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  • 2019 Threat Report: Email Fraud in Financial Services

    Sponsored by: Proofpoint

    Email fraud today affects organizations of every size, across every industry, and in every country around the world. The financial services industry, for obvious reasons, is an especially attractive target. In this report, discover recommended security steps you can take to protect your people, data and brand from email fraud attacks.

  • Outsmarting Contact Centre Fraudsters with Supercharged Voice Biometrics

    Sponsored by: NICE Systems, Ltd

    Inside, learn how to protect your contact center from fraud. Explore the value of machine learning in the contact center, and discover the exponential efficiencies of voice biometrics in fraud prevention.

  • One Fish, Two Fish, Three Fish, Fraud Fish

    Sponsored by: Splunk

    In this Dr. Seuss style storybook, discover how numerous types of fraud, such as credit card, phishing, account takeover, and more can affect your organization.

  • Experian Identity and Fraud Report

    Sponsored by: Experian

    While businesses strive to unlock the benefits of increasingly digital lifestyles, a growing sophistication in cyberattacks and fraud has decreased consumer trust. Read this research report to learn how to maintain consumer trust in an increasingly digital era.

  • Can Your ID Verification Solution Stand the Heat?

    Sponsored by: Onfido

    Learn how you can exceed your customers' expectations with faster, more accurate ID verification that eliminates even the most sophisticated fraud attempts.

  • Are you Using the Best Approach to Catch Digital Identity Fraud?

    Sponsored by: Onfido

    In an all-digital world, ID theft is everywhere. With the data of hundreds of millions of consumers compromised, personally identifiable information can no longer be the cornerstone of online identity verification (IDV) methods. Read on to explore why traditional IDV solutions are failing to defeat identity fraud and how a hybrid IDV can help.

  • Fighting fraud the smart way — with data analytics and artificial intelligence

    Sponsored by: Dell EMC and Intel®

    Credit card fraud is a massively growing problem, but the business technological toolset is growing as well with new tech like; machine learning, AI and biometrics. Learn how to fight back against malicious and fraudulent attacks by reading this white paper.

  • AXCESS Financial Finds & Stops Fraud with Interaction Analytics

    Sponsored by: CallMiner

    AXCESS Financial needed a way to solve their fraud problem. In order to do this they deployed CallMiner Eureka Interaction Analytics which helped them to identify fraudsters. In this case study, learn more about how AXCESS Financial turned insight into prevention using CallMiner Eureka.

  • Modernize Your Procurement Process

    Sponsored by: SAS

    Procurement fraud is threating organizations, especially those with siloed data and manual audits. Read this white paper to learn how SAS can help you combat this prevalent enterprise menace.

  • Digital Transformation in Financial Services

    Sponsored by: Onfido

    It's obvious that traditional ways of proving our identities are no longer secure. So what are financial institutions doing about it? Tune into this webinar to learn about emerging technologies like AI, machine learning and biometrics and how they are changing the face of finance.

  • Detect and Prevent Fraud Before Claims are Paid

    Sponsored by: SAS

    Fraud losses represent an increasingly complex and systemic risk that's affecting the profitability of every insurance company. In this white paper, learn how SAS takes an enterprise approach to fraud detection and prevention by delivering software either on-site or via the cloud.

  • Protect the Integrity of the Procurement Function

    Sponsored by: SAS

    Traditional procurement fraud detection methods are not keeping pace. In this white paper, learn about best practices and analytical techniques that are designed to take a different look at what's happening in procurement.

  • Fighting Fraud - the Future of Digital Onboarding

    Sponsored by: Onfido

    Today many of the identity indicators we took for granted are no longer fit for purpose. And with the additional challenge of widespread digital onboarding, it can no longer carry that burden. Read on to learn how your organization can implement identity best practices without adding friction to any digital onboarding experience.

  • Fighting CNP Fraud in Online Electronics Sales

    Sponsored by: Riskified

    With the information provided in this report, discover why addressing fraud is key to scaling operations, expanding internationally, improving CX, and competing against industry giants in the online marketing world.

  • Fighting ATO Attacks

    Sponsored by: Riskified

    Online fraud is becoming more and more sophisticated, as cybercriminals try and keep a step ahead of fraud solutions and tools. In this white paper, learn how your organization can determine when and how to block bad users, notify customers of suspicious login attempts, and request additional verification.

  • Introducing the Fraud Management Solution Buyer's Kit

    Sponsored by: Riskified

    In this eCommerce Fraud Solution Buyer's Kit, Riskified offers a series of resources designed to guide you through the process of assessing your current fraud management performance and understanding which available approaches and solutions can best meet your needs.

  • How to Combat Fraud in 3 Easy Steps

    Sponsored by: Onfido

    There are countless ways fraudsters can slip through the net. That's why organizations need to be able to recognize and analyze all of them to keep ahead competitively. Download this white paper for 3 simple steps to combat identity fraud today.

  • JustGiving Turns to Onfido to Onboard More Customers, and for Seamless Integration

    Sponsored by: Onfido

    In this case study, learn how JustGiving, a leading social platform for charitable giving, was able to prevent fraudulent activity, increase its identity verification rates, and onboard users more quickly by using Onfido.

  • Detecting and Preventing Banking Application Fraud

    Sponsored by: SAS

    Preventing application fraud starts with validating the identity of an individual using a digital device. Are they really who they say they are? Download this white paper for analytics-driven methods for validating financial services applications and spotting trouble at all three stages of bust-out fraud schemes.

  • How to Execute Anomaly Detection at Scale

    Sponsored by: Dataiku

    A strong data science team and tools can provide top-notch anomaly detection for your organization. This resource provides an overview of anomaly detection, how it works, and when to apply it.

  • AI and Machine Learning in Your Organization

    Sponsored by: Splunk

    With machine learning-powered initiatives, you can detect issues before they paralyze your business. Download this resource for more on where you can apply machine learning and AI for insights.

  • A Guide to Fraud in the Real World

    Sponsored by: Splunk

    In the digital era, fraud is becoming harder to prevent. Organizations are turning to machine data, which they can analyze to learn vital fraud prevention information. Download this report to learn how Duke University and several other organizations handled a fraudulent attack with machine data analysis.

  • Network Security: Spotlight on Australia/New Zealand

    Sponsored by:

    In this e-guide learn more about how security leaders are turning to AI to take out the bad guys, how blockchain can help secure an IoT network, and whether network security strategies are keeping up with emerging cyber threats.

  • Cyberthreats and Risks in the Payment Card Industry

    Sponsored by: Jumio

    Find out how you can prevent and protect your enterprise against fraudsters in the payment card industry.

  • SWIFT Banking System Boosts Security Following Cyberattacks

    Sponsored by: BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

    Following a number of attacks on the SWIFT banking system that led to the theft of millions of dollars, SWIFT promised new rules to improve security for bank transfers. In this e-guide, we examine these targeted malware attacks and explore SWIFT's response to them. Find out if their 5-part strategic program was enough to bolster security.

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