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  • Modern-Day Security Tales

    Sponsored by: Cisco Umbrella

    New security programs can be challenging for IT professionals. Take a look at this resource to uncover an easily deployable, reliable, threat intelligence strategy.

  • The Printer is an Endpoint: Proactively Addressing the Security Vulnerability

    Sponsored by: HP

    Attackers seize on the lack of attention given to printer security relative to other devices and peripherals on enterprise networks. This IDC resource highlights the vulnerable nature of printers in enterprise networks and provides steps to reduce the risk they pose to the business.

  • Get Started With Open Source Security

    Sponsored by: Flexera Software

    According to Gartner, more than 95% of IT organizations leverage open-source software assets. Utilize this resource to learn how to get started with open source security.

  • 6 Steps for Building a Robust Incident Response Function

    Sponsored by: IBM Resilient

    Working only to prevent and detect cyberattacks will not protect an enterprise against cybersecurity threats. Access this resource to uncover 3 challenges of building and managing a robust incident response program as well as 6 steps for overcoming these challenges and actually building a program.

  • Spectre and Meltdown Podcast

    Sponsored by: RSA Conference

    Spectre and Meltdown have the potential to affect personal computers, mobile devices, and cloud infrastructure dating back to 1995. Listen to this podcast to hear Paul Kocher's expert take on the Spectre and Meltdown cyberthreats as well as tips and insights into protecting your sensitive data from the attacks.

  • Threat Territory

    Sponsored by: RSA Conference

    This resource offers insight into the ever-growing internet of threats through expert tips and startling facts to get you up to speed with the damaging threats you need to look out for and system vulnerabilities you could be missing.

  • Open Source Security in 2017: Lessons Learned for the New Year

    Sponsored by: Flexera Software

    The usage of open source software has changed dramatically in the past year. Leverage this webcast to learn about the usage and awareness of open source software in 2017 and how to better prepare for software security in 2018.

  • SCADA in the Age of Cyber-Security

    Sponsored by: Radware

    In this e-book, learn about the 3 critical strategic and tactical security challenges that new technologies such as IoT devices have opened SCADA environments up to, as well as the tools you can use to meet them head-on.

  • 10 Things to Get Right for Successful DevSecOps

    Sponsored by: Tenable

    Gartner reports that by 2021, DevSecOps practices will be embedded in 80% of rapid development teams, up from 15% in 2017. Take a look at this Gartner report to uncover 10 keys for successful DevSecOps initiatives.

  • Security Considerations and Best Practices for Securing Containers

    Sponsored by: Tenable

    Security and risk management leaders must address container security issues around vulnerabilities, visibility, compromise and compliance. Take a look at this Gartner report to uncover security considerations and best practices for securing containers.

  • DreamWorks Animation Case Study: Securing the Print Environment and the Internal Network

    Sponsored by: HP

    An attacker needs just one misconfigured or unpatched printer to attempt to pivot into the rest of a network environment. Explore this case study to gain insight into how DreamWorks was able to enable printing options without creating security vulnerabilities.

  • Security for Containers – 5 Things DevOps Need to Do

    Sponsored by: Aqua Security

    For security departments, adoption of containerization presents a multifaceted challenge. This resource reveals 5 things DevOps should know about securing containerized applications.

  • Adaptive Security: Changing Threats Require a New Protection Paradigm

    Sponsored by: Radware

    As a result of the blurring lines which traditionally delineated the network perimeter, a new approach to vulnerability management is needed; an adaptive approach. In this white paper learn the 2 prerequisites for modern network security success, as well as the 3 building blocks for adaptive security.

  • Are You Protected Against Burst Attacks?

    Sponsored by: Radware

    In this resource, get a step-by-step breakdown of burst attack detection and prevention, then learn why a system that combines on-premise and in-the-cloud protection is the best way to defend against burst attacks.

  • Frequently Asked Questions: Spectre & Meltdown

    Sponsored by: enSilo

    How is your enterprise protecting your servers, devices, and cloud against malware and vulnerabilities? Explore this Q&A resource to gain insight into the vulnerabilities of Meltdown and Spectre and how to defend against them.

  • Global Application and Network Security Report

    Sponsored by: Radware

    Inside Radware's 72-page Global Application and Network Security Report, security teams can use the findings and insights from this report when analyzing the threat landscape and design security strategies to protect their enterprises.

  • Royal Bank of Scotland Reduces Phishing Susceptibility by More Than 78%

    Sponsored by: Wombat Security Technologies

    Financial institutions are highly targeted by cybercriminals. Explore this case study to gain insight into how Royal Bank of Scotland overcame the increase of malware and phishing attacks targeting their organization.

  • Security Tools: An Attacker's Dream Come True

    Sponsored by: enSilo

    Although security tools provide protection, they are intrusive by nature and can often act as a double-edged sword. This resource examines vulnerabilities and risks posed by security tools as well as practical steps CISOs and their teams can take to protect their networks.

  • All Together Now: Securing the Internet of Things

    Sponsored by: Juniper Networks

    IoT is at the center of many organizations' digital transformation strategies, but often without consideration of the fact that security for IoT is in its infancy. This Nemertes Research report offers insight into the security challenges within IoT and reveals 2 steps for improving security approaches.

  • Vulnerability and Threat Trends Report 2018

    Sponsored by: Skybox Security

    This 18-page research report examines trends in vulnerabilities, exploits and threats in order to better align your security strategy with the current threat landscape.

  • An Exploration of Enterprise Network Firewall Vendors

    Sponsored by: Palo Alto Networks

    Click inside this research report to explore 16 offerings from vendors such as Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, and Cisco broken down by their individual strengths and weaknesses. Then decide for yourself which best suit's your business needs.

  • 5 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Evaluating a Next-Gen Firewall

    Sponsored by: Palo Alto Networks

    Click inside to learn 5 common mistakes that occur when evaluating next-gen firewalls and how you can avoid them.

  • 6 Steps to Build a Holistic Security Strategy with Microsoft 365

    Sponsored by: Microsoft

    This e-book outlines how you can take advantage of the security tools built into Microsoft 365 to build a holistic security strategy in 6 steps.

  • System Risk Identification

    Sponsored by: NSS Labs

    Organization attack surfaces are large and complex, making it impossible to protect against everything all of the time. This resource offers strategies for assessing the impact of unmitigated risks and how to focus on the real attack surface.

  • Reducing Cybersecurity Costs & Risk through Automation

    Sponsored by: Juniper Networks

    Tap into a Ponemon Institute study to see how organizations can save an average of $2.3 million annually by moving to cyber automation.

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