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  • Battling Unstructured Data Sprawl: Consolidate, Extend, Transform

    Sponsored by: Qumulo

    By using a hybrid cloud storage software with both on-prem data centers and cloud environments, organizations can bring data to the application, wherever it resides. Access this e-book to learn the 3 characteristics that can help consolidate data extend across to the public cloud and transform business operations.

  • Why a tape backup system is still a good storage option

    Sponsored by: Fujifilm Recording Media USA, Inc.

    Tape backup isn't going anywhere just yet. Get the rundown on current uses for tape, accompanying technologies and vendor updates in this essential guide.

  • Preparing for the Inevitable: A Disaster Recovery Webinar

    Sponsored by: OffSiteDataSync and Veeam

    Whether your organization has a disaster recovery plan in place, or you think you’re doing it right, it’s important to be sure your data is safe should disaster strike. Watch this webinar from OffsiteDataSync and Veeam to help you optimize your data protection efforts.

  • Top Advantages of a Hyperconverged Infrastructure

    Sponsored by: Hitachi Vantara

    Dive into this data sheet to discover the 7 top advantages of modernizing your data center with a hyperconverged infrastructure platform.

  • Hyperconverged IT: Key to Increasing IT Agility and Fueling Digital Transformation

    Sponsored by: Hitachi Vantara

    HCI increases the agility of IT organizations looking to invest in the cloud. However, what should you be looking for in a solution? Access this data sheet to learn the top 6 drivers of HCI adoption, learn about a solution that meets these needs, and the benefits you can achieve from deployment

  • Learn How a Smart Hyperconverged Infrastructure Can Improve Your Business Competitiveness

    Sponsored by: Hitachi Vantara

    By implementing a hyperconverged infrastructure, organizations can improve efficiency while ensuring always-on availability. Access this white paper to learn about a single vendor HCI solution that can help you manage the entire lifecycle of your data through 5 key benefits.

  • Disaster Recovery Planning Ahead

    Sponsored by: OffSiteDataSync and Veeam

    A disaster recovery plan will help your organization resume business operations within an acceptable timeframe should an outage or emergency occur. Access this e-book to learn why disaster recovery plans are necessary for businesses of all sizes and get guidance for putting your plan into action.

  • Putting Disaster Recovery to the Test

    Sponsored by: OffSiteDataSync and Veeam

    Now that your DR plan is in place, how do you know it works? Access this e-book from the thought leaders at OffsiteDataSync and Veeam to learn how to test your disaster recovery plan before an actual disaster strikes, how to determine what to test, and more.

  • Multiple Cloud Storage Providers, Multiple Stakeholders, One Data Protection Engine

    Sponsored by: Ionic Security

    Organizations should be looking for a flexible cloud storage tool that can simplify security and management across diverse ecosystems. Access this blog post to learn about a solution that provides security, privacy, and integrity for cloud storage platforms through dynamic policies and full analytics.

  • Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service Overview

    Sponsored by: OffSiteDataSync and Veeam

    Hardware failures, power outages, and cyberattacks can cripple a business when data is lost. But what exactly would a disaster recovery solution look like for you? Access this white paper from OffsiteDataSync and Veeam to examine your options for setting up a critical recovery plan.

  • Hitachi Early to Market with a Bespoke HCI Solution Built Around NVMe and Storage-Class Memory

    Sponsored by: Hitachi Vantara

    One major use case for NVMe technology will be integrating it with hyper-converged infrastructure to improve scale out capabilities. Access this IDC white paper to learn about an HCI architecture designed to leverage NVMe and SCM and to view its benefits and IDC’s take on the technology.

  • Top 20 Hyperconvergence Questions Answered

    Sponsored by: Nutanix

    This e-book will answer the top 20 questions people like you have posed about HCI, so download it here for the answers to all of your queries and to see for yourself if HCI is a good fit for your enterprise.

  • Cloud Storage System Optimized for Constant Change

    Sponsored by: Datera

    Access this e-book to learn the best practices and benefits of implementing a software-defined storage solution built from the ground up to address the needs of tier 1 applications.

