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  • Presentation Transcript: Controlling Electronic Information: Managing the Flood

    Sponsored by: RSD

    Many companies use electronic documents to conduct business, but there is only so much storage to hold all of this data. This expert Presentation Transcript discusses how to archive messages without having to manually delete items on a monthly basis.

  • White Paper: Proven Strategies for Archiving Complex Relational Data

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Database growth, long-term data retention regulations and storage requirements increase operational costs. Yet, archiving complex relational data poses many challenges. Optim Data Growth Solution provides proven technology and comprehensive capabilities that make archiving complex relational data practical and desirable.

  • Storage Magazine September 2009: The Lowdown on Solid-State Storage

    Sponsored by: TechTarget Storage

    Storage Magazine Online September 2009 features a cover story updating the speedy evolution of Solid-State Storage – and what factors are transforming this technology from a niche to standard practice for storage shops.

  • Presentation Transcript: A Look at Hosted Exchange and Hosted Email

    Sponsored by: USA.NET, Inc.

    Nowadays, more and more IT shops are considering hosted Exchange services rather than running their mail server locally. They need to decide whether or not it is right for their company. Take a deeper look at hosted Exchange and hybrid models in this presentation transcript of the 'A Look at Hosted Exchange and Hosted Email' webcast.

  • Presentation Transcript: Iron Mountain - E-mail Management

    Sponsored by: Iron Mountain

    Read this presentation transcript and free yourself from the daily hassles of e-mail management and fighting the inherent risks of e-mail Spam, viruses and noncompliance. Trust Iron Mountain's enterprise-class, cloud-based e-mail management service for 100% e-mail uptime at a cost savings of up to 60% versus on-premises solutions.

  • Information Governance Perspectives from RSD: E-mail Archiving

    Sponsored by: RSD

    With the ever increasing compliance regulations in terms of E-mail archiving, It becomes clear that E-mail archiving is an information governance imperative. This paper presents the 3 technical challenges which should be understood when evaluating email archiving solutions

  • Technology & Business from Sun and AMD

    Sponsored by: Sun Microsystems, Inc.

    Inside this magazine, you'll find stories explaining why AMD processor-powered Sun solutions for storage and archiving, Microsoft Exchange 2007 and other applications are receiving rave reviews from customers and analysts alike. There are also several exclusive offers...

  • Exchange Insider E-Zine - Volume 2: Best and Worst Practices for Email Archiving

    Sponsored by: TechTarget Search Windows Server

    Meeting regulatory requirements means that administrators must carve out a sound email-archiving policy; making the wrong move can be costly. In this issue, you'll learn what to do and what not to do when planning your email-archiving strategy.

  • eBook-- Defining an Email-Archiving Policy

    Sponsored by: Symantec Corporation

    Read this chapter of the e-book Email Archiving Planning: Policies and Product Selection to learn how to create and implement a comprehensive policy on email archiving that will enforce how users manage and retain email messages.

  • Email Archiving Seminar Presentation Download

    Sponsored by: EMC Backup and Recovery Solutions

    Two sessions are included in this presentation download covering such subjects as why an organisation should archive their email and practical advice on how to get started. Download it now for more information on the benefits of e-mail archiving.

  • The New Age of Compliance: Preparing Your Organization for a New Era of Increased Accountability and Enforcement

    Sponsored by: Mimosa Systems

    This white paper examines the current state of regulatory compliance and the impact of non-compliance. It also addresses the current political environment and the shift in the compliance landscape and compliance enforcement for which organizations need to be prepared. Finally, it discusses some best practices that can be applied to streamline..

  • Presentation Transcript: Email Archiving, Ediscovery, Compliance, Storage Management

    Sponsored by: Symantec Corporation

    Email archiving is a burgeoning market at a time when many storage pros are faced with increasing ediscovery requests and compliance regulations. Listen to this podcast to find out the latest developments in email archiving.

  • Top Five Strategies for Getting an Email Archiving Project off the Ground

    Sponsored by: Symantec Corporation

    Proactive archiving reduces business risks, lower costs and increases efficiency. This quide has five strategies recommended by Symantec for building the case for an archive and rationalizing your requirements of an email archiving system.

