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  • SOC Modernization And The Role Of XDR

    In order to understand the drivers of and the technologies supporting SOC modernization, ESG surveyed 376 IT and cybersecurity professionals, resulting in this report, “SOC Modernization and the Role of XDR.” Keep reading to explore the findings.

  • Why Are Targeted Ransomware Attacks So Successful?

    The ransomware game has changed, and with today’s high-profile and complex attacks always evolving, it’s critical for organizations to keep up. So, what are the best ways to do this? Access this white paper to learn more.

  • How Can Threat Intelligence Be Tailored to Your Organization?

    Many have touted threat intelligence as a security essential in the age of advanced threats. This white paper looks at what happens when threat intelligence is not tailored to an organization’s needs, analyzing these challenges in order to understand the true value of tailored threat intelligence. Download the white paper now to discover more.

  • Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Expert

    Cybercriminals are becoming ever more sophisticated and capable of successfully bypassing existing protection. Download this paper and discover how Kaspersky EDR Expert provides comprehensive visibility across all endpoints on your corporate network.

  • Why Are Targeted Ransomware Attacks So Successful?

    In more than half of all ransomware incidents in 2021, the initial attack vectors that intruders exploited were publicly known, easily remedied vulnerabilities. So why are ransomware attacks so successful? Access this e-book for 5 compounding factors affecting the ability of organizations to properly defend their IT perimeters.

  • Cyber Threats Come In Many Forms. So Should Your Company-wide Training.

    Even with just basic cybersecurity skills, employees can protect their companies from cyberattacks. But changing employees’ behavior is a big challenge, and most training solutions are one-dimensional. Discover how Kaspersky’s diverse range of solutions cover all the security-specific needs of enterprises in this e-book.

  • Kaspersky Threat Data Feeds

    As cyberattacks increase in frequency and complexity, your business must have a procedure in place to detect and defend against them. Step in Kaspersky Threat Data Feeds. Explore this overview to learn how the solution works.

  • Threat Intelligence: maximizing the benefits

    When your organization is vulnerable to advanced persistent cyberthreats, leveraging threat intelligence (TI) can prove beneficial to you. “But there are so many TI products on the market,” you may be thinking. “Where does one begin?” Begin by unlocking 4 key TI considerations in this data sheet.

  • Kaspersky Threat Attribution Engine

    When an incident response time is delayed, cybercriminals capitalize on the opportunity. This results in more damage to and headaches for your business. To help you sidestep these challenges, the Kaspersky Threat Attribution Engine has emerged. Browse this overview to learn all about it.

  • Kaspersky CyberTrace

    When you leverage multiple security tools, you end up with blinking lights coming from multiple places. What does this often result in? Frazzled, burned-out IT professionals and insufficient incident responses. Dig into this overview to learn how Kaspersky CyberTrace, a threat intelligence platform, can help you overcome these challenges.

  • Threat Intelligence: what, when and how

    So, your organization has vast amounts of threat data. That’s great…if you know what to do with it. To translate your threat data into business value, consider leveraging threat intelligence (TI). Learn about the what, when and how of TI in this white paper.

  • Separated by a common language:

    “Deep web” versus “dark web.” Though these terms are often used interchangeably, they mean very different things. This is a prime example of the opaque nature of cybersecurity terminology, a challenge that’s hindering the decision-making of business leaders in all industries. Review this report to learn more about the issue.

  • Kaspersky Threat Intelligence

    In order to mitigate cybersecurity threats, you not only have to gather the appropriate data, but you also have to interpret it. The Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portfolio is here to help you do so. Learn all about it in this white paper.

  • What kind of threat intelligence does your organization need?

    Your organization has unique cybersecurity needs, and Kaspersky aims to meet them. With Kaspersky, you can achieve threat intelligence that’s tailored to your organization’s systems and processes. Check out this infographic to discover 6 reasons why you should consider adopting Kaspersky Threat Intelligence.

  • Kaspersky Expert Security Marketing TI Video

    As the threat landscape continues to evolve, many businesses are turning to tools to help boost their defenses. One such tool is Kaspersky Threat Intelligence. Watch this video to understand how Kaspersky Threat Intelligence can leverage its 3-pronged approach to help you detect threats and mitigate damage.

  • Kaspersky Expert Security Marketing TI DFI Video

    To help businesses protect against increasing threats, Kaspersky developed Kaspersky Digital Footprint Intelligence. How does the tool work? It monitors the surface web and the dark web for discussion of your business and analyzes your system’s security strengths and weaknesses. Watch this video to learn more.

  • Kaspersky Expert Security Marketing TI Threat Analysis Video

    How can you quickly analyze and attribute the complex cyberattacks threatening your organization? Consider adopting Kaspersky Threat Analysis, which leverages its Cloud Sandbox technology and Cloud Threat Attribution Engine to protect businesses from the evolving threat landscape. Watch this video to learn more.

  • Why do we need threat intelligence platforms and how to select them?

    Many businesses leverage threat intelligence platforms to strengthen their detection and response measures. But what sets one threat intelligence platform apart from the rest? #1: Speedy data importation and exportation. Review this data sheet to discover 3 more features.

  • How сan threat intelligence be tailored to your organization?

    When your threat intelligence supplies irrelevant information, it proves unhelpful for your security operations center. So, how can you ensure that you get the information that you want and need from your threat intelligence? Step in tailored threat intelligence. Read this white paper to learn more.

  • Separated by a common language

    How are C-suites interpreting the evolving nature of cybersecurity threats? To find out, Kaspersky conducted 1,800 interviews with C-Level decision makers. This report expands upon a notable obstacle hindering C-suites: the language used to describe cyber threats.

  • Cyber Share TI Part 1

    Threat intelligence is virtually a universal component of all modern cybersecurity teams, and yet there is still much confusion on what exactly it means. In this first episode of a 4-part series on threat intelligence, real-world threat intelligence professionals and experts provide an introduction to threat intelligence. Watch now to learn more.

  • Cyber Share TI Part 4

    What is the appropriate threat intelligence (TI) for your business? Explore this episode, “The Way Forward,” to unlock threat intelligence testimonials from, among others, Aldermore Bank, Airbus and Kaspersky, as well as discussion around attribution, TI capabilities and more.

  • Cyber Share TI Part 2

    In the face of evolving cyberthreats, many organizations are turning to threat intelligence to strengthen their security posture. Understanding past cyberattacks can help businesses protect themselves against future threats. In this video, Kaspersky’s Lee Rendell details the course and ramifications of Not Petya. Watch to learn more.

  • Cyber Share TI Part 3

    In this third installment of Kaspersky’s Threat Intelligence series, experts sit down to talk about threat hunting. Threat hunting is a subset of threat intelligence that prioritizes a proactive approach to searching for threats and combatting them before they can develop. Watch the video now to learn more about threat hunting.

  • Concerns ebook

    Transparency. This is an essential element of Kaspersky’s fight against cybercrime. Kaspersky, a privately owned cybersecurity firm, outlines its Global Transparency Initiative in this e-book. Read on to access the initiative’s 6 steps.

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