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  • Internet Security Threat Report: Infographic

    Sponsored by: Symantec

    Discover key facts and figures from Symantec's 2019 Internet Security Threat Report.

  • Top 10 North American Bank Eliminates Credential Stuffing

    Sponsored by: Shape Security

    A Big 5 Canadian bank had been suffering from automated attacks on its web and mobile login applications for months. Bad actors were performing credential stuffing attacks on all possible channels. In this case study, learn how Shape's Enterprise Defense service and Threat Intelligence team were able to successfully defend against these attacks.

  • Airline Stops Automated Attacks on Web & Mobile

    Sponsored by: Shape Security

    A top 10 global airline was facing 2 major types of attacks including credential stuffing and fare scraping. When account lockouts peaked due to these attacks, the airline knew it needed to find a solution to stop credential stuffing attacks immediately. In this case study, learn why they decided to deploy Shape Enterprise Defense.

  • Q2, 2019 Cyberthreats & Trends Report

    Sponsored by: Neustar

    While DDoS attacks have long been considered unsophisticated threats that are designed to block network pipes to the targets, these incursions have become much more strategic. In this report, learn how to defend against and prepare for these kinds of small sophisticated threats.

  • Enterprise Email Security, Q2 2019: The 12 Providers That Matter Most And How They Stack Up

    Sponsored by: Proofpoint

    Email is a critical business function deeply embedded in business processes. Its ubiquity makes email a platform for credential phishing attempts, malware, spam, and business email compromise. This research report suggests 3 key considerations to look for when choosing an email content security provider.

  • 2019 Mobile Threat Landscape Report

    Sponsored by: CrowdStrike

    Malicious actors have increasingly sought to diversify the way they attempt to compromise their targets and achieve their objectives. In this research report, discover key types of mobile malware observed so far in 2019, along with their typical deployment mechanism. Also, explore how and why certain criminal actors are targeting mobile devices.

  • The Threat of Online Skimming to Payment Security

    Sponsored by: Tala Security

    The emerging threat of online skimming presents a great threat to the payment security industry. In this blog, explore basic questions with PCI SSC Chief Technology Officer Troy Leach about a newly released bulletin by the PCI SSC on the topic of digital skimming and how to detect and prevent this dangerous threat.

  • 2019 Cyberthreat Defense Report

    Sponsored by: Micro Focus & DXC Technology

    In this transcript, learn how respondents acknowledge their organizations' intent to acquire advanced security analytics solutions incorporating machine learning technology to fuel next-generation cyber defenses.

  • Defend Yourself with Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

    Sponsored by: Arctic Wolf Networks, Inc.

    In this webcast, security expert Ian Hassard, Director of Product Management at Arctic Wolf Networks, shares top strategies on how to protect your business against phishing and ransomware attacks with rapid detection, response and remediation.

  • How Midsize Enterprises are Tackling Cyberthreat Challenges

    Sponsored by: Arctic Wolf Networks, Inc.

    The small to midsize enterprise (SME) segment may not make the top headlines when it comes to cyberattacks, but that doesn't mean these organizations have it any easier than their large enterprise counterparts. Read on for actionable insights into how peer organizations in this segment are tackling cyberthreat challenges.

  • Evolution of ICS Attacks and the Prospects for Future Disruptive Events

    Sponsored by: Dragos

    Headlines are full of proclamations covering the latest in industrial control system (ICS) attacks and threats to critical infrastructure. In this white paper, explore an analysis of ICS disruptive events from the past 4 years. Also, learn how these threats have evolved over time, and what measures are necessary to defeat them.

  • Cryptojacking, The Sequel: Life After Coinhive

    Sponsored by: Webroot

    The popular cryptomining tool Coinhive has closed its doors. So the cryptojacking threat should decline, right? 'Not so fast' Webroot threat analysts Tyler Moffitt tells host Joe Panettieri. Tune into this podcast to find out who's filling in where Coinhive left off.

