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  • Securing Success in the Cloud


  • Shinsegae Group Delivers its Cloud Strategy Through Nutanix

    When the Shinsegae Group wanted to upgrade their IT services, spanning dozens of companies, they turned to the Nutanix Cloud Platform as a way to achieve high availability, performance, flexibility, and more. Read on to learn how their partnership with Nutanix impressed, with better IT efficiency, virtualization, and IOPS than expected.

  • Nutanix helps Asia United Bank Fulfill its Promise


  • Nutanix Cloud Platform for Oracle Database

    Access this short white paper to learn why the Nutanix Cloud Platform is being adopted by so many organizations looking to get the most out of their Oracle database deployments, with results including improved database performance by up to 5x, simplified DB management, database operational costs cut by up to 87%, and more.

  • RBL Bank Drives its Digital Journey with Nutanix

    Access this case study to learn how Nutanix’s database and end-user computing (EUC) solutions helped RBL Bank accelerate its time to market services from 2-4 days to 4-6 hours, eliminated downtime with a 99% cut in EUC service tickets, and led to a 35% improvement in call center efficiency.

  • The Definitive Guide to Oracle Deployments

    Simplifying and improving Oracle Database deployments is something that many DBAs just don’t have the time for. Access this e-book to learn how Nutanix Cloud Platform solutions are designed to enhance your Oracle Database estate, enabling faster, available, and simple database instances across hybrid and public clouds.

  • 5 Reasons to Optimize Oracle Database Deployments with Nutanix

    Oracle databases contain your most critical data but ensuring that these databases are optimized can be a challenge. Access this short resource to learn how the Nutaxnix Cloud Platform can help organizations maximize the value they see from their Oracle DB, minimizing unplanned downtime by up to 85% and increasing performance by up to 8x.

  • Nutanix Combines all Business Workloads onto One Single Platform

    With Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, one resort was able to establish the first SDDC in Korea, gained the ability to run 80+ business apps on one platform, implemented a seamless, non-disruptive environment, and much more. Take a quick survey and gain access to the full case study.

  • Taiju Life Insurance Achieves Flexible Scale-Out to Avoid Over-Engineering

    In this case study, explore how a major healthcare company utilized hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) to gain the ability to centrally manage operational repair and maintenance—keeping both patients and employees satisfied with application performance. Take this quick survey to read the full case study.

  • Shinsegae Group Delivers its Cloud Strategy Through Nutanix

    In this guide, discover how Shinsegae Group migrated IT to the cloud, switching more than 60,000 Microsoft Exchange Server users to Nutanix and achieving more than 4x the input/output per second of what had been expected. Access this guide by completing this brief survey.

  • Whiddon Delivers More Efficient, Patient-Centric Healthcare with Nutanix and Fortinet

    In this guide, explore how Communications Design & Management Pty Limited (CDM) and a next-generation firewall helped one company drive a major strategic initiative to migrate to an agile HCI environment securely. Access this exclusive guide by completing this brief survey.

  • 5 Reasons to Run Your Database on Nutanix

    Take a look at this infographic to learn 5 reasons to run your database on Nutanix, which helps you rein in your database estate and gives users secure, ready to roll databases in minutes.

  • EUC for Dummies eBook

    This 67 page eBook offers up a comprehensive overview of virtual desktops and applications, giving a closer look at VDI concepts, environments, and pitfalls. Plus, a deep dive into end-user computing options and ten EUC factors to remember.Crack open this for dummies book to learn more.

  • EUC Inspiring Stories (English)

    Your users need to be able to securely access apps and data from any device, in any location, at any time. In this guide, learn how to move your organization to an area where you break free from the slow integration of delivery of legacy business critical applications.

  • Infographic - Your Cloud, Your Choice

    According to IDC research, 85% of cloud engineers say that 50% of their workloads in public cloud are moving back on-premises. As businesses shift back to private cloud, infrastructure becomes everything. In this quick guide, explore why software-based infrastructure is the foundation that enables private cloud—and which platforms can help.

  • ar-forrester-total-economic-impact-study-of-nutanix-era

    Read this Forrester Total Economic Impact report to learn how Nutanix Era’s simplified database management enables efficiency, standardization, cost savings, and better employee experiences that result in an ROI of 291% and a payback period of under 6 months.

  • Vodafone Built a Hybrid Cloud to Power End User Computing

    Access this article to learn how Vodafone optimizes its EUC environment using HCI to establish more flexible hybrid cloud operations, the benefits and drawbacks of different deployment models, and where they think EUC is headed.

  • DevOps Automation_ Cutting MultiCloud Costs in Half

    Multi-cloud setups can present numerous challenges ranging from governance issues to cost-control problems.Watch this video to learn how you can standardize your governance and operations across public and private clouds with Nutanix Xi Beam, allowing better visibility into your systems even as you keep you cloud spending within budget.

  • ebook-roi-story-it-leaders

    This eBook provides a framework for making intelligent infrastructure decisions rooted in financial analysis, written by author Steven Kaplan, "the ROI dude," as he provides personal anecdotes and valuable advice to encourage IT decision-makers to act. Open up these pages to get started.

  • ar-idc-enterprise-cloud-solution

    Nutanix Enterprise Cloud delivers storage, compute, infrastructure management, and monitoring software though a highly virtualized, scale-out architecture to meet the needs of both public and private cloud workloads. Read this IDC study to see the value proposition of Nutanix Enterprise Cloud HCI solutions for enterprise customers.

  • Understanding and Justifying Cloud Costs

    Cloud cost management is simple on paper. In practice, however, it isn’t so straightforward. Join Tim McCallum and Greg White of Nutanix in this webinar as they explore how exactly you can understand and justify cloud costs and return within your organization. Watch the webinar now.

  • Improve Cost Efficiency and Control Private and Multi-Cloud Spend with Nutanix

    Check out this webcast to learn best practices for building and managing a cost-efficient hybrid cloud, how to centralize infrastructure governance with HCI, and automated polices to reduce overall IT spend significantly across private and public clouds.

  • sb-cost-governance

    With workloads spanning public and private clouds, there’s a strong need for a cost governance solution that centralizes visibility across all clouds. Use this guide to learn how to implement cost governance policies to keep overall IT spending within budgets. Get started here.

  • Reduce Cost and Increase IT Agility with Self-Service

    In this exclusive webinar, explore how a multi-cloud platform can reduce costs and increase IT agility within your organization. The webinar covers how the Nutanix multi-cloud platform offers hyper-converged infrastructure services, operational automation, and more. Watch here.

  • 7-cloud-adoption-mistakes

    Multi-cloud has rapidly become the cloud model of choice for the majority of organizations—whether the decision to invest in a multi-cloud infrastructure was purposeful or by chance. Explore the 7 most common cloud adoption mistakes and get expert tips on how to start your multi-cloud journey in this guide.

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