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  • From Email to Virtual Reality: The Impact of Technology on Employee Experience

    Sponsored by: Adobe Systems Incorporated

    In this IDG Technologies Report, explore the impact of technology on employee experiences. Learn how old-standby email to futuristic VR/AR tools are challenging IT teams and benefiting other workplace staff, and uncover how to use emerging technologies to your organization's advantage.

  • The Internet of Things: Is Your Business Ready for the Productivity Revolution?

    Sponsored by: HPE and Intel®

    Is your business ready for the Internet of Things (IoT)? In this white paper, explore the value of IoT. Learn about the benefits of IoT for SMBs, and unlock 4 steps to a successful IoT implementation.

  • How to Embrace Data Variety to Deliver Decision-Driving Analytics

    Sponsored by: Tamr

    In this white paper, discover why old approaches to data mastering are no longer sufficient in keeping up with increasing data volume, velocity, and variety. Explore how data mastering with human-guided machine learning can help your organization deliver decision-driving analytics from unified data, improve business processes, and more.

  • Transforming the Customer Journey

    Sponsored by: MASERGY

    With this white paper, explore key strategies for building and fostering a successful customer journey. Gain a better understanding of the technologies impacting today's customer experience, and learn how to transform your customer journey into a successful feature of your organization.

  • Build a Content Delivery Platform That's Built to Last: 3Pillar Case Study

    Sponsored by: 3Pillar

    View this case study to learn how 3Pillar helped PBS rebuild its multitenant CMS and enhance its digital ecosystem. Learn how 3Pillar can help accelerate development and deployment across your organization, and decide if 3Pillar is right for you.

  • Modernize Your SAP from Edge, to Core, to Cloud

    Sponsored by: Dell EMC and Intel®

    In this ebook, learn how to modernize your SAP, increase performance, and innovate faster with Dell EMC. Discover how Dell EMC for SAP modernizes IT and simplifies IT management. Additionally, review how Dell EMC with Intel can work together to form a strategic approach to SAP technology, and decide if Dell EMC is right for your organization.

  • METRO: Stacking technology and business intelligence to simplify customers' lives

    Sponsored by: Google

    Read this white paper to learn how utilizing Google Cloud resulted in reduced instabilities and infrastructure costs that helped stabilize METRO as a long-term presence in their markets.

  • Industrial IoT with InfluxDB

    Sponsored by: InfluxData

    In this white paper, discover how Industry 4.0 can help improve the performance of your manufacturing organization. Learn how time series data can help organizations achieve a smooth Industry 4.0 transition, and decide if time series data is right for your Industry 4.0 goals.

  • Achieving Scalable Reporting via Modern Data Management Technologies and Practices

    Sponsored by: TIBCO

    In this white paper, learn how to achieve scalable reporting with modern data management technologies and practices. Explore recommendations for reporting at scale, and learn how a modern data management can help your reporting practices.

  • 5 Signs It's Time to Change Your IT Service Desk

    Sponsored by: Freshworks

    In this informative brochure, explore 5 signs of a failing IT service desk. Learn why modern organizations are retiring their legacy IT software, and review your software options with Freshservice.

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