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  • Resilient Options for Moving Your IT Infrastructure Off-Premises

    Sponsored by: TierPoint

    To reduce the risks of IT disruption, many organizations are relocating their IT infrastructures off-premises to third-party data centers and cloud services providers. Open up this resource to take a look at some of the options you have when moving off-premises, things to consider for each of those options and why a combination might be best.

  • Leveraging HCI to Accelerate Data Center Agility & Hybrid Cloud Workflows

    Sponsored by: Hitachi Vantara

    Many organizations are turning to HCI, one of the fastest growing segments of the IT industry, to close the gap in their transformation initiatives. Read this IDC white paper to learn about Hitachi Vantara’s Software-defined Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure which includes its HCI platform based on VMware vSAN.

  • Colocation Data Centers: Outage Response and Support

    Sponsored by: Datavita

    Open up this e-guide to uncover what causes colocation data center outages, types of colocation data center support and how to alleviate SLA uncertainty in a data center colocation setup.

  • Hitachi UCP RS Series Data Sheet

    Sponsored by: Hitachi Vantara

    Open up this data sheet to take a deeper look at the Hitachi’s UCP RS series, covering key features, configurations and more.

  • Data Center Interconnect Essentials – Connecting Data Centers

    Sponsored by: Ciena

    To meet insatiable demand for video, data and cloud-based content and services, data center interconnect (DCI) technologies have evolved to enable ultra-high capacity, massive scalability, power efficiency and management simplicity. Jump into this white paper to learn the ins and outs of DCI, where it started and where it’s headed.

  • Strategic Guide to the Data Center and Colocation

    Sponsored by: TierPoint

    Colocation can be a great alternative to building an expensive new data center from the ground up, but no two colocation providers are alike. This guide discusses how colocation can truly fit into broader enterprise data center strategies, offering colo and hybrid IT best practices, colocation vendor considerations and more. Check it out inside.

  • Modernize IT With Full-Stack Hyperconverged Infrastructure

    Sponsored by: Hitachi Vantara

    Access this white paper to learn the 3 characteristics that make Hitachi Unified Compute Platform HC a next generation hyperconverged solution

  • Single-Wave 400G across 4,000km? Yes – with Ciena’s New Waveserver 5.

    Sponsored by: Ciena

    Two trends have been driving optical networks forward – advanced, coherent technology and compact, modular platforms. What if you could combine performance and density into one device? Ingress this article to examine Ciena’s WaveLogic 5 Extreme, striving to deliver high performance in a compact and efficient footprint.

  • Simplifying Security Between Data Centers with Optical-Layer Encryption

    Sponsored by: Ciena

    Safeguarding sensitive and mission-critical data is essential to protect intellectual property and confidential records, and app-to-app communications between Data Centers (DCs) may require encryption as well. Access this white paper to learn about optical-layer encryption, which strives to secure networks between the DC.

  • Enterprises Need HCI, Not Another Silo

    Sponsored by: Hitachi Vantara

    Access this white paper to learn the extent that Hitachi’s HCI integrates with core data center infrastructures, how that compares with leading HCI systems, and what that means for enterprise IT. Inside, you’ll also find the benefits of incorporating both HCI and SAN-based storage.

  • Disaggregated Hyperconverged IT: Why and How

    Sponsored by: Hitachi Vantara

    In this resource, explore 6 customer benefits realized after integrating HCI and vSAN, including policy-based automation and in-demand performance.

  • National Tree Company Success Story

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Check out this case study to learn the how dHCI keeps business-critical order processing applications always-on for holiday tree reseller National Tree Company, always-fast, and resource-efficient at scale through 3 benefits.

  • The Total Economic Impact™ Of Dell EMC Ready Solutions For HPC

    Sponsored by: Dell Technologies and Intel

    This study from Forrester aims to provide a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of Dell’s Ready Solutions for HPC and examine the potential ROI. Download now to discover key findings from the study, including challenges, benefits, an analysis of costs, and more.

  • What is ZR+?

    Sponsored by: Ciena

    Global optical networks continue to evolve, necessitating innovative solutions to meet the requirements of network operators. Organizations are looking to maximize fiber utilization and reduce the cost of data transport. Delve into this article to uncover ZR+, an extension of 400ZR transcoded mappings of ethernet with a higher performance FEC.

  • Colocation Set HeidelbergCement on Strategic Path for the Future

    Sponsored by: Ciena

    HeidelbergCement needed a fail-safe, real-time IT infrastructure to ensure international production and distribution was optimized at all times. Download this case study to learn how one leading vendor was able to help HeidelbergCement expand operations with a colocation data center and learn how you can do the same in your organization.

  • What to Know About I.T. Cooling Technology

    Sponsored by: DVL Group

    Download this white paper to learn all about cooling technology in data centers and the science behind it. Plus, some questions to ask to make sure you get the information you need for your data center cooling.

  • Reimagining HCI to Take IT Further – HPE Nimble Storage dHCI

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Check out this data sheet to learn about HPE Nimble Storage dHCI. Nicknamed HCI 2.0, it is a new architecture that delivers the HCI experience of unified management and VM-centric operations with higher availability, faster performance, and flexibility at scale.

  • The Evolution of HCI: Simplify and Unlock Agility

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Join HPE Director of Product Marketing David Wang, Auxipress Director Joël Elshout, and TechTarget VP & Publisher Jillian Coffin as they provide exclusive insight into the evolution of the HCI market in this web seminar, including a comparison of HCI vs. disaggregated HCI vs. composable.

  • Economic Benefits of HPE SimpliVity 325 for Edge Computing

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    To put HPE SimpliVity 325 to the test, ESG completed a TCO analysis comparing it to a traditional infrastructure, a blend of other HCI offerings, and public cloud service with a goal of understanding the quantitative savings organizations can expect across five key cost categories. Access this white paper to see the results.

  • Hyperconvergence - Does one size fit all?

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Access this resource to learn where HCI has evolved from, why it might be the right solution for every organisation, what does its future look like with innovations like disaggregated HCI, and more.

  • Data Center Buyer’s Guide

    Sponsored by: DVL Group

    Whether building a data center or strengthening existing facilities, it is important for IT teams to understand what’s needed to develop their data center facilities. Open this white paper to discover some questions to ask when looking at footprint size, power requirements and more.

  • Key UPS Buying Considerations

    Sponsored by: DVL Group

    This white paper takes a closer look at UPS systems and offers up some key considerations for choosing the best one for your data center, such as battery backup runtime and power capacity. Download to learn more.

  • Technical Assessment of HPE Nimble Storage dHCI

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Access this ESG white paper to learn 7 key capabilities of HPE Nimble Storage dHCI that give it an edge when it comes to business-critical workloads.

  • HPE Nimble Storage dHCI: 8-minute demo

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Access this 8-minute demo for an overview of HPE Nimble Storage dHCI and see how it can improve productivity and business outcomes for your organization.

  • 5 reasons to get excited about next-gen HCI

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Access this blog post to learn 5 reasons why HCI 2.0 from HPE deserves your attention and can tackle today’s critical worklaods.

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