  • Why Self-Driving Storage is Essential in a Cloud World

    Sponsored by: Datera

    Access this e-book to explore a self-driving software-defined storage model that can respond and adapt to changes in the internal or external environment in order to optimize performance and capacity as needed.

  • Achieving Tier 1 Storage Performance with Cloud Operations

    Sponsored by: Datera

    The need has never been greater for a storage performance model that can achieve business velocity and operational agility. Download this white paper to learn how to achieve optimal storage performance inthe SDDC and the several measurements that go into creating a successful storage performance tracking model.

  • Hybrid Cloud Done Right with Automated Hyperconverged Infrastructure

    Sponsored by: Hitachi Data Systems & Intel

    Choosing an ideal fit for hybrid cloud implementations is crucial for any organization. Check out this custom white paper to discover how to select the right HCI solution for your hybrid cloud, regardless of current infrastructure or philosophy on where, how, and when to deploy hybrid cloud for key workloads.

  • The Ascent to Hyperscale

    Sponsored by: Fujifilm Recording Media USA, Inc.

    To manage massive data growth and long-term retention challenges, organizations are leveraging tape technology solutions. Access this white paper to learn how modern tape can fulfill the needs of the hyperscale data center, to view a case study on maximizing data protection efficiency, and to discover the 6 points to remember about modern tape.

  • Lightboard Video: 5 Essential Storage Needs for Global 1000 Cloud Deployments

    Sponsored by: Datera

    In order to focus on modernizing the data center, IT needs an approach that goes beyond arrays, HCI, and initial attempts at SDS. Access this video to hear what the next generation of SDS solutions must deliver to enable Global 1000 data centers to power their organizations’ clouds for the future.

  • Datera Enterprise SDS Agility: Get a Free Consultation

    Sponsored by: Datera

    Watch this webcast to learn how an enterprise software-defined storage solution can fulfill the need for more flexibility and easier scaling and hear the value you can get from applied machine learning.

  • What Ever Happened to The Software defined Data Center: Storage Switzerland

    Sponsored by: Datera

    SDDCs need a storage system designed from the ground up to meet the needs of the evolving, performance-sensitive data center, which includes both legacy and modern application demands. Read this white paper to discover 5 key storage requirements for the SDDC and how to make that a reality.

  • Best Practice Guide: Disaster Recovery

    Sponsored by: Databarracks

    Because of the uncertainties surrounding disasters or outages, your organization needs to be proactive with its DR practices: copying offsite data, creating a plan, and preparing your workforce. Access this white paper to learn the proven, best practices for DR to make your business more resilient in the wake of a disaster, no matter how serious.

  • Two sides of the same coin: A new way to think about data and infrastructure management

    Sponsored by: Hedvig - A Commvault Venture

    Organizations today are ditching the old ways of siloed management and instead managing data and infrastructure in one unified environment. With the ever-growing demand for scale-out storage architecture, software-defined storage (SDS) is the current leading solution for unstructured data. Learn more about the SDS shift in this Commvault webinar.

  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to on-site, off-site and cloud-based disaster recovery

    Sponsored by:

    With businesses becoming increasingly dependent on data to function, being able to recover quickly from an IT systems failure is critical. In this 14-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at the various options available when implementing disaster recovery.

  • The Cost of IT Downtime Calculator

    Sponsored by: Databarracks

    Explore this e-book to use an interactive downtime calculator that can improve the standard of business continuity planning for your enterprise, avail you of the true cost of downtime for you specifically, and help you justify any future investment in disaster recovery technologies.

  • Pittsburg State University Case Study

    Sponsored by: Hedvig - A Commvault Venture

    When the failure rate of the spinning disks in their old SANs dramatically increased, Pittsburgh State University knew they had to make a change. Read this case study to learn about the 3-site distributed storage environment PSU employed to strengthen resiliency and the benefits that implementing it led to.

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