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  • CECABANK automates mainframe administration task and event security management

    As part of a larger digital transformation, Spain-based CECABANK wanted to automate their mainframe administrative tasks and even security management without compromising their ability to remain GDPR complaint. Read this case study to learn more about CECABANK’s initiative and discover how they achieved success.

  • Swiss IT service provider Bedag successfully introduces _beta doc|z

    One Swiss IT service provider was previously using the CA spool solution as the central control point for managing output. However, it was very costly and lacked German-language support. Open up this case study to see how they decided on a different, high-performance print output solution, and learn what steps you can take in your organization.

  • Operlog tools bring relief to IT admins

    Open up this case study to see how one large Austrian data center handles a data-intensive z/OS environment more efficiently with logstreams, and learn how to do the same in your organization.

  • Employee Lifecycle made easy

    Download this resource to explore GARANCY’s User Center – A platform aiming to simplify employee lifecycle management and access management with a centralized dashboard offering complete visibility into adaptations in access rights. Best used for organizational changes such as onboarding, offboarding and employee transfer.

  • Segregation of Duties

    IAM ensures that employees are only be granted access to the systems and information they need. But, IAM does not prevent all danger. Risk arises if employees are granted user rights which should not all fall under the scope of one person. Download this KPMG white paper to discover how this risk can be mitigated through segregation of duties.

  • _beta access: General Use Cases

    In this short video, take a closer look at some of the common challenges organizations face when using Resource Access Control Facility (RACF) and discover how Beta Systems can help to address these pain points – watch now to get started.

  • 6 Key Identity and Access Management Benefits

    Identity and access management (IAM) gives organizations an enhanced ability to oversee their digital identities. In a remote and hybrid world, the benefits of IAM are more pronounced than ever. Read this guide to take in 6 of these key benefits, and learn why adopting IAM practices gives you a competitive advantage.

  • _beta access: Analyzing Permissions in RACF

    Are all of your RACF (resource access control facility) resources properly protected? Have you reduced security risks across the mainframe? Watch this short video to learn how the _beta access Suite strives to simplify the analysis of your environment, so that you can know who has access to what, as opposed to using native RACF.

  • Identity Management vs. Authentication: Know the Difference

    In order to secure and manage access to your critical data, it’s important to understand the differences between identity management and authentication. Read this e-guide to gain the insight you need to make an informed decision.

  • Your guide to choosing the right IAM tool

    With more and more organizations opting for remote and hybrid workforce models, it’s become more critical than ever to rethink how to manage and secure access. In this e-guide take a closer look at modern identity and access management (IAM) capabilities, requirements and offerings – read on to get started.

  • How to address cloud IAM challenges

    In today’s cloud environments, ensuring secure and manageable access to data is more difficult than ever. This e-guide provides exclusive insight into cloud identity and access management (IAM) challenges and how to address them in an enterprise cloud environment – read on to get started.

  • E-guide: Organize a Cloud IAM Team to Secure Software-Defined Assets

    As cloud environments become increasingly complex, some progressive organizations are building their own cloud identity and access management (IAM) teams to address this specific area of concern. Read on to unlock a comprehensive guide for building your own cloud IAM team.

  • Selecting a Customer IAM Architecture to Boost Business & Security

    Traditional identity and access management (IAM) practices often neglect a critical stakeholder – your customers. Read this e-guide to learn about the benefits of customer IAM (CIAM) and how to select the right CIAM platform best-fit to your requirements.

  • Why IAM policies are crucial post pandemic

    Cloud technology may have saved businesses from catastrophe during the pandemic, but it has also introduced additional challenges around identity and access management (IAM). Find out why IAM policies are crucial in the new normal.

  • 8 Reasons Identity & Access Management is so Important

    Inside this e-guide find 8 reasons why IAM is so important and different technology that supports it.

  • Simplified RACF Management

    Access this data sheet from Beta Systems to learn about _beta access for RACF, a solution that delivers simple administration, monitoring, and auditing of your z/OS security system, replacing the costly tools you use today while providing the same functionality.

  • Garancy Recertification Center

    In order to ensure access permissions are continuously verified, certain compliance regulations require official recertification campaigns or records. In order to help organizations manage these recertifications, Beta Systems created their Garancy Recertification Center – read this data sheet to learn more about its key features and advantages.

  • GARANCY Password Management

    Passwords are more often a security detriment than they are helpful in protecting an organization against risks – which has led to a rise in password management and synchronization tools. Read this solution brief for a closer look at GARANCY Password Management, designed to bolster security while reducing complexity and costs.

  • Fast Forward IAM

    In the era of cloud computing, every aspect of the organization – especially cybersecurity – needs to be scalable and cloud-focused. In this product overview, take a closer look at Beta System’s Fast Forward IAM, designed to protect, provision and manage access at the scale of cloud.

  • Beta Systems IAM: Protection From The Inside Perpetrator

    It’s a common misconception that cyberattacks originate from external hackers. However, it’s been found that inside perpetrators – usually current or former employees – present a serious risk. Watch this video to learn more about Beta Systems IAM and how it’s enabling organizations to protect sensitive data and prevent internal threats.

  • What You Should Know About Your Identity & Access Management

    This 34-page whitepaper offers a comprehensive deep dive into Garancy Access Intelligence Manager (AIM) – an offering designed to help organizations monitor data sources, analyze access permissions, meet compliance requirements and address threats. Read on to learn more about its key features and capabilities.

  • 3 Key Identity Management Tips to Streamline Workflows

    Learn how implementing automation, emergency workflows and audits can help identity management get done securely, safely and efficiently.

  • Real-Time Monitoring in Complex Data Centers

    When it comes to running your data center, it’s obvious that monitoring is an essential component of successful data centers. Access this e-guide to learn the 6 essential steps for building effective real-time monitoring across your hybrid IT data center.

  • IBM Z Mainframes Are Back

    Read this interview with Ross Mauri, general manager of IBM's Z and LinuxOne mainframe business, to learn what’s fueling IBM’s mainframe revitalization; and what that means for mainframes moving forward.

  • Methodology of an IAM Introduction

    IAM projects fail more often than one thinks, but why? Well, sometimes people think too big or too small, or they don't plan at all and often they simply underestimate the complexity of the overall project. For a successful IAM implementation, one must understand all the factors at play. Access this white paper to learn them.

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