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  • How 12 Leading Companies Achieved Datacenter Modernization

    Sponsored by: Nutanix

    Inside this collection of real-world case studies, find out how an array of companies – including household names like Jetblue, Nasdaq, Hyundai, and WD-40 – chose a simpler route towards datacenter modernization, giving their IT teams a break without skimping on performance and security standards.

  • Evaluating 11 Hyperconverged Infrastructure Providers

    Sponsored by: Nutanix

    To assess the state of the HCI market and vendors within it, Forrester Research evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of 11 HCI vendors in this report. To see how the vendors stack up, with 4 leaders in the space, download your copy.

  • South African Financial Services Company Gears Up for the Multi-cloud

    Sponsored by: Nutanix

    This IDC paper spotlights a South African financial services company that laid the foundation for an effective multi-cloud strategy with hyper-converged infrastructure. Read here for the takeaways.

  • How Nutanix Works: The Definitive Guide to Hyperconverged Infrastructure

    Sponsored by: Nutanix

    Could HCI be the building block you need to support your enterprise cloud? Access this comprehensive guide to learn everything you need to know to get started in your search for a hyperconverged infrastructure platform, and the benefits it can offer your cloud initiatives.

  • The Value of Nutanix HCI for Enterprise Applications

    Sponsored by: Nutanix

    This paper illustrates the results of a study in which 11 organizations shared their experiences with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform solutions. Download the paper to learn 4 areas in which the platform provides significant business value and to view commentary on cost, scalability, and performance.

  • Flying Solo, or Going Colo?

    Sponsored by: Raritan Inc.

    Running an in-house enterprise data center is a daunting responsibility, but alternatives like colocation can raise concerns of their own. Inside this guide, learn how to determine which route will be the most valuable move for your enterprise.

  • Get Reliable Network Performance No Matter Where You Are

    Sponsored by: Vocus Communications

    Watch this brief video to see how Vocus Communications gave CHC Helicopters the reliable network performance they needed by providing an IP Telephony, data and network platform designed to withstand very high demand—in any situation.

  • Overview: Cisco HyperFlex, Powered by Intel Optane SSD

    Sponsored by: Insight

    This e-book reveals a hyper-converged infrastructure solution— Cisco HyperFlex, powered by Intel Xeon Scalable processors and Optane SSDs—capable of powering any workload, anywhere you need it. View here to learn more.

  • IT Modernization: 5 Questions to Ask

    Sponsored by: Dell EMC

    Use this resource to uncover the five key questions your organization should be asking to help position IT for modernization success.

  • How to Get the Most from Your HCI Deployment

    Sponsored by: Cisco

    In this thorough guide, learn how to accurately evaluate various hyper converged infrastructure (HCI) offerings, and ultimately select the one that's a best-fit to your organization's needs – without making unnecessary compromises.

  • Computer Weekly – 5 February 2019: Technologies to support deep learning

    Sponsored by:

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we look at the technologies needed to support deep learning and AI applications in your organisation. We hear about Southern Water's data management overhaul and the benefits achieved from centralising its data team. And we examine best practice in managing large-scale Docker implementations. Read the issue now.

  • Thinking Outside the On-Premises Data Center

    Sponsored by: Equinix

    Mark your calendars for February 21st at 1:00pm EST to hear from John McMains, CEO and technology assessment expert, as he evaluates the speeds of entry response, file transfers, and more in a collection of hybrid cloud connectivity scenarios.

  • HCI Adoption Strong and Poised for Higher Growth

    Sponsored by: Cisco

    In a world of snowballing IT complexity, hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) offers just the opposite – and it's beginning to catch on. Check out this report to find out what's causing this surge in hyper-converged popularity – and see how fellow IT pros are responding.

  • Why Dell EMC PowerEdge and Why Refresh Your Server Now?

    Sponsored by: Dell EMC

    This call guide contains information about the key points of Dell EMC's PowerEdge server portfolio, with the purpose of helping guide your conversations with prospective customers—from introduction through opportunity qualification and follow-up.

  • Future Proof Your Investment Strategy for Data Center and Cloud

    Sponsored by: VMware and Arrow

    Read this white paper to learn about a software-defined HCI architecture of compute, network, and storage virtualization technologies, that—together with automation and management—enables businesses to modernize their infrastructure, automate IT, run modern applications and more.

  • Dell EMC OEM PowerEdge Server Portfolio

    Sponsored by: Dell EMC

    This paper provides a detailed overview of the Dell EMC OEM PowerEdge server portfolio, which can accelerate your time to market so you can deliver the services your customers expect. Read on here.

  • Power Your Data Center for the Digital Economy

    Sponsored by: VMware and Arrow

    The digital economy is all about speed and innovation. To deliver both with limited resources, you need a modern data center. Read this white paper to learn how you can start your data center modernization journey, and discover benefits of doing so.

  • Digital Transformation in the Data Center

    Sponsored by: VMware and Arrow

    In this white paper, learn about the importance of modernizing your data center, and find out how you can simplify modernization with VMware, who offers tools to enhance infrastructure through compute, storage, network virtualization and automation.

  • Converged Infrastructure Overview

    Sponsored by: Focus Technology Solutions

    This unique resource outlines the benefits of converged infrastructure from the perspective of CIOs, IT administrators, and end users, including the ability to optimize capacity and performance to meet changing demands. Read on to learn how your enterprise can take advantage of CI solutions.

  • PowerEdge Rack Server Reference Guide

    Sponsored by: Dell EMC

    No one expects you to know the differences and intended use cases of various rack server models off the top of your head – so here's a cheat-sheet to make it seem like you do. Click inside to check it out.

  • FlashStack Delivers Business Value Through Efficiency, Improved Performance, and Scalability

    Sponsored by: Pure Storage

    Download this infographic for a visual breakdown of an IDC study examining FlashStack converged infrastructure, highlighting ROI, the payback period, and the concrete performance and IT benefits.

  • Introduction to Red Hat Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Virtualization

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    This video introduces you to Red Hat Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Virtualization (RHHI-V), an open-source solution with which you can eliminate the need for independently managed storage and lower operational costs by consolidating infrastructure.

  • FlashStack Delivers Business Value Through Efficiency, Performance, and Scalability

    Sponsored by: Pure Storage

    This IDC white paper evaluates the IT and business value of FlashStack converged infrastructure, determined by a survey and interview of several organizations who have implemented the solution. Read on for the results, an ROI analysis, and 5 key areas in which enterprises have benefitted from FlashStack.

  • Look Beyond Network Vendors for Network Innovation

    Sponsored by: HPE and Intel®

    In this Gartner research report, find out why they're recommending enterprises shift away from premium networking products and look to their existing network personnel to help them make their data center more agile.

  • Bang & Olufsen: Supporting Innovative Products with Innovative CX

    Sponsored by: Cogeco PEER 1

    Bang & Olufsen is an icon of electronic design and innovation, building audio-visual products intended to ride the line between high-functionality and beauty – and maintaining a customer experience that conveys it. Find out how app hosting let them sustain a cutting-edge CX strategy across 100 countries without cutting corners.

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