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  • Evolution of Quality What's next in Digital era?

    Sponsored by: Hitachi Vantara Corporation

    Explore this e-book to learn what’s next in the digital era for quality control and quality assurance and discover the role of Hitachi in this evolution.

  • Video conferencing adoption: Tracking trends and deployment strategies

    Sponsored by:

    Managers are looking for ways to incorporate video conferencing into their unified communications (UC) architectures as adoption continues to grow. This e-guide offers top recommendations and best practices to help you through the video decision process while ensuring quality stays a high priority.

  • Rein in IoT with containers and microservices

    Sponsored by:

    Because of its abstract and constantly evolving nature, the internet of things can be difficult to manage. Fortunately, there are two increasingly popular technologies that can help – containers and microservices. In this guide, discover how these recent additions to development and testing arsenals can be used to tackle the challenges of IoT.

  • Reduce risk of applicationfailures: HP Testing and QA Services At A Glance

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    View this resource to learn more about how you can deliver quality management and testing services to eliminate waste in the systems engineering process and reduce the risk of system outages from software failures.

  • Maximize asset productivity and operational performance

    Sponsored by: IBM

    A "predictive maintenance" approach to enterprise asset management can help give you the visibility you need into your daily operations, reducing operational costs and minimizing asset downtime. In this resource, explore the ins and outs of predictive maintenance, and discover the benefits you could enjoy from this strategy.

  • What is service virtualization?

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This brief webcast outlines how service virtualization allows you to simulate application dependencies, and thus begin testing earlier and faster. Watch now to learn from industry experts about the benefits that service virtualization can offer your business.

  • Building, testing and scaling your next mobile application

    Sponsored by: Neotys

    What information do you need to build a successful mobile application? View this expert E-guide to learn best practices for building your company's next mobile application. It discusses how you can ensure that your application scales with proper testing metrics as well as other helpful topics.

  • Making the Agile Transition: What QA and Test Managers Need to Know

    Sponsored by: IBM

    QA and test managers, read this e-guide to discover how you can be change agents to ensure a smooth move to Agile for your team.

  • Solution Spotlight: Data Quality, IT, and The Business

    Sponsored by: IBM and Softchoice

    The consequences of poor quality data can be catastrophic – for BergerABAM, an engineering and construction company, the result of bad data was a $1 million deficit. Read this expert guide to learn why businesses today need data quality management policies and find out how to craft an effective initiative.

  • Performance Testing Center of Excellence

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    If application performance management isn't at the top of your businesses to-do list, it should be. No matter how well-designed your app is, if performance is sluggish end-users won't use it. Read on to learn about a performance management strategy top companies are leveraging, its business value, and more.

  • Agile tools: True support for ALM

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This expert e-guide offers tips and tricks for putting yourself in the agile frame of mind when using ALM tools. Read this now and learn about the qualities and attributes that make development, testing, QA, requirements management, version control, security and other ALM process tools agile.

  • Key best practices for cloud testing

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This expert e-guide explains the benefits of testing software in cloud environments. Read this and gain tips for cloud testing, including ensuring a plan is in place in case of an interruption to service, learning the differences between testing in private and public clouds, exploring the risks of moving to a cloud-based testing solution and more.

  • Application performance and testing with Agile

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    This expert e-guide will help you formulate an application performance management strategy. Read this now and learn about certain techniques that can help your agile development team prevent potential problems before deploying apps. Discover why communication is an essential component to preventing problems, as well as three testing models.

  • How They Do It in Switzerland…Outsource the Code, Insource the Quality: McCabe IQ Analyzes and Visualizes Software Quality in Critical International Financial Systems

    Sponsored by: McCabe Software, Inc.

    Given the competitive marketplace, evaluating source code analysis tools can be overwhelming. This case study highlights one recommended offering, the quality indicators it provided, and the results one organization achieved after implementing it.

  • UCB Gains Efficiencies and Realizes Lower TCO with CallCopy Call Recording

    Sponsored by: NACR

    Uncover why a implementing a CallCopy recording solution that is easy to use, search, update, support and maintain can offer a lower TCO than other solutions, as well as fulfilling all your call recording needs.

  • Is Time to Market King?

    Sponsored by: IBM

    The common thread of successful software development is enabling collaboration in context - making the process transparent so stakeholders remain informed and empowered to contribute. Once this thread is established, technology can be implemented that provides the glue for stakeholders to collaborate and meet their time to market or goals.

  • Smarter quality management: The fast track to competitive advantage

    Sponsored by: IBM

    A practical approach to quality management (QM) that helps reduce time to market without sacrificing quality in the outcome.

  • Top 10 reasons why HP software customers are moving to IBM

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Take a moment to see how many of these top 10 benefits you’re realizing with your HP Software solutions. And then remember: With IBM, you can achieve them all.

  • Building an integrated workflow for quality control and compliance

    Sponsored by: Apriso Corporation

    This eBook explains the technical and organizational issues involved in creating fully integrated quality control and data management systems for globalized manufacturers and distributors.

  • Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    This data sheet details how Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management extends the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition with capabilities that enable strategic goals to be communicated across the organization and monitoring progress over time.

  • Methodology for Information Quality Management

    Sponsored by: Harte-Hanks Trillium Software

    This paper discusses how Trillium Software extends that principle to ensure services are driven by data governance defining the criticality and use for the data, and establishing roles and responsibilities within the business and IT to achieve business goals and objectives.

  • Application Quality Management

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    Read this white paper to learn how AQM solutions include thorough testing capabilities that can help users identify application quality and performance issues prior to deployment, saving valuable time, money and reputation.

  • Quality Management Across the Product and Application Lifecycle

    Sponsored by: IBM

    IBM Rational offers a life-cycle approach to managing quality through quality management solutions, test integration, integrated requirements management and lean collaborative development to help you achieve greater consistency, efficiency and predictability in your delivered solutions. Download this paper to learn more. 

  • Balancing Risk and Complexity with Quality Management

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This white paper shows you how a combined IBM and Wind River quality management solution can help you deliver higher-quality products to the marketplace faster.

  • Closed Loop Quality Management: Improving Customer Focus from Design to Delivery

    Sponsored by: Apriso Corporation

    Competing pressures to ensure customer satisfaction and reduce the cost of quality is driving many manufacturers to question the efficacy of their current quality management systems. This report provides actionable steps to begin to create a closed-loop enterprise system that aligns the entire value chain with a single view of quality execution.

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