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  • State of the Messaging Market 2019

    Sponsored by: Bandwith

    Today's businesses are engaging with customers via text as a preferred way of communication. But in 2019, the messaging industry's regulations and infrastructure is predicted to change drastically—in part due to emerging technologies like 5G wireless. Learn how these changes are expected to affect businesses in this research report.

  • Maximizing the Value of Your Communications Investment

    Sponsored by: Spectrum Enterprise

    User adoption is a huge part of implementing a unified communications tool. In this white paper, learn about a communications suite that has built-in technical support to help ensure consistent adoption across your organization.

  • Encouraging Adoption of Communication Tools Among Employees

    Sponsored by: Spectrum Enterprise

    In this white paper, learn about a unified communications and collaboration provider who offers built-in support through online user guides, webinars, and even on-site training—enabling everyone in your organization to reap the full benefits of the applications.

  • Communicate to Collaborate: 5 Benefits of Implementing Unified Communications

    Sponsored by: Spectrum Enterprise

    In this brief white paper, explore 5 benefits of implementing a UC platform and how they can help your organization.

  • UCaaS + SIP Trunking for Positive ROI: A Cost Analysis of Hybrid Cloud Deployments

    Sponsored by: MASERGY

    Read this white paper to consider cost factors and tips to improve your return on investment (ROI) when presenting tangible financial benefits for executive approval for UCaaS purchases.

  • Establishing Tele-operation of Medical Equipment in Space

    Sponsored by: TeamViewer

    TeamViewer worked alongside the National Centre for Space Studies in France, also known as CNES, to design a private link that allowed space and ground researchers to interact in ways that were never previously possible. Learn how they did that in this case study.

  • How to Handle VoIP Security Risks

    Sponsored by: Verizon

    Like many technologies, Voice over IP (VoIP) has been thought to suffer from treating security as an afterthought—but that could slowly be changing. Learn how you can protect your data and build a secure, well-managed voice and data network in this white paper.

  • A Guide to Successful UC&C Migration

    Sponsored by: Verizon

    In this white paper, learn about Verizon adoption services and how they can help ensure a successful UCC migration by developing a tailored strategy for each customer, which helps limit the impact of a migration on day-to-day operations and maintain continuity.

  • The Importance of Adoption in a UC&C Deployment

    Sponsored by: Verizon

    Find out how you can simplify and improve adoption of new unified communication and collaboration tools with Verizon's Adoption Service team—whose sole purpose is to make sure the services you deploy are not just made available to your users but are actually being used.

  • Discover Unified Communications and Collaboration as a Service

    Sponsored by: Verizon

    In this white paper, learn about Verizon's Global Private IP Service, a private network designed to support your critical unified communications and collaboration while maintaining security in the cloud.

  • Comparing UC Vendors: 6 Key Considerations

    Sponsored by: Mitel Networks Limited

    With more business communications providers than ever before, how do you decide which vendor is the best fit for your organization? Read this guide to review 6 key considerations that you can use to help choose a UC vendor.

  • Thinking Big: Unified Communications for the Enterprise

    Sponsored by: Mitel Networks Limited

    Before you dive into the unified communications (UC) pool, there are quite a few things you should be on the lookout for. Read this brief blog post to learn the 4 main features you should look for in your next UC tool.

  • CapEx vs. OpEx: Considerations for Moving UC to the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Avaya

    In this white paper, learn about the financial implications of moving UC to the cloud, and how it can help you save money.

  • How to Outfit Boardrooms and Classrooms with Video Conferencing

    Sponsored by: Logitech Inc.

    In this webinar, learn about a video conferencing system designed to be easy-to-deploy, and see how you can set it up for your mid to large-sized conferencing rooms.

  • Why Team Collaboration is the New Centerpiece of UC

    Sponsored by: MASERGY

    In the digital era, the term "team collaboration" is taking on new meaning and is poised to be the sought-after feature set in cloud-based unified communications platforms—but what is it? Read this white paper to find out what team collaboration is and the benefits it can offer.

  • Avaya State Of The Desktop Report

    Sponsored by: Avaya

    In a survey of over 1,200 full-time workers, 43% reported that their primary communication device at work is a dedicated desktop phone, according to Avaya's State of the Desktop Report. Download the full report to review other desktop communication trends.

  • A Buyer's Guide to Cloud Communications

    Sponsored by: Avaya

    This ZK Research buyer's guide for cloud communications looks at the top digital drivers changing enterprise networks, and explores why now may be the time to move UC and contact center communications to the cloud.

  • Growth Opportunities for Video Conferencing

    Sponsored by: Logitech Inc.

    Currently, huddle-room meetings account for 8.1% of all video conferencing room meetings, but Frost & Sullivan estimates that number will grow to 69.8% by 2022. Explore other research findings from Growth Opportunities for Video Conferencing in Huddle Rooms in this executive summary.

  • CPaaS vs. UCaaS: Which is Right for You?

    Sponsored by: West IP Communications

    In this expert guide, learn about the differing features of UCaaS and CPaaS platforms and how they could fit into your enterprise communications.

  • Unified Team Communications: Power Collaboration Between All Your Workers

    Sponsored by: Motorola, Inc.

    Download this guide to learn about Motorola Solutions and how their communication devices can help you connect people, properties and locations to streamline operations, keep your workers safe, control costs and enhance guest satisfaction.

  • Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS): Redefining Communications

    Sponsored by: Motorola, Inc.

    What is the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) and what does it mean for your organization? Find out in the white paper, and separate fact from fiction by busting 4 CBRS myths.

  • Optimizing Room Design for Video Conferencing

    Sponsored by: Logitech Inc.

    In this white paper, Frost & Sullivan examines how businesses are embracing new collaboration tools for video conferencing. Explore the current state of the sector, as well as top considerations for classroom learning and large room meetings.

  • Boost Team Collaboration with Video Conferencing

    Sponsored by: Logitech Inc.

    McLaren Group, a British technology manufacturer, wanted to make sure their workforce—which spans remote home workers, external agencies and track-side teams—could collaborate via video when and where they needed to. Find out how they made that possible using a combination of Logitech's desktop peripherals and video collaboration tools.

  • How Delta Air Lines Connected Their Organization with an Interactive Classroom

    Sponsored by: Logitech Inc.

    Logitech and Herman Miller, a global provider of furnishings and related technologies, recently teamed up to create an advanced Distance Learning Classroom for Delta Air Lines' TechOps division. Learn how they made that possible with Zoom Video Communications in this case study.

  • Zoom Takes Video Conferencing on the Road

    Sponsored by: Logitech Inc.

    Matching the Zoom Video software platform with the right video collaboration hardware is key to optimizing the total experience. Learn how you can better support Zoom with Logitech MeetUp—a plug-and-play collaboration device designed to deliver reliable video quality in small rooms.

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