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  • Faster SQL Profiling for Better Database Performance

    Sponsored by: Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.

    Find out how Embarcadero's DB Optimizer™ can help you to quickly discover and fix problematic SQL statements that can cause performance bottlenecks in your database. DB Optimizer™ gives you the flexibility of using a single easy-to-use IDE to test, profile and tune SQL.

  • Proactive PC Support Improves Service and Lowers Total Cost of Ownership

    Sponsored by: Intel Corporation

    Read this brief paper to learn about a new IT support delivery tool that reduces response time, boosts employee satisfaction and decreases operating costs. Reduce total cost of ownership using Intel's self-service PC Health Check utility.

  • Total Economic Impact of Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Management Packs

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    This study highlights the benefits and costs of deploying the Oracle Enterprise Manager Diagnostic Pack and Tuning Pack across the enterprise of a sample organization. The study examines the estimated ROI for the sample organization and presents aggregate findings derived from the interview and analysis process and Forrester's independent research.

  • Reducing Risk through Requirements-driven Quality Management: An End-to-end Approach

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    This white paper explains a structured way to manage requirements and how risk-based requirements and quality management are inseparable from the larger process of managing the planning, test and release of a software system.

  • Spotlight® on Oracle

    Sponsored by: Dell Software

    Spotlight on Oracle enables real-time diagnostics, providing the fastest way to find and fix performance bottlenecks in your Oracle database environment.

  • Reducing Risk through Requirements-driven Quality Management: An End-to-End Approach

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Read this white paper to learn a structured way to manage requirements, and how risk-based requirements and quality management are inseparable from the larger process of managing the planning, test and release of a software system.

  • Reduce IT Costs and Complexity with Effective Application Problem Management

    Sponsored by: BMC Software, Extending Value with Identify Software

    Learn the benefits of automating problem management through problem detection, isolation and resolution. Discover how IT organizations can reduce IT costs and complexity with effective application problem management.

  • Improve Test Productivity and Product Quality through Test Management

    Sponsored by: TechExcel

    QA organizations are under increasing pressure to complete their testing in ever-shorter time frames. To meet these challenges, these organizations are pursuing several different strategies to accomplish their goals.


    Sponsored by: Core Security Technologies

    For organizations that need to ensure the security of critical or sensitive systems, CORE IMPACT is a must-have tool. This Information Security Review examines CORE IMPACT and highly recommends it as an effective security device.

  • Automated Testing -- Preventing DOA for SOA

    Sponsored by: Worksoft

    SOA is being proclaimed the future of Web services - While promising flexibility and integration, unique and unforeseen challenges to stability and quality are also arising. Is your organization prepared?

  • Advancing toward Test Automation through Effective Manual Testing

    Sponsored by: IBM Software Group

    This paper outlines IBM's recommended approach to the test automation challenge, knowing that most testing is first done manually.

  • Logiscope TestChecker

    Sponsored by: Telelogic, An IBM Company

    Logiscope™ TestChecker significantly improves code reliability by showing software developers and QA specialists which parts of the code remain untested.

  • Test Composer: Overview

    Sponsored by: Canam Software Labs, Inc.

    Test Composer enables developers to test Advantage Gen server procedures, components and action blocks thoroughly outside the Advantage Gen environment with a large number of controlled test cases and expected results.

  • CitraTest™ VU

    Sponsored by: Tevron

    CitraTest VU, the ideal load modeling solution for applications deployed via Citrix MetaFrame/Citrix NFuse/Microsoft Terminal Services.

  • CitraTest®

    Sponsored by: Tevron

    CitraTest® is the ideal software test automation solution for conducting performance benchmarking, application monitoring, functional and latency testing for ANY Windows based application, including all Web browsers, all Web applications.

  • Automated, Repeatable Testing with TestPartner

    Sponsored by: Compuware Corporation

    TestPartner is an automated testing tool that accelerates the functional testing of business-critical applications. With TestPartner, you can validate your applications before going live.

  • LinkWare™ Cable Test Management Software

    Sponsored by: Fluke Networks

    The ability to manage test results data from multiple testers with one single software application has major advantages - and they're yours with an upgrade to LinkWare.

  • NI TestStand 3.0 - Developing Automated Test Systems Faster and Smarter

    Sponsored by: National Instruments

    Learn how TestStand 3.0 delivers continued innovation as the leading test management software among electronics manufacturers for automated prototype, validation, and manufacturing test systems.

  • Improving Manufacturing Quality with Integrated Test and Statistical Analysis

    Sponsored by: National Instruments

    With test management and statistical analysis integrated into an automated system, organizations can target problem components and processes in less time with more accuracy, reducing the cost of manufacturing quality products.

  • Lowering the Cost of Test with Integrated Switch Management

    Sponsored by: National Instruments

    National Instruments Switch Executive is a significant innovation in the design and implementation of automated test systems.

  • Strategies for Lowering the Cost of Manufacturing Test

    Sponsored by: National Instruments

    NI platform offers high test throughput, increased productivity, and a lower cost of ownership than traditional disjoint systems or turnkey solutions based on proprietary architectures.

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