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  • Blueprint to Data Management for Today's Dispersed Workforce

    The shift to cloud-based systems further adds to the complexity of today’s data architectures. How can you build a data strategy that meets today’s requirements?Access this e-guide, Blueprint to Data Management, to unlock key stages in creating a data strategy, best practices and more.

  • The Definitive Guide to Enterprise IT Monitoring

    Tap into this e-guide to learn everything you need to know about IT monitoring, including strategies to tack systems and how to choose tools for every monitoring need.

  • Authenticating the Dispersed Workforce

    In today’s dispersed workforce, how can you best verify true user identities and apply the appropriate security access to company data? Access this e-guide to learn how you can authenticate today’s workers securely and efficiently.

  • What is IAM: Identity and Access Management Explained

    Identity and access management is beneficial not just for users, security, and IT admins, but also enterprises as a whole. Tap into this e-guide to explore everything IAM.

  • Blueprint to SecuringAuthentication & Authorization in 2022

    Remote/hybrid work and cloud adoption have created the perfect recipe for the never-ending bombardment of phishing and ransomware attacks organizations face today. Download this e-guide to learn about 5 IAM trends shaping the future of security, 10 IAM tools to protect your network and more.

  • Guide: IAM, Third-Party IoT Risk, Cybersecurity Frameworks and CISO Best Practices

    Read this guide to explore trends in identity and access management (IAM) and third-party IoT risk, best practices for fitting NIST and ISO/IEC JTC 1 frameworks into your security program and the importance of cyber literacy, as well as finding the right security talent, for CISOs.

  • Identity & Access Management for Insurance Companies

    Do you know who controls the access to your companies data and who represents the biggest risk? Download this solution brief to learn about an IAM suite that helps ensure confidential medical and financial customer data is protected from unauthorized access, from application files to claim settlement.

  • Identity & Access Management for Financial Services

    The GARANCY IAM suite can help protect the business-critical information, data and applications of financial service companies from unsanctioned access. Download the solution brief to learn more about the GARANCY IAM suite.

  • Consultancy & Services: Identity and Access Management

    As a service organization, Beta Systems can become your close partner in overcoming individual challenges in connection with identity management. Download this white paper to learn how Beta Systems can design your optimal identity management solution.

  • Identity & Access Management for Healthcare

    Today, patient data is even more sought after than credit card data for theft and abuse, as it offers unique insights that cannot be locked or changed. Beta Systems’ IAM suite prevents unauthorized access to sensitive patient data and IT applications. Download this solution brief to learn more about Beta Systems IAM solution for healthcare.

  • In the Fast Lane to a Functioning IAM Solution

    In a PWC audit, a German bank examined how far it has come and decided to centralize the manual processes for role assignment and rights distribution in a special IAM software. Read this case study to learn how GARANCY Identity Manager helped by making cross-application specialist roles centrally available.

  • Simple User Administration – Even Without the IT Department

    Giving specialist departments the ability to self-administrate certain access rights can greatly reduce the workload of IT staff. Read this case study to learn how the DEVK insurance group implemented this strategy for optimized access management with the help of GARANCY Identity Manager from Beta Systems.

  • Garancy Suite Version 3: Advantages for users and administrators

    The new GARANCY IAM Suite Version 3 offers many functions and advantages for users and administrators. It contains extensive enhancements for access governance, is fast and reliable to use and enables a much faster live alignment of authorizations. Download the data sheet to gain an overview of the new features of GARANCY 3.

  • SoD is an obligation - but does not need to be a burden

    SoD with Garancy IDM manages the major challenge to combine the processing of big amounts of entitlements and users with the need for transparency and auditability of the SoD rules. Download this data sheet to learn more about SoD with Garancy IDM.

  • ServiceNow Connect: Control the Access Rights within ServcieNow via IDM

    ServiceNow is an online cloud platform with different functions like IT service management (ITSM) that allows users to report IT issues and request IT services with the hope of enhancing efficiency and verifying identities. Download this data sheet to learn about ServiceNow features and functions via IDM.

  • Swiss IT service provider Bedag successfully introduces _beta doc|z

    One Swiss IT service provider was previously using the CA spool solution as the central control point for managing output. However, it was very costly and lacked German-language support. Open up this case study to see how they decided on a different, high-performance print output solution, and learn what steps you can take in your organization.

  • CECABANK automates mainframe administration task and event security management

    As part of a larger digital transformation, Spain-based CECABANK wanted to automate their mainframe administrative tasks and even security management without compromising their ability to remain GDPR complaint. Read this case study to learn more about CECABANK’s initiative and discover how they achieved success.

  • Operlog tools bring relief to IT admins

    Open up this case study to see how one large Austrian data center handles a data-intensive z/OS environment more efficiently with logstreams, and learn how to do the same in your organization.

  • _beta access: Analyzing Permissions in RACF

    Are all of your RACF (resource access control facility) resources properly protected? Have you reduced security risks across the mainframe? Watch this short video to learn how the _beta access Suite strives to simplify the analysis of your environment, so that you can know who has access to what, as opposed to using native RACF.

  • _beta access: General Use Cases

    In this short video, take a closer look at some of the common challenges organizations face when using Resource Access Control Facility (RACF) and discover how Beta Systems can help to address these pain points – watch now to get started.


    Access this data sheet from Beta Systems to learn about _beta access for RACF, a solution that delivers simple administration, monitoring, and auditing of your z/OS security system, replacing the costly tools you use today while providing the same functionality.

  • Real-Time Monitoring in Complex Data Centers

    When it comes to running your data center, it’s obvious that monitoring is an essential component of successful data centers. Access this e-guide to learn the 6 essential steps for building effective real-time monitoring across your hybrid IT data center.

  • IBM Z Mainframes Are Back

    Read this interview with Ross Mauri, general manager of IBM's Z and LinuxOne mainframe business, to learn what’s fueling IBM’s mainframe revitalization; and what that means for mainframes moving forward.

  • Root Cause Analysis vs. Monitoring Alerts

    While invaluable – particularly as IT environments evolve into increasing complex beasts day-by-day – monitoring alerts and tools are only half of the battle. Save a copy of this E-Guide to learn how root-cause analysis capabilities can complement today’s monitoring responsibilities.

  • Get Started with Threshold Monitoring

    Download this E-Guide to learn best practices for threshold monitoring including tips on defining thresholds, alerting configuration, and tips on establishing reporting processes.

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