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  • NSS Labs NGFW Report 2018

    Sponsored by: Forcepoint

    In this report from NSS Labs, learn about Forcepoint's Next Generation Firewall and how it performed when put to the test.

  • Why 56% of Large Businesses are Turning to SDN for Cybersecurity

    Sponsored by: Verizon

    Cybersecurity is a critically important issue for companies. In this resource, learn how software-defined networking (SDN) can enable organizations to virtualize and automate their network operations which, offers businesses a valuable new means to enhance their security.

  • Shake the Box: How to Get Encrypted Traffic Insights Without Decryption

    Sponsored by: Corelight

    The most advanced security teams rely on network traffic as a fundamental data source for security investigations, but encryption has made that increasingly difficult. In this white paper, learn how the open-source Zeek framework (formerly called 'Bro') was purpose-built for network security monitoring.

  • Firewall Cleanup Recommendations

    Sponsored by: FireMon

    In this white paper, learn about specialized tools and features that can help clean up enterprise-wide firewalls efficiently and thoroughly.

  • Build a Foundation for Business Growth and Digital Transformation with Secure SD-WAN

    Sponsored by: Open Systems Technologies

    This white paper explores why enterprises are transforming their networks today, and how SD-WAN with integrated security can help you reach your networking goals.

  • Why 1 Company Replaced their VPN with a Software Defined Perimeter

    Sponsored by: Cyxtera

    Verdant is a consulting, hosting, and software solutions firm. They wanted to replace their VPN and achieve 2 main goals: Get granular control of remote network access across offices and get support for remote employees' work while at customer sites or travelling. Find out how they did that with Cyxtera in this case study.

  • DDoS Attack Mitigation in the Cloud Age

    Sponsored by: Nokia

    DDoS attack methods are constantly evolving, and network operators must similarly adapt and evolve their arsenal of defensive measures to keep their customers, content and infrastructure safe. Find out how Nokia can help you do that in this white paper.

  • Strategies for Distributed Network Security

    Sponsored by: Forcepoint

    Download this report to explore research on how financial institutions are adjusting to the challenges of digital transformation. The findings are based on a survey of senior IT executives in the financial industry on their distributed network security strategy.

  • The Future Mode of DDoS Attack Mitigation

    Sponsored by: Nokia

    Download this white paper to learn about a new tool designed to protect your network from DDoS attacks no matter what, and find out how leveraging peering routers equipped with Nokia's FP4 routing silicon helps mitigate volumetric attacks.

  • Combine DDoS and TIG Functionality for Insider Threat Protection

    Sponsored by: NetScout Systems, Inc.

    As the architecture of enterprise networks changes, so too do the increasingly sophisticated and persistent techniques of attackers. So how can you protect yourself? Learn about a tool that combines DDoS attack protection and a threat intelligence gateway (TIG) to help protect you from all types of threats.

  • Armor Dynamic Threat Blocking (DTB)

    Sponsored by: Armor

    Organizations are under constant threat from a barrage of scans and attacks delivered across IP traffic. In this white paper, learn how Armor's Dynamic Threat Block (DTB) is designed to allow security teams to assess and automatically block both incoming and outgoing malicious IP traffic at any layer of their security stack.

  • How You Can Establish Intelligently Automated DDoS Protection

    Sponsored by: NetScout Systems, Inc.

    In this brief research report, learn about a product that enables you to remove identified DDoS attack traffic from your network without disrupting key network services.

  • Assessing the DNS Security Risk

    Sponsored by: Infoblox

    Have you ever done an assessment on how secure your DNS infrastructure is? Ponemon Institute recently completed a DNS Security Risk Survey among global organizations to understand how secure they are when it comes to malware and data exfiltration that uses DNS. Download the research report to review their findings.

  • What is Lurking on Your Network

    Sponsored by: Infoblox

    The huge number of shadow personal devices and IoT devices on enterprise networks presents a massive challenge to IT teams—and security professionals in particular. Find out how you can protect your network and devices from common attacks in this white paper.

  • Networking and Security: Bury the Hatchet in the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Cisco Umbrella

    In this webinar, learn why joining forces with your networking manager may be the best thing for your security team and cloud migration.

  • How 1 Company Unified Security Management for Wired and Wireless Networks

    Sponsored by: Aruba Networks

    Daman is a leading specialist health insurer in Abu Dhabi, and was looking for a Network Access Control (NAC) solution to help them comply with a new electronic governmental standard for information security. Learn why Daman chose Aruba and the benefits they've experienced in this case study.

  • Security at the Speed of DevOps

    Sponsored by: Cyxtera

    What if there was a way to connect DevOps workloads without the need for manual intervention—ultimately simplifying security infrastructure? Find out how you can do that with Cyxtera's software-defined perimeter (SDP) in this webinar.

  • Juniper Connected Security: Dynamic, Adaptive Multi-cloud Security

    Sponsored by: Juniper Networks

    Download this white paper to learn about Juniper Networks' Connected Security framework—which uses dynamic access groups and a unified and intuitive metadata-based policy model that can be ported across clouds—to give security admins complete command and control over their multi-cloud deployments.

  • Cloud-Managed Network Access Control (NAC) for Dummies

    Sponsored by: Aerohive Networks

    Read Cloud-Managed Network Access Control (NAC) for Dummies to learn about the key aspects of NAC within enterprise IT networks, and how they can help you secures all devices on the network — wireless and wired — including corporate, BYOD, guest, and IoT devices.

  • The Vulnerable Network: How Enhanced Network Access Control Can Help

    Sponsored by: Aerohive Networks

    In this webinar, learn about Secure Access Management (SAM) and how it can help IT organizations address the core issues of device visibility, control and security that are the root cause of most risks and vulnerabilities on the network.

  • Enhanced Network Access Control: The Holistic Approach to Network Security

    Sponsored by: Aerohive Networks

    Although traditional security systems can protect the network perimeter, they often struggle to properly secure devices and vulnerabilities on the network. That's where Enhanced Network Access Control (ENAC) can help. Learn about ENAC and how using it can help strengthen your network security strategy.

  • IoT Readiness: 5 Network and Security Necessities

    Sponsored by: MASERGY

    In this white paper, learn about the 5 networking and security features that can help ensure your infrastructure is ready for IoT.

  • Get Secure Access Across Hybrid Environments

    Sponsored by: Cyxtera

    In this blog post, learn why Verdant Services selected Cyxtera AppGate SDP as a VPN replacement for securing access across their hybrid environments and implementing a Zero-Trust model.

  • Drive Security Intelligence With Splunk

    Sponsored by: Splunk Services UK Ltd

    In this case study, find out why missile systems manufacturer, MBDA Germany chose to deploy Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Enterprise Security when they were in need of a tool that would give them the visibility to identify and investigate threats targeting the organization more effectively.

  • Guide to Understanding SD-WAN: Security Options in Different Networking Architectures

    Sponsored by: Apcela

    As enterprises shift more of their workloads to the cloud, they must also evaluate their networking architecture. A big part of this evaluation process is how and where to enforce security on data and applications. Download this white paper to learn about different security options available for SD-WAN and which one is right for you.

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