this webcast, learn about the Trunk Club experience for customers, and how the Customer First Experience and Customer Engagement teams create fun and convenient ways for customers to interact with stylists.

  • Hear Customers Share Why Autonomous Data Warehouse Benefits Them

    To better understand how Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud is really leveraged in the real-world, watch this 30-minute video interview featuring 2 decision makers who have invested in the technology. Learn about the numerous benefits they're realizing and positive impacts on their businesses.

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