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  • Comprehensive Office 365 Backup

    Sponsored by: Druva

    Access this e-book to learn the requirements of Office 365 backup, the use cases that are possible, and the benefits of applying a cloud-native solution to these environments.

  • How to Protect Data in an All Cloud World

    Sponsored by: Clumio

    Access this white paper to view 5 major takeaways in the discussion of how to protect data in an all cloud world and discover how Clumio’s SaaS Data Protection solution could be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

  • Stay Ahead of Ransomware

    Sponsored by: Clumio

    Ransomware is constantly evolving which makes establishing a solid backup strategy for ransomware a necessity. Check out this data sheet to learn more about the evolution of ransomware and discover how Clumio’s Backup as a Service solution can keep your data secure with 3 distinguished advantages.

  • Why a Backup Strategy for Microsoft Office 365 is Essential for Security, Compliance, and Business Continuity

    Sponsored by: Clumio

    Download this IDC white paper to dig into the O365 backup essentials, including 3 risks of not backing up O365 data and 3 key features to look for in a solution.

  • 5 Must-Haves for Your Next Enterprise Backup Solution

    Sponsored by: Cohesity

    Access this white paper to learn 5 must-haves when evaluating your next enterprise backup and recovery investment to overcome the operational challenges of disparate data and to simplify data management.

  • Data Protection for FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX with Veritas Software

    Sponsored by: Fujitsu

    This white paper from Fujitsu talks about Veritas NetBackup’s licensing structure, front end terabytes and backup policies, and future innovations—but that just scratches the surface. Access it here to learn how NetBackup Software can help protect your business-critical assets in HCI’s like Fujitsu Integrated System PRIMEFLEX environments.

  • Data Protection for FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX with Veeam Software

    Sponsored by: Fujitsu

    Access this white paper to learn how Veeam has developed their software to support converged, hyper-converged, and hybrid cloud infrastructure solutions from Fujitsu.

  • How to Navigate the Ransomware Recovery Process

    Sponsored by: Spin Tech

    Ransomware is bad enough, so there is no need to rush to bring systems and workloads back online too soon and cause additional problems. Access this e-guide to learn the steps to effectively navigate the ransomware recovery process, discover ways to improve your backup strategy, and more.

  • Ransomware Backup Strategies and Guidelines to Help Ensure Recovery

    Sponsored by: Spin Tech

    Check out this e-guide to discover how to protect backups from ransomware infiltration and other risks, 3 guidelines to determine your anti-ransomware backup strategy, 6 ways to reduce the backup threat surface, and more.

  • Buyer’s Guide to Modern Web-Scale Backup & Recovery

    Sponsored by: Cohesity

    Access this e-book to learn the fundamental questions to ask about your current backup and recovery environment, common data protection and recovery issues currently faced by organizations, what to look for in the next backup and recovery solution, and more.

  • Counter Ransomware Attacks with Cohesity

    Sponsored by: Cohesity

    Cohesity counters ransomware attacks and helps your organization avoid paying ransom through its comprehensive, end-to end, multilayered approach. Access this data sheet to learn 3 key benefits of using Cohesity to battle ransomware through its prevention, detection, and response components.

  • 3 Ways Modern Backup Supports Your Business During Uncertain Times

    Sponsored by: Cohesity

    With data volume continuing to grow, a simple and secure modern backup solution can help boost your organizational preparedness while supporting your IT efficiency, data recovery, and compliance goals. Access this data sheet to learn 3 ways modern backup can support your specific business during uncertain times.

  • Office 365 Backup with Barracuda

    Sponsored by: Barracuda

    Access this video to learn about Barracuda, a solution that can back up your whole Office 365 environment to the cloud via their cloud to cloud backup system.

  • Quickly and Efficiently Recover from a Ransomware Attack with Rubrik Data Management

    Sponsored by: Rubrik

    Rubrik Ransomware Recovery protects your data from ransomware and ensures multi-layered data security by encrypting all data at rest and in transit. Access this white paper to learn why ESG believes that if you want fast, seamless recovery from a ransomware attack, Rubrik is a vendor to watch.

  • Why It Is Crucial to Assess Your Organization’s Data Protection Needs

    Sponsored by: OVHCloud

    Download this e-guide to learn how to assess your data protection needs, discover 5 considerations before buying data backup software, and much more.

  • How to Test Your Company’s Disaster Preparedness

    Sponsored by: Ensono Limited

    Companies that encounter the most surprises during a disaster are the ones that don’t test their BCDR plans or perform tests that aren’t as close to reality as possible. Access this data sheet to learn the questions you should be asking about your BCDR plan, why testing will make your BCDR plans stronger, and helpful scenarios to test.

  • Purpose-Built Backup Appliances: Market Results

    Sponsored by: Dell Technologies & Intel®

    To assist you on your PBBA journey, IDC has done market research on PBBA’s distinguishing characteristics, top benefits, trends, considerations, and more. Access this IDC white paper to learn if it’s time to implement a PBBA in your organization.

  • 10 Best Practices for VM Backup

    Sponsored by: Veeam Software

    Access this webcast from Veeam to learn the factors affecting VM backups, off-site data protection strategies, how to ensure data is recoverable and secure, and why every business should have a backup strategy to guarantee virtual machines are properly protected and recoverable.

  • Removing Data Protection Roadblocks for Amazon RDS

    Sponsored by: Clumio

    Access this white paper to learn how Clumio compliments Amazon’s RDS to strengthen your data protection strategy by backing up your data wherever it needs to be without compromising on regulatory and security requirements.

  • Do You Know What Cloud First Means for Your Data Protection Strategy?

    Sponsored by: Clumio

    Unlike a traditional data center, the cloud is always on the move, bringing information where it is needed, , and can quickly respond to scaling workloads. Access this white paper to discover how Clumio is delivering next-gen data protection with 5 cloud storage innovations.

  • Choosing the Right Backup and Recovery Solution for Your Cloud Data

    Sponsored by: N2W Software

    Access this free guide from N2WS for learn how to protect your cloud with the best solution for you.

  • 5-min demo: Hybrid Cloud Acceleration

    Sponsored by: Veeam Software

    The adoption of modern backup systems is driving rapid cloud adoption through the unification of tools, ensuring over 49% savings in hybrid cloud protection. This demo from Veeam shows how to use native backup and recovery services straight from the cloud, reducing time, cost, and resources.Access it here.

  • Be Prepared for Ransomware Recovery

    Sponsored by: Clumio

    Read this paper to view 4 essential pillars of ransomware recovery and to learn how Clumio’s robust cloud data protection fulfills these requirements.

  • Beat ransomware: Education, Implementation and remediation with Veeam

    Sponsored by: Veeam Software

    Access this ebook to learn 3 ultimate strategies for ransomware resiliency because when you strengthen your defense, you can avoid data loss, financial loss, business reputation damage, and more.

  • 5-min demo: Modernizing Backup

    Sponsored by: Veeam Software

    With Cloud Data Management from Veeam, organizations can achieve substantial results, including 50% lower cost of data protection and backup, and higher productivity across development, backup, and recovery teams. Access this video to discover how to re-use your backup data to drive rapid application development through virtual sandboxes.

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