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Application Integration White Papers

  • The Definitive Guide to OKRs

    Sponsored by: Atlassian

    Tracking business goals through the use of objectives and key results (OKRs) is a way that businesses can set aggressive targets for themselves and gauge their performance. Read on to learn how OKRs are a natural fit for agile teams who are looking to outperform MBOs, while still keeping in line with business goals in a way KPIs don’t measure.

  • Organize for Innovation

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    There’s a growing irony in IT: A state of disruption has become the constant. In this book, follow along as Jim Whitehurst, President and CEO of Red Hat, explores this ironic state of disruption and evaluates how it’s changing open source, education, Linux, and many other IT realms.

  • Sogeti sees the benefits of a powerful partnership

    Sponsored by: TechData - HPE

    In this report, learn how Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Capgemini, and Sogeti joined forces to deliver variable, on-demand capacity, streamline server provisioning, and reduce hardware TCO by 30%.

  • Better governance, one API at a time

    Sponsored by: Axway

    In this report, learn how governments are adopting an API-first approach in their digital transformation strategies.

  • Can APIs help deliver continuity?

    Sponsored by: Axway

    Access this report to learn 5 ways that APIs can help deliver continuity in uncertain or disruptive times. Can APIs truly help deliver continuity?

  • Realizing the Benefits of RPA in Finance and Accounting

    Sponsored by: UiPath

    Access this ebook to learn RPA use cases in finance and accounting, insights from actual users on what constitutes an effective EPA platform, 6 benefits of implementing RPA, and much more.

  • Get the most out of AI with updated servers

    Sponsored by: Dell

    Access this data sheet to learn the ways you can improve the value of AI by evolving the underlying infrastructure and discover what advanced technologies AI leaders are using.

  • API and microservices management and security needs

    Sponsored by: Axway

    Access this whitepaper for expert best practices around API and microservices management, security, and orchestration.

  • 10 best practices for API planning, design, security, and management

    Sponsored by: Axway

    APIs are the driving force behind any digital transformation. Read these 10 best practices for modernizing your IT infrastructure with APIs, and learn what small changes your organization could make today to support continuous innovation.

  • Why APIs and microservices should be used organization-wide

    Sponsored by: Axway

    Check out these 6 best practices for implementing enterprise-wide APIs and microservices, from refactoring existing monolithic applications, to embracing a management methodology that works for you, and more.

  • Migration Isn’t Archiving

    Sponsored by: Komprise

    While there are similarities, the differences between data migration and archiving can have a big impact on your organization. Download this white paper to dig into the differences between archiving and data migration so that you can strategically apply each in your organization.

  • iPaaS: What Cloud Integration Platforms Can Do for You

    Sponsored by: Talend

    An integration Platform as a Service—also known as iPaaS or a cloud integration platform—is a managed solution for hosting, developing, and integrating cloud data and applications. This blog breaks down exactly how iPaaS is used, the tools and options available, and how you can get started with implementation. Learn the basics now. Read it here.

  • Finding the Restful Path to Certificate Lifecycle Automation and Integration

    Sponsored by: Entrust, Inc.

    As an IT leader, it’s important to have those you manage focused on the core functionalities of your business rather than be distracted by security processes. In this white paper, explore the features of Entrust Datacard’s PKI REST API, designed to shift some of the security busy-work away from your team. Read on to learn more.

  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to application modernisation

    Sponsored by:

    In this 15-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly investigates how organisations are approaching the modernisation, replatforming and migration of legacy applications. We look at the tools and technologies available, change management, and the use of APIs and containerisation to make legacy functionality to cloud-native applications.

  • Container Adoption, Orchestration, and Management 101

    Sponsored by: TechTarget

    Take a look at this Container Guide from to learn more about the types of modifications many organizations are making to their apps to make them container-ready, and some of the container skills you'll need to know as this technology becomes ever more popular.

  • Utilita Case Study

    Sponsored by: Blue Prism Cloud

    Dive into this case study to learn how Utilita, a leading utilities provider, integrated an RPA solution into their in-house, proprietary applications without placing an unnecessary burden on their development team.

  • The Journey to Open Transformation

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    Learn how EMEA leaders are responding to new digital transformation pressures by utilizing collaboration, open source technology, and DevOps – and why updating and integrating legacy applications will be a key competitive differentiator in coming years.

  • The Value of Business Automation in a Microservices World

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    Even microservices may not be enough to effectively replace monolithic applications due to the overly complicated user requirements in modern businesses. Use this whitepaper to learn about the current pitfalls of independent microservices, and how a process automation tool can better help developers meet user requirements.

  • Supercharge Your Developers - Essential Mendix Platform Capabilities for Developer Glory

    Sponsored by: Mendix

    88% of companies are adopting low-code platforms to rapidly develop applications, which raises the issue of integrating low-code tools with your actual developers. Download this whitepaper to overview 5 criteria to considering when building full stack apps in a low-code environment.

  • Developing apps in containers: 5 topics to discuss with your team

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    Setting standards and requirements for developers building apps in containers can be a daunting task given the complexity they can bring to your team’s day-to-day work. Download this container questionnaire to learn the 5 key topics you should discuss with your team, and a list of questions to ask and answer.

  • Smart Apps Guide (What Every IT Leader Needs to Know)

    Sponsored by: Mendix

    Download this whitepaper for 4 considerations you need to make when building smart apps, and the core challenges you need to plan for.

  • A Buyer’s Guide to Enterprise Kubernetes Management Platforms

    Sponsored by: Rancher

    Despite 76% of enterprises aiming to standardize Kubernetes in the next 3 years, organizations still find deploying Kubernetes challenging due to lack of visibility and inconsistent security – this highlights the importance of a Kubernetes management tool.

  • 8 API Management FAQs for IT Architects and Developers Supporting Digital Transformation

    Sponsored by: TIBCO

    Access this whitepaper to learn the answers to eight API management FAQs.

  • 6 Must-haves for Application Delivery in Hybrid and Multi-cloud Environments

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    The multi-cloud environment has made application delivery much more complicated. Read this white paper to discover the top 6 requirements for facilitating a holistic approach to application delivery that extends from your data center(s) out to the public cloud and across the WAN to your branch offices and remote sites.

  • Gauging adoption of hybrid integration platforms as a vehicle for digital transformation

    Sponsored by: Axway

    Read these survey results to learn about the splash that hybrid integration platforms are currently making in the market and why you might want to consider one.

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