  • ICS Activity Groups and the Threat Landscape

    Sponsored by: Dragos

    Throughout 2018, the amount of activity targeting industrial control systems (ICS) increased substantially. Also in 2018, ICS security risk grew even absent any destructive attacks. In this white paper, explore threat activity groups targeting ICS and details about their activity, methodologies, victimologies, and future concerns.

  • The Future of Cybercrime and Security

    Sponsored by: Webroot

    In Juniper Research's The Future of Cybercrime & Security report, explore key takeaways and an overview of the network & endpoint cybersecurity competitive landscape.

  • Business Endpoint Protection

    Sponsored by: Webroot

    Download this e-book to learn about the benefits of Webroot's SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection software.

  • Transforming Security: Five Steps to Secure Digital Transformation

    Sponsored by: Micro Focus & DXC Technology

    Highlighting some of the top insights from the 2019 CyberEdge Group Cyberthreat Defense Report, this e-book outlines how enterprises can address omnipresent cybersecurity challenges and achieve a secure digital core platform. Read on to learn more.

  • A Quick Guide to Stopping Ransomware

    Sponsored by: Webroot

    In this infographic, explore 9 proactive steps you can take to reduce the likelihood that you'll fall victim to a crypto-ransomware attack.

  • How To Harness Machine Learning

    Sponsored by: Webroot

    In this e-book, discover 5 of the most pressing issues facing cybersecurity professionals today and how Webroot's 6th generation machine learning can help stop these sophisticated attacks today and in the future.

  • 2019 Webroot Threat Report

    Sponsored by: Webroot

    In this 2019 Webroot Threat Report, it details the threat activity throughout 2018, and compares the data with that from years past. Tap into the report to get insights on how you can combat cybercrime today and in the future.

  • Smarter Cybersecurity Solutions for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

    Sponsored by: Webroot

    Cobbling together multiple cybersecurity products to ensure you have adequate endpoint protection is not a strategy most businesses favor. It's a costly and complex attempt to compensate for the inherent deficiencies of conventional signature-based cybersecurity. There is a better way. Download this white paper to learn how Webroot can help.

  • Is DNS Filtering the Best Cybersecurity Technology You're Not Using?

    Sponsored by: Neustar

    A new IDG Research study found that many IT decision-makers are overlooking an inexpensive technology that may already be in their arsenal: DNS filtering. In this IDG Quick Poll, explore security benefits that DNS filtering can provide and how to use it to its full potential.

  • Protecting Your IT Assets from Cryptomining Malware

    Sponsored by: Neustar

    Cryptomining malware has exploded on the threat landscape, becoming one of the most common malware attacks and posing a significant risk to your IT assets. In this white paper learn everything you need to know about cryptomining including what it does, how it gets in, and how to recognize and prevent it.

  • Reducing the Impact of Ransomware Attacks

    Sponsored by: Druva Software

    This Aberdeen report deconstructs the relentless risk of ransomware, quantifying the threat and illustrating how likely it is that ransomware could affect your organization as well as the anticipated impact of this year's attacks. View it here to strengthen your company's ransomware defense strategy using the information inside.

  • This is the #1 Threat to Your Digital Properties

    Sponsored by: The Media Trust

    In the early days of the Web and e-commerce, CISOs could secure the web application code developed by internal teams. But now, the majority of a website's code relies on third-parties. In this white paper, learn what CISOs need to know in order to protect themselves and their digital properties from malicious third-party code.

  • Security Hygiene Gets a Refresh in the Wake of Baltimore's Cyberattack

    Sponsored by: RSA Conference

    Baltimore's ransomware incident not only caught government servers by surprise, but it also reminded the industry that cyberattacks can still occur when they're least expected. In this podcast transcript, learn about the Center for Internet Security's Top 20 Critical Security Controls, the importance of good cyber hygiene habits, and more.

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