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  • Does the GDPR Apply to You?

    Sponsored by: Imperva

    Organizations which are not in compliance with the GDPR can expect very stiff financial penalties. This resource offers insight into which organizations the GDPR applies, key data security requirements of the regulation, non-compliance penalties and more.

  • Integrating Human and Technological Elements in your Security Strategy

    Sponsored by: Kaspersky Lab

    Cybercrime damages are expected to cost the world $6 trillion by 2021, according to CSO. This resource offers strategies for protecting your business from the ever-changing threat landscape.

  • The Mystery of the APT

    Sponsored by: Kaspersky Lab

    For companies that experiences a targeted attack, 68% report data loss or exposure as a direct result of the attack, according to a Kaspersky Lab study. This resource reveals insight into advanced persistent threats (APTs) and offers protection strategies to avoid falling victim to harmful attacks.

  • 5 Ways Modern Malware Defeats Your Defenses

    Sponsored by: Radware

    According to the Verizon DBIR, 51% of data breaches include the usage of malware, whether for initial breach, expansion within the network or heisting data. This resource reveals 5 common evasion techniques used by modern malware and how they conquer anti-malware defenses.

  • Get Going with your GDPR Plan

    Sponsored by: Imperva

    How is your organization preparing for GDPR's May 2018 deadline? Take a look at this infographic to uncover a step-by-step plan for complying with the GDPR.

  • Top 5 Database Security Threats

    Sponsored by: Imperva

    According to the Verizon DBIR, hackers are motivated by financial gain, espionage, ideology or grudge, and even fun. This white paper examines the top 5 database security threats and explains how risk sensitive organizations must remain a step ahead in their security posture.

  • A Quick History of IoT Botnets

    Sponsored by: Radware

    Gartner estimates that there will be 20 billion connected devices by 2020. Access this resource to learn about the history of IoT botnets and how the rise of connected devices can bring upon the rise of dangerous bot attacks.

  • Evolving Threat of Botnets, Web Scraping and IoT Zombies

    Sponsored by: Radware

    By 2020, the number of IoT units installed could reach as many as 20 billion, according to Gartner. This resource examines the severity of dangerous bots, which exploit IoT devices as weapons of attack.

  • Mitigating the SSL/TLS Cybersecurity Threat

    Sponsored by: Radware

    75% of web traffic will be encrypted by 2019, according to NSS Labs. Utilize this e-book to learn how to combat the growing number of complex encrypted web attacks as well as mitigate SSL/TLS cybersecurity threats.

  • Deception Matters: Slowing Down the Adversary

    Sponsored by: Illusive Networks

    In this webcast, learn about deception technology, a cybersecurity tactic which creates an illusion of reality that the adversary cannot differentiate, ultimately protecting your network and sensitive data.

  • Why a Unified Approach to IT and OT Network Security is Critical

    Sponsored by: Skybox Security

    One of the biggest challenges organizations are struggling with is limited visibility of the IT-OT attack surface. This whitepaper examines the challenges, implications and benefits of a unified approach to managing security in converged IT and OT networks.

  • Reducing Cybersecurity Costs & Risk through Automation Technologies

    Sponsored by: Juniper Networks

    This infographic summarizes key findings of the 2017 Ponemon Juniper Report detailing why automation technologies are joining forces with current security strategies.

  • Security and the de-Commoditization of Data

    Sponsored by: Juniper Networks

    According to recent reports, 81% of breaches involve stolen or weak passwords. In this webcast, learn how to prevent a security attack and protect your organization from a data breach.

  • Freedom Security Alliance Dramatically Accelerates Security Response Services

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    Explore this case study to gain insight into how Freedom Security Alliance (FSA) improved their cybersecurity strategy by accelerating security response services.

  • Cloud Security: Making Sense of the Shared Responsibility Model

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    For enterprises using cloud services, there's a lot of confusion surrounding the shared responsibility model, particularly with what security measures the enterprise must provide. This resource explores the root cause behind this confusion and offers examples of how enterprises are successfully addressing and embracing the model.

  • Web Application Security in a Digitally Connected World

    Sponsored by: Radware

    According to a recent Ponemon Institute study, 68% of organizations admit low confidence in their information security posture. Explore this research report to gain insight into 3 web application security challenges facing organizations today.

  • Cloud Apps and Data Security: Are You Safe from the New Threats?

    Sponsored by: Symantec

    How do you plan to conquer cloud chaos within your organization? This resource reveals how a cloud access security broker (CASB) can augment your cloud security approach, while embracing productivity-boosting cloud apps and services.

  • Cyber Threats: Is Your Team Up to the Challenge?

    Sponsored by: Juniper Networks

    In this webcast, gain valuable insight into how to adapt your IT security teams to overcome the evolving cybersecurity landscape.

  • IoT and the New Security Challenge

    Sponsored by: Juniper Networks

    According to a Juniper Networks survey, 94% of enterprises are changing the way they think about security due to IoT. Explore this webcast to learn about IoT and the need to consider security within your organization's IoT strategy.

  • CW Nordics ezine February 2018

    Sponsored by:

    In the first CW Nordics ezine of 2018, we take a look at some of the priorities of the region’s CIOs.

  • Top 5 Ways for Analyzing Entitlements and Identifying High-Risk

    Sponsored by: One Identity

    In this webcast, learn 5 ways to identify areas of risk before a user can abuse their access rights.

  • ASEAN IT Priorities 2018

    Sponsored by:

    This year's survey results reveal that respondents across ASEAN have earmarked some of the hottest emerging technologies as their top IT priorities for 2018. Organisations are also on the frontline when it comes to hybrid IT, an increasingly popular IT operating model for those that want the best of public and on-premise infrastructure.

  • Reducing Cybersecurity Costs & Risk through Automation Technologies

    Sponsored by: Juniper Networks

    According to a Ponemon Institute study, 59% of respondents believe cyber automation will reduce operating costs and 55% believe it will reduce personnel cost. This webcast offers insight into reducing cybersecurity costs through automation technologies.

  • Computer Weekly – 20 February 2018: The enterprise opportunities for smart speakers

    Sponsored by:

    In this week's Computer Weekly as voice-activated smart speakers grow in popularity, we examine how IT teams can use the technology in enterprise applications. Our latest buyer's guide looks at the latest developments in CRM. And UK tech sector leaders tell Parliament why they are so worried about Brexit. Read the issue now.

  • Active Directory Management and Security

    Sponsored by: One Identity

    Many organizations expect powerful access controls from their networking operating systems. This resource offers optimized Windows security by implementing an effective IAM approach, including, access control, password management and more.

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