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  • Infographic: SIEM vs. SOAR vs. XDR

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    IT security teams face an ongoing challenge: how best to collect data and turn it into intelligence to stop cyber threats. To help out, vendors have released generations of products that aggregate and analyse security events. In this infographic, learn the differences between SIEM, SOAR and XDR, and how these tools can help improve cyber security.

  • Computer Weekly - 1 February 2022: How Ocado pushes technological boundaries

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    In this week's Computer Weekly, we talk to Ocado's CTO about how the e-commerce company pushes technological boundaries. Our latest buyer's guide looks at the importance and technical challenges of data integration. There's a growing dispute over the use of end-to-end encryption – we look at the differing perspectives. Read the issue now.

  • Top 10 ASEAN IT stories of 2021

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    From adopting DevOps practices to rolling out award-winning credit processing platforms, ASEAN organisations have what it takes to be on the cutting edge of digital transformation. In this roundup, we recap the top 10 ASEAN IT stories in 2021, including the opportunities and challenges that organisations in the region have faced over the past year.

  • Top 10 ANZ IT stories of 2021

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    From using machine learning to restore public confidence to startups that are making a dent in the DevOps space, ANZ organisations have been punching above their weight on the global technology stage. In this roundup, we recap the top 10 ANZ IT stories, including the opportunities and challenges that organisations in the region have faced in 2021.

  • Visibility and Control

    Sponsored by: PKWare

    Protecting a growing volume of unstructured data can seem like an impossible task. Organizations are attempting to address this is by embracing data-centric security. In this e-book, take a closer look at classification and discover what makes it one of the key pillars of data-centric security – read on to get started.

  • United HealthCare

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    Across healthcare facilities, protecting safeguarding Protected Health Information (PHI) is a massive yet crucial responsibility – but how can you protect data if you don’t know where it resides? Read this case study to discover how United HealthCare boosted their data discover and protection capabilities thanks to a partnership with PKWare.

  • A Blueprint for Data-Centric Security

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    Data-centric security is a fundamentally different approach for protecting sensitive data from theft or misuse – but how should organizations go about embracing this new approach? Read this white paper to discover the key principles of data-centric security, along with best practices for designing and building an effective program.

  • Policy-Driven Solutions for Secure Data Exchange

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    Protecting essential data exchanges is an increasingly important business imperative. Read this white paper to learn about the importance of encryption, common challenges, how to apply policy-driven security to data exchanges, and more.

  • Simplifying GDPR Compliance

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    Since its inception in 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has cost organizations in the EU more than $330 million USD in collective fines as a result of non-compliance. Read this e-book to learn more about the costs of non-compliance and discover insights for simplifying GDPR efforts.

  • The Entropy Problem

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    The unpredictability of data is what gives encryption it’s strength – so approaches that stifle the “randomness” of the process also present weakness. Read this white paper to learn more about modern encryption and the entropy problem.

  • Is Sensitive Data Safe in the Cloud?

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    Whether you’re pondering a move to the cloud, already in the cloud or expending to a multi-cloud environment, this e-book provides you with the insight and guidance needed to assess your risk and manage sensitive data in the cloud – read on to get started.

  • Securely and Selectively Migrating Enterprise Data To the Cloud

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    In order to better secure and manage a growing amount of data, organizations are looking towards cloud capabilities for help. But security in the cloud looks much different than traditional on-premise security. Read this e-book to learn more about the basics of cloud security and how to migrate your sensitive data.

  • Simplify PCI Compliance with Smarter Scope Management

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    As organizations around the globe prepare for the newest version of PCI DSS, it’s important to revisit some of the basics of the regulation. Read this white paper for an overview of PCI DSS and discover how to minimize risk and cost without sacrificing compliance.

  • Top 10 cyber security stories of 2021

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    Cyber security was once again top of the agenda for IT leaders in 2021, with a barrage of news and analysis making it hard to separate the wheat from the chaff and the genuine insight from the self-promotional nonsense. However, there were some stand-out cyber security stories in the past 12 months that were indubitably worthy of attention.

