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  • Replacing SharePoint: A Guide to How Drive Enterprise is Different- and What to Expect When You Make the Switch

    Ready to modernize your content management? Replacing SharePoint is easier than your think. Inside, learn how Google Drive and SharePoint differ, and explore how Google Drive can help improve your organization's content management and collaboration capabilities.

  • METRO: Stacking technology and business intelligence to simplify customers' lives

    Read this white paper to learn how utilizing Google Cloud resulted in reduced instabilities and infrastructure costs that helped stabilize METRO as a long-term presence in their markets.

  • Broad Institute: Discovering human health revelations hidden in DNA

    Open this case study to learn about Broad Institute's journey with the Google Cloud Platform to a secure, cloud-based infrastructure for processing and analyzing genomic data.

  • LG CNS uses Google Cloud IoT and Edge TPU

    With Google Cloud and Edge TPU, LG CNS is putting deep learning models directly into computer vision systems, running them locally and with improved accuracy and speed. Watch this partner success story to learn how LG CNS has improved their anomaly and imperfection detection with these intelligent innovations.

  • Cloud in Healthcare

    Within the healthcare industry, maximizing medical data has become a focal point for accelerating better health services, but one that can be hard to optimize without the right platform. Watch this video to learn how the National Health Institute relied on Google Cloud to empower medical researchers, and create more effective patient care.

  • How Chevron is using AutoML Vision to find information

    Watch this official Google presentation to learn how Chevron uses Google AutoML Vision to find the information that was always challenging to get when they needed it.

  • Disrupting eCommerce

    Integrating a cloud platform like Google Cloud allows businesses to enhance customer experiences, which in the end is priority one. Watch this short 8 minute video to understand how eBay incorporated Google Cloud to enhance their retail operations.

  • LATAM Airlines Journey to becoming a Digital Airline

    LATAM Airlines, the largest airline in South America, aims to give their customers the best experience possible through excellent operations and a complex IT environment. Watch this quick video to learn how they're using Google Cloud to deliver better customer service and business performance.

  • New York Times CTO announces partnership with Google Cloud

    Cloud platforms present some truly amazing opportunities for businesses to enhance their operations, no matter the industry. Watch this 6 minute video to see how Google Cloud is allowing the New York Times to transform its historical archive, and empower its journalists moving forward.

  • Keller Williams: Gaining speed and performance after migrating to Google Cloud

    By migrating to cloud, your company can establish a new aspect of tech-driven culture to your business. Watch this short 2 minute video to see how Keller Williams experienced serious growth after switching from AWS Cloud to Google Cloud, and even ended up winning an impressive award as a result.

  • How Google Cloud Securely Enables Modern End-User Computing

    A multilayered security solution that works up and down the enterprise end user computing tech stack, could help your organization be more mobile and more productive, without sacrificing security. Download this blog post to learn more about the benefits of Google Cloud today.

  • Putting the 'ease' in Kubernetes with latest enhancements to GKE

    In this blog post, check out all of the new GKE functionalities that you may have missed. Learn about all the new capabilities in managing releases, deploying Windows containers, monitoring, and much more.

  • American Cancer Society: Analyzing Breast Cancer Images Faster and Better with Machine Learning

    Read this case study to learn how—with the help of Slalom and Google Cloud Platform—one doctor was able to initiate machine learning algorithms that parsed thousands of research critical images at a fraction of the time and cost of a full team of professionals.

  • PayPal partners with Google Cloud

    Watch this short 10 minute video to hear from PayPal's SVP CTO on how the Google Cloud allowed for the international enterprise to make a transformation towards a better future through scalability, flexibility, and modernization.

  • American Eagle: Building a Multi-Terabyte Marketing Data Warehouse

    Watch this webinar to learn how American Eagle teamed up with Google Cloud and Merkle to build a multi-terabyte marketing data warehouse that utilizes machine learning to better personalize customer experience.

  • Explore G Suite: Product Features and Benefits

    View this brief video to explore G Suite collaboration software from Google. Inside, you'll discover G Suite product features and benefits, and learn how G Suite can help your organization achieve digital business transformation, drive continuous innovation, and increase employee satisfaction.

  • The Cloud Method at Scotiabank

    One of the most common misconceptions when approaching cloud programing is thinking of it as a location. Cloud actually exists as a method for your business to use when trying to modernize its processes and boost efficiency. In this 8 minute video, learn how Scotiabank believes cloud computing method can transform the business pipeline.

  • HSBC's Journey to Google Cloud Platform

    This brief video walks through HSBC's experience becoming fully integrated with Google Cloud, and how it was able to improve their business model moving and change the banking operations model moving forward.

  • GO-JEK: Using Machine Learning for forecasting and dynamic pricing

    GO-JEK was able to build a data science centric ecosystem that capitalizes on customer behavior, leading them to develop new and profitable products that continue to deliver huge profit. Read this case study to learn how Google Cloud Platform and machine learning helped bring this startup into its current digital leadership.

  • Fighting piracy with BigQuery

    Sky Sports spends $1.6 billion USD per year to get the rights to broadcast English Premier League football. Watch this presentation from Sky Sports to learn how they've used Google Cloud and BigQuery to secure their data from attackers, even as the second largest IP in the UK.

  • Solving the BYOD Puzzle with Google Apps

    This resource explores the challenges of the bring your own device (BYOD) trend an introduces how Google Apps allows both data and functionality to live in the cloud, overcoming these challenges.

  • Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook

    This paper provides an overview of Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook, which eases the transition to Google Apps by providing all the benefits of the Google cloud to users of Outlook.

  • E-Zine: Enterprise CIO Decisions: CIO Perspectives on Cloud Computing

    If there’s an overhyped term today, it is cloud computing. Cautiously optimistic might be one way to describe some of those attitudes presented in this edition of Enterprise CIO Decisions: Many see the benefits, but costs, risk and uncertainty still prevail. At the very least, cloud computing is forcing IT professionals to innovate.

  • E-Book: Cloud Computing in the UK - The Next Phase

    This e-book is meant to provide guidance for managing applications in the cloud. Read on to learn why cloud adoption is ramping up in the UK, strategies for migrating and integrating new cloud models into your existing infrastructure, best practices from CIOs, solution providers and analysts, and much more!

  • Exchange Insider E-Zine - Volume 4: The Exchange Migration Path Is Paved With Caution

    Volume 4 of the Exchange Insider e-zine looks at how diminished budgets will affect IT pros’ migration plans in 2010—and where Exchange Server 2010 fits into their roadmaps. Also discover tools you need to troubleshoot mail flow issues and to tackle the perpetual question of how much security is needed for your Exchange environment.

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