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  • High Performance Computing (HPC) at TACC

    Sponsored by: Pavilion

    Check out this case study to learn what goes into Pavilion HFA, discover 3 strategic management features it brings to the table, and see how it alleviated Texas Advanced Computing Center’s pains with their aging infrastructure.

  • Wall Street Hedge Fund Addresses Highly Competitive Transactions with SQL Server for Windows

    Sponsored by: Pavilion

    On the journey to revolutionize finance by changing how data is used to shape thinking, wall street hedge funds are taking a closer look at their storage. Read this case study to learn 4 benefits of the NVMe-enabled Pavilion HyperParallel Data Platform and see the positive results that it led to for one industry leader.

  • DevOps and Containers Case Study

    Sponsored by: Pavilion

    Read this case study to see how Pavilion’s HyperParallel Flash Array was able to bring agility back to DevOps, giving teams the freedom to add, change, or remove clusters and applications as needed while leveraging the performance benefits of Rack-Scale Flash.

  • Storage Performance Density Emerging Requirements for Modern Applications

    Sponsored by: Pavilion

    Check out this white paper to learn why applications suffer from poor storage performance density and discover how Pavilion HyperParallel Data Platform uniquely solves the modern application storage performance density problem without the forced compromises of alternative approaches.

  • Day in the Life of a DBA with Nutanix HCI

    Sponsored by: Nutanix

    In this video, discover how Nutanix’s HCI platform and its database as a service software can reduce risk, optimize costs, and increase the agility of your database environment.

  • Databases On Hyperconverged Infrastructure: Top 20 Questions Answered

    Sponsored by: Nutanix

    Check out this white paper to discover the top 20 questions, and answers, about the benefits of using hyperconverged infrastructure for database operations and management.

  • Hyperconverged Solutions with Hitachi Unified Compute Platform HC

    Sponsored by: Hitachi Vantara

    Check out this video to learn about Hitachi Unified Compute Platform HC, an HCI solution that improves IT agility, enables a faster, more efficient response to business demands, gives you the ability to independently scale resources, and more.

  • Top Data Backup Tips Target Remote Protection and the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Datavita

    As the workforce went almost completely remote, cybersecurity has become a growing concern because home networks are typically less secure than business ones. Check out this e-guide to learn 5 backup tips to get through a time like no other.

  • The Business Value of Dell EMC VxRail and VMware Cloud Foundation on Dell EMC VxRail

    Sponsored by: Dell Technologies and Intel®

    To see the real impact of HCI on IT and business operations, IDC spoke with Dell Technologies customers running their critical applications on Dell EMC VxRail. Access the white paper here to learn the results of the survey, which include popular use cases, quantified business benefits, and more.

  • Hyperconverged Infrastructure: A Market Update

    Sponsored by: Hitachi Vantara

    In this 451 Research report, gain access to vendor profiles of 26 leading HCI solutions that are revolutionizing the market. Check it out to also see 4 key HCI findings that are influencing decision makers during their HCI journey.

  • Leveraging HCI to Accelerate Data Center Agility & Hybrid Cloud Workflows

    Sponsored by: Hitachi Vantara

    Many organizations are turning to HCI, one of the fastest growing segments of the IT industry, to close the gap in their transformation initiatives. Read this IDC white paper to learn about Hitachi Vantara’s Software-defined Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure which includes its HCI platform based on VMware vSAN.

  • How to Control Your Data in an Unpredictable Environment

    Sponsored by: Zadara Storage

    Access this webcast to learn how COVID-19 is impacting enterprise and cloud services, the digital transformation of UnionBank, and the role of Zadara Cloud Services in all of it.

  • Analyzing the Economic and Operational Benefits of the Dell EMC Data Protection Portfolio

    Sponsored by: Dell Technologies

    Access this ESG white paper to see the results of a recent Technology Spending Intentions Survey as well as learn what’s included in the Dell EMC data protection portfolio, including 3 cost benefits it can bring to your organization.

  • Hitachi UCP-HC Powered by vSAN

    Sponsored by: Hitachi Vantara

    Check out this blog post to learn how to set up a UCP HC cluster powered by vSAN from Hitachi and see the benefits it can bring.

  • Transform Your IT with All-NVMe Hyperconvergence

    Sponsored by: Hitachi Vantara

    The hyperconverged Hitachi Unified Compute Platform HC, enabled with Intel Optane solid-state disk (SSD), is an all-NVMe storage system that can replace struggling legacy architecture. Check out this white paper to learn 6 key features that contribute to its high performance, high resource utilization, and lower costs.

  • Modernize IT With Full-Stack Hyperconverged Infrastructure

    Sponsored by: Hitachi Vantara

    Access this white paper to learn the 3 characteristics that make Hitachi Unified Compute Platform HC a next generation hyperconverged solution

  • Data Storage Cost Containment Strategies

    Sponsored by: Iron Mountain

    Access this white paper from IDG and Iron Mountain to learn several data storage cost containment strategies; for key points to consider regarding data restoration and migration projects; learn how to simplify, accelerate, and optimize data management strategies, and more.

  • Enterprises Need HCI, Not Another Silo

    Sponsored by: Hitachi Vantara

    Access this white paper to learn the extent that Hitachi’s HCI integrates with core data center infrastructures, how that compares with leading HCI systems, and what that means for enterprise IT. Inside, you’ll also find the benefits of incorporating both HCI and SAN-based storage.

  • Rubrik And Microsoft Azure Technology Overview And How It Works

    Sponsored by: Rubrik

    The Rubrik Cloud Data Management platform provides a cloud-native approach to managing the lifecycle of data. To discover its benefits, learn about its compatibility with Microsoft Azure, and see how it works, including uses cases, check out this white paper.

  • Disaggregated Hyperconverged IT: Why and How

    Sponsored by: Hitachi Vantara

    In this resource, explore 6 customer benefits realized after integrating HCI and vSAN, including policy-based automation and in-demand performance.

  • National Tree Company Success Story

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Check out this case study to learn the how dHCI keeps business-critical order processing applications always-on for holiday tree reseller National Tree Company, always-fast, and resource-efficient at scale through 3 benefits.

  • Six Data Storage And Management Challenges (And How To Solve Them)

    Sponsored by: Hitachi Vantara

    Check out this white paper to learn 6 data and storage management challenges that you need to solve to achieve performance and agility that scales and discover how Hitachi’s Virtual Storage Platform for Midsized Enterprises can help.

  • Reimagining HCI to Take IT Further – HPE Nimble Storage dHCI

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Check out this data sheet to learn about HPE Nimble Storage dHCI. Nicknamed HCI 2.0, it is a new architecture that delivers the HCI experience of unified management and VM-centric operations with higher availability, faster performance, and flexibility at scale.

  • HCI 2.0 from HPE: How It Can Help Your Business Thrive

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Access this e-book to learn about HCI 2.0, an intelligent solution from HPE that addresses the issues of its processor while providing 4 benefits to help SMBs thrive in the transformed business landscape.

  • Data Storage At Midsized Enterprises

    Sponsored by: Hitachi Vantara

    451 Research recently conducted a study to examine the priorities, concerns, and strategies of midsized enterprises regarding storage infrastructure and the impact of COVID-19. Check out the report to see the highlights of this recent study and how to confront the challenges mentioned.

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