  • Security Risks 2021: Ransomware And The Return To The Office

    Sponsored by: Illumio

    Although 2020 was a year largely defined by remote work, organizations are expected to transition towards a more hybrid work model for 2021 and beyond. Read this exclusive research report to unlock expert insight into the key security risks and challenges of a hybrid work model.

  • The Impact of XDR in the Modern SOC

    Sponsored by: Dell SecureWorks

    Extended detection and response (XDR) is gaining momentum in the security arena. ESG recently surveyed IT/InfoSec professionals across multiple industry verticals to better understand the market perception of XDR, as well as value points and challenges that come with it. Access the full ESG report to see the impact of XDR in the modern SOC.

  • Infographic: Top IT predictions in APAC in 2022

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    As one of the first in the world to emerge from the throes of the pandemic, Asia-Pacific (APAC) organisations are expected to invest more in cyber security, cloud computing and automation in 2022 to secure their digital future. In this infographic, we review some of the key IT trends that are likely to shape the industry in the next months.

  • Computer Weekly - 18 January 2022: The race to quantum computing

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    In this week's Computer Weekly, researchers are racing to create the first commercially useful quantum computer – we look at one of the European candidates. Cyber security is one of the greatest risks facing the global economy, warns the World Economic Forum. And we examine the role of employee experience in hybrid working. Read the issue now.

  • MITRE ATT&CK, a guide for businesses in 2022

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    Mitre ATT&CK is a framework, but it can also serve as a foundation to address cybersecurity as a whole moving forward. Download this e-guide and learn more about the Mitre ATT&CK framework, and which trends are shaping the way this tool can be applied to cyber security around the globe.

  • Infographic: 5 cybersecurity predictions for 2022

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    Cybercrime showed no sign of slowing down in 2021 and enterprises continue to fall victim to cyberattacks, with gangs targeting larger organizations with increasingly large demands. In good news, we can always take stock of the recent past and know what to prepare for. In this infographic, we point out five forecasts for cybersecurity in 2022.

  • The Radicati Group, Inc. Endpoint Security - Market Quadrant 2020 *

    Sponsored by: Bitdefender

    Endpoint security has become a top priority in 2020 – but threats are always evolving, so it’s critical to ensure endpoints are protected with the best-in-class defenses. Read this research report from The Radicati Group for an overview of the key trends, risks and top offerings as they relate to the endpoint security market.

  • Navigating The Unpredictability Of It Security, With Stuart Mcirvine

    Sponsored by: BROADCOM, Inc

    Tune into this episode of the Conversations with Dez podcast to join Broadcom Director of Product Management Stuart McIrvine as they discuss the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape, the role of mainframe security in the larger cybersecurity picture, Broadcom’s efforts to make the world a safer place, and more.

  • Secure Beyond Breach: A Practical Guide

    Sponsored by: Illumio

    Based on real-world scenarios and written by industry experts who have been in the trenches, Secure Beyond Breach is a practical guide that details how to implement a micro-segmentation strategy from start to finish. It's an essential read for all cybersecurity professionals, from security architects to IT infrastructure teams to CISOs.

  • Efficacy Of Micro-segmentation Assessment Report

    Sponsored by: Illumio

    The purpose of incorporating micro-segmentation as part of a larger Zero Trust security strategy is to prevent threat actors from moving laterally within a network – but how effective is micro-segmentation in practice? Read this research report for an in-depth analysis of the capabilities, challenges and potential benefits of micro-segmentation.

  • Enable End-to-end Zero Trust To Achieve Effective Outcomes

    Sponsored by: Illumio

    Illumio was highlighted as a leader in The Forrester Wave: Zero Trust eXtended Ecosystem Platform Providers report based on their current offering and strategy regarding end-to-end Zero Trust in the post-perimeter era. Read this report to learn more about Illumio’s offering and discover why Forrester gave it such high regards.

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