  • eBook - Email Archiving: Planning, Policies and Product Selection - Chapter 1: Email-Archiving Project Roadmap

    Sponsored by: TechTarget Search Windows Server

    Get the fundamentals of email archiving from start to finish in this e-book, “Email Archiving: Planning, policies and product selection.” Each chapter of this e-book will guide IT managers through the individual phases of the email-archiving project process.

  • Presentation Transcript: Microsoft Exchange Server: To Host or Not to Host?

    Sponsored by: Intermedia

    This webcast presentation transcript reviews the pros and cons of a hosted messaging approach for an Exchange environment. Hosted offerings can help shrink IT budgets, but there are many things to consider for optimal results for your unique company.

  • Hitchcock Schools Protects SQL Servers and Data with Replay AppImage

    Sponsored by: AppAssure Software, Inc.

    The IT group at Hitchcock is responsible for all the end-user devices, network equipment, and servers that support students, teachers, administrators, and education programs. Central to their mission is protecting data that resides on SQL servers. That would be a much bigger worry if it weren't for Replay AppImage.

  • Lloyd Gosselink Rochelle & Townsend Ensure Reliable, Constant, E-mail Services with Replay AppImage

    Sponsored by: AppAssure Software, Inc.

    The network administrators at Lloyd Gosselink Rochelle & Townsend, PC have taken many steps to ensure reliable, constant, e-mail services. Like any law firm, e-mail is a central application and protecting the e-mail system is a central function of information services. One of the most important steps was implementing Replay AppImage.

  • Getting Started With E-mail Archiving for Exchange

    Sponsored by: Sherpa Software

    This document discusses the reasons e-mail archiving is necessary, the benefits of archiving messages, the different options available for archiving, and how administrators can determine which option is best for a given company.

  • AventX Attachment Printer

    Sponsored by: STR Software

    AventX Attachment Printer allows Oracle E-Business Suite users the flexibility to automatically print and collate any Oracle document with supporting database attachments. Operating seamlessly through the standard Oracle EBS print functionality, AventX Attachment Printer stands alone or is easily integrated with the AventX Oracle Connector.

  • ESG: Realizing and Maximizing E-mail Archiving ROI

    Sponsored by: EMC Corporation

    ESG research indicates that organizations with e-mail archive implementations experience several measurable benefits, including lower storage costs as well as more efficient compliance, electronic discovery, and data protection operations. This white paper discusses the benefits of evaluating solutions to achieve the statuses mentioned above.

  • Exchange Insider E-Zine Volume 1: The Importance of Lifecycle Planning for Email Archives

    Sponsored by: TechTarget Search Windows Server

    In this premier issue of Exchange Insider, you'll learn the importance of properly archiving email messages in your Exchange environment, learn how implementing SSL concepts is required for proper Exchange infrastructure management, and what the requirements are to securely migrate to Exchange Server 2007 from previous, legacy versions.

  • Apptix Chooses Replay as Their Exchange Backup Solution

    Sponsored by: AppAssure Software, Inc.

    Maintaning an Exchange backup was certainly a challenge for Apptix, to overcome this challenge they used Replay, as a result of which they were able to eliminate about five hours of restore processes.

  • Email Recovery: Doing More with Less- How to save Time and Money When Recovering Email

    Sponsored by: Kroll Ontrack, Inc.

    This paper shows how the costs associated with recovering email messages from Microsoft® Exchange Server backups can be significant and also provides us with the practical information on how to minimize those costs.

  • Email Management in Today's Regulatory Environment

    Sponsored by: Ontrack® PowerControls™ by Kroll Ontrack

    Many businesses use the Exchange email server because of its full feature set and integration with Microsoft Office via the Outlook email client. But Exchange has one glaring drawback - it is very difficult to restore messages, mailboxes, and other data. Ontrack® PowerControls™ for Microsoft® Exchange Server solves the problem..

  • Archiving Compliance with Sunbelt Exchange Archiver

    Sponsored by: Sunbelt Software

    Archiving for compliance is an important step in securing your company's future. Learn how to implement an email archiving solution that will minimize the burden on your Exchange server and help to avoid costly legal penalties in this whitepaper.

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