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Email Archiving White Papers

  • The myth of email as proof of communication

    Sponsored by: TechTarget

    Increasingly, there is a need for organisations to be able to prove the content of communications between themselves and other parties. Analyst group Quocirca looks at the options.

  • Microsoft Office 365: Strengthening Security, Compliance, and Control

    Sponsored by: Mimecast

    This white paper discusses how third party enhancements focused on security, archiving, and encryption can provide more capable, granular services than Microsoft offers in Office 365.

  • 8 Point Plan to Eliminate PST Files

    Sponsored by: C2C Systems UK

    The following white paper explores the importance of properly managing PST files when it comes to the majority of data-based IT projects. Gain insight on topics such as what causes PST file issues and an 8-step plan for PST elimination.

  • A Guide to PST Files - How Managing PSTS will Benefit Your Business

    Sponsored by: C2C Systems UK

    This whitepaper provides a complete guide to personal storage files.

  • Product Review - C2C PST Enterprise

    Sponsored by: C2C Systems UK

    The following white paper explores a solution that allows for businesses to bring the value of historical PST files back to the forefront within the Exchange or Office 365 environment. Learn how to configure and deploy this solution, how to avoid obstacles, and more.

  • C2C PST Enterprise vs. Microsoft PST Capture

    Sponsored by: C2C Systems UK

    In this informative resource, compare two PST management and elimination tools -- C2C PST Enterprise and Microsoft PST Capture -- to see which fits best with the needs of your organization.

  • Take Control of Your PST Problem

    Sponsored by: Dell Software

    Find out best practices for migrating PST file data to a more secure Exchange or Office 365 environment, and get suggestions for tools that can help ensure your migration is successful. Read the White Paper >>

  • 2013 Data Governance Survey Results

    Sponsored by: Rand Secure Data

    Check out this informative paper to explore the concept of data governance and why so many of today's organizations lack adequate solutions to this increasingly-difficult challenge. Find out key steps to improve your company's data governance and discover one solution that could perfect your strategy. Read on to learn more.

  • December Storage Mag 2013

    Sponsored by: TechTarget Storage

    In the December 2013 issue of Storage magazine, we make our predictions for 2014 storage trends, reveal the winners of our latest Quality Awards survey for tape libraries and much more!

  • Bloomberg Personal Vault

    Sponsored by: Bloomberg

    Access this white paper for an e-mail archiving solution that offers powerful search capabilities and improved archiving functions to reduce time spent trying to find specific historical messages.

  • Expert Guide to Data Protection: New Capabilities, Remaining Gaps, and Answers to Customer FAQ

    Sponsored by: Symantec Corporation

    This e-guide follows the evolution of data protection and points out the latest capabilities and remaining gaps in the marketplace. Read on now to find out whether conventional methods are keeping pace and which data protection processes should be treated separately.

  • Expert Comparison: Backup VS. Disaster Recovery VS. Archiving

    Sponsored by: EMC Corporation

    This e-guide highlights the connection points and key differences between each of these data protection activities. It also examines your peers' top backup and recovery pain points and highlights the latest tools and techniques that can help to address them. Read on to learn more.

  • Best Practices: Dell Compellent Storage Center Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

    Sponsored by: DellEMC and Intel®

    This comprehensive whitepaper serves as a best practice guideline when configuring and using Microsoft Exchange Server 2010.

  • Tape and Cloud: More than a Marriage of Convenience

    Sponsored by: Iron Mountain

    This white paper explores a hybrid approach to backup and data protection. Read on to discover how to integrate tape and cloud technologies to address your most critical backup, recovery and archiving requirements.

  • Dell AppAssure 5: Beyond backup

    Sponsored by: Dell Software

    This informative resource examines a backup and recovery software solution that's built for today's virtual IT. Read on to explore how this technology can help you, maximize your storage efficiency and footprint, improve system utilization and performance and keep business strategy and storage requirements continuously aligned.

  • BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Cuts Litigation Costs With Value-based Archiving

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This featured case study outlines the portfolio of solutions BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, Inc. put in place to bring discovery operations back in-house – helping them save up to $1 million in third-party vendor fees. View now to learn more!

  • Archiving, Backup, and DR: Essential Tips and Issues to Address

    Sponsored by: Rand Secure Data

    This E-Guide points out four records retention issues you may inadvertently be exposing your business to and reveals the keys to integrating backup, archiving, and DR.

  • Comparing email archiving software with general archiving software

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    This expert E-Guide from differentiates between email-specific and general archiving solutions and explores features and benefits unique to each.

  • Data Protection for SharePoint and Exchange: A guide for MSPs

    Sponsored by: Kroll Ontrack, Inc.

    This E-Guide explores the evolution of backup functionalities in Exchange Server 2010 and offers step-by-step instructions for performing item-level recovery of SharePoint content.

  • The future of email and applications is social

    Sponsored by: IBM

    While it's difficult to imagine a workplace without email, today many businesses are coping with information overload. Email is a key factor of business collaboration tools, so businesses need to find a way to modify information management. View this white paper to learn more about what the future of email application entails.

  • Exchange Server: E-mail Archiving and Security

    Sponsored by: TechTarget Security

    Review today's best (and worst) practices for email archiving inside this Exchange e-guide. Gain expert tips and tricks for managing and monitoring your Exchange servers along with six commonly overlooked security vulnerabilities to look out for.

  • Cloud-Based Email Archiving Pros and Cons

    Sponsored by: Symantec Corporation

    Explore the benefits and downfalls of cloud-based email archiving in this expert E-Guide brought to you by Find key criteria you shouldn't overlook when considering archiving in the cloud and learn why it's essential to know the ins and outs of whatever service in which you intend to invest.

  • Comparing Email Archiving Software with General Archiving Software

    Sponsored by: Symantec Corporation

    Compare email-specific archiving solutions to general archiving products in this expert E-Guide featuring Brien Posey, backup expert. Read on to learn how these techs differ, which is better for eDiscovery and check out the pros and cons of all-in-one packages vs. individual apps for each task.

  • Email archiving FAQ

    Sponsored by: Symantec Corporation

    This exclusive FAQ guide has expert answers to 6 email archiving questions and addresses topics like the pros and cons of managed email archiving services, bandwidth requirements and more.

  • SharePoint E-Zine Volume 7: Who Is Allowed to Customize SharePoint?

    Sponsored by: TechTarget Search Windows Server

    Find out how to incorporate governance into SharePoint customization to empower users while setting boundaries.

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