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  • Deciding between SnapLogic EIC and Talend?

    Sponsored by: SnapLogic

    Organizations looking to break down department silos, automate business processes, and reduce their time to market should explore their options for integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). But how does this compare to a data management solution? Explore the key differences in this whitepaper.

  • Gauging adoption of hybrid integration platforms as a vehicle for digital transformation

    Sponsored by: Axway

    Read these survey results to learn about the splash that hybrid integration platforms are currently making in the market and why you might want to consider one.

  • A Practical Guide to Implementing API-Led Approach

    Sponsored by: Estafet Ltd

    Take a look at this whitepaper to learn 6 best practices to use when taking and API-led approach to inter-application communication.

  • How Integrating Apps Helps you Get the Most out of Netsuite

    Sponsored by: Jitterbit

    Read these testimonies from various NetSuite users who have achieved optimum NetSuite integration to learn how they accomplished it, and the benefits they've seen.

  • Cornell University's IT Team Builds a Connected Campus

    Sponsored by: DELL Boomi

    As Cornell University's IT team started mapping their transition to a cloud-first model, they came face-to-face with a unique problem – their on-premises integration middleware. Inside this quick case study, find out how the Ivy League school sped up their integration development cycle by months at a time using Dell Boomi's integration platform.

  • Building the Connected Campus in the Era of Digital Transformation

    Sponsored by: DELL Boomi

    Jump into this executive brief to find out just how higher education institutions are building, integrating, and curating the IT environments their students need to achieve success – and ultimately, streamline their organization's day-to-day operations.

  • Dell Boomi for Higher Education

    Sponsored by: DELL Boomi

    In this solution brief, learn how Dell Boomi's integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) platform can bring together your legacy systems of record, CRM system, financial management applications, human resources tools, and much more to create an efficient and flexible flow of information throughout your organization.

  • 10 Reasons Why Higher Education Institutions Select Dell Boomi

    Sponsored by: DELL Boomi

    Inside, uncover 10 reasons why higher-education institutions rely on Boomi's iPaaS capabilities to integrate and manage applications and data from all corners of the university.

  • NetSuite Application Integration Best 5 Practices

    Sponsored by: Jitterbit

    In order to exploit NetSuite's full potential, you need to effectively integrate it with other applications. Open this whitepaper to find 5 key NetSuite integration best practices.

  • Cision Reports Improved Trust in Integration with Jitterbit

    Sponsored by: Jitterbit

    After acquiring dozens of companies throughout its over 120 years of operations, one organization was struggling with NetSuite integrations that didn't perform reliably, leaving employees constantly double checking information. In this case study, find how they discovered an integration tool that worked, and restored trust in their data.

  • Top 10 business applications stories of 2018

    Sponsored by:

    The steady modernisation of ERP systems, as they edge to the cloud and are complemented by new-generation customer software, was markedly evident this year. And blockchain and AI are making inroads. In this e-guide, Computer Weekly takes a look at the top 10 business applications of 2018.

  • The Total Economic Impact™ of The Dell Boomi Platform Webinar

    Sponsored by: DELL Boomi

    The right integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) tool is your organization's key to sharing data freely and securely between applications and databases. But how will you know when you've found the "right" iPaaS? Tune in to review this analyst report, and learn how you can identify the strongest iPaaS tool for you.

  • ABN AMRO and Nexus

    Sponsored by: Sonatype

    No one has time for months-long software development projects anymore. Jump into this case study to learn how one Dutch bank used a CI/CD initiative and key development tools to achieve a huge decrease in deployment time and increases in both software quality and security.

  • Hybrid API Management: Run Your API Gateways Anywhere

    Sponsored by: WSO2, Inc.

    Explore this whitepaper to learn about why many are flocking to hybrid API management. Able to keep up with ever-changing security and compliance requirements, offer a low total cost of ownership, and low latency, a hybrid API management platform leverages the benefits of both cloud and on-premises solutions.

  • Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service

    Sponsored by: Workato

    Take a look at this analyst report to learn the benefits of some of the top iPaaS platforms on the market today, including offerings from Informatica, Dell Boomi, Workato, and more.

  • Dell Boomi Integration 30 day Free Trial

    Sponsored by: DELL Boomi

    You need to be able to quickly develop new apps and features, connect them to your existing system, and make them easy and effective for the end-user. The fastest way to do this is with Dell Boomi's integration platform. Access your free 30-day trial now to get started.

  • Express Scripts: Driving Digital Transformation from Mainframe to Microservices

    Sponsored by: Confluent

    Breaking application features out into microservices leads not only to faster and easier development, but simpler aggregation of data and events after deployment. Watch this webinar to learn more.

  • Integrating Salesforce with MySQL

    Sponsored by: DELL Boomi

    In this quick demo, watch how you can create a hybrid integration between Salesforce and an on premise database table in under 10 minutes, using a drag and drop configuration environment.

  • Research Brief Enabling Digital Transformation in Government

    Sponsored by: Appian

    Take a second to learn about an application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) solution that combines the security, availability and scalability and cloud-based products with the agility and usability of modern application development platforms, making integration with third-party reporting platforms and analytic tools a breeze.

  • Demo for Opentracing and Jaeger

    Sponsored by: Estafet Ltd

    Microservices are great for breaking down monolithic apps into more manageable pieces, but if your microservices aren't well integrated, you will quickly run into trouble. Watch this demo video to learn how to integrate your microservices with Opentracing, and monitor their performance with Jaeger.

  • Estafet Strategy Workshop

    Sponsored by: Estafet Ltd

    By identifying important business processes that deliver value directly to your customers, and then using APIs to make those processes repeatable and reusable across your client portfolio, you can unlock previously unseen value. Check out this strategy paper to learn how.

  • 4 Ways Application Specific Networking Boosts DevOps Strategies

    Sponsored by: NetFoundry

    Find out how you can better support the development and deployment of applications with Application Specific Networking (ASN)—which provides better ways of connecting to the cloud so that your organization can work more efficiently, increase responsiveness and deliver the results that customers require—ultimately improving time to market.

  • Give your SOA a REST with APIs: The cornerstone of a modern digital business foundation

    Sponsored by: Axway

    Open this whitepaper for expert tips and best practices for moving to an API-based architecture.

  • Top 10 API Security Considerations

    Sponsored by: Axway

    As an entry point to your data, APIs open up a multitude of security concerns. Are your APIs able to stand up to these security concerns? As a newer technology, it's certainly worth looking into. Explore the top 10 API security considerations in this whitepaper and ensure that all of your assets are well contained and monitored.

  • Axway and Ping Identity API cyberattack security

    Sponsored by: Axway

    Software development is quickly headed down a path of greatly increased API usage, which has brought about questions from users around management and security that your organization will also need to look into. Check out this whitepaper for best practices on beefing up your API security strategy.

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