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  • Computer Weekly - 7-13 January 2020: Digital fashion reality - how technology can help people enjoy fashion in a more sustainable way

    Sponsored by:

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we report on a programme to get more young women into cyber security. We look at fashion for online personas. And we examine edge computing as the new data frontier, and how cloud-native platforms and AI might transform the datacentre. Read the issue now.

  • Save IT Admin Time with Dell EMC PowerEdge MX

    Sponsored by: DELL EMC & INTEL

    Click inside to access the results and methodologies of a series of testing runs comparing the latest additions to the Dell PowerEdge MX lineage again Cisco’s USC modular hardware offerings.

  • Dell EMC with Windows Server 2019

    Sponsored by: DELL EMC & INTEL

    The performance of Windows Server 2019 environments are only as good as the hardware they run on. Inside this features overview, learn how Windows Server 2019 deployments can reach their full potential on Dell PowerEdge server hardware.

  • Processor Security Underpins Secure Datacenter Infrastructure

    Sponsored by: AMD

    Inside this analyst report from IDC, learn more about the threats that face server, processor, and other infrastructure components within today’s data centers – and find out how to start plugging potential holes in your organization’s own hardware security perimeter.

  • Best Practices for Physical Server and Endpoint Backup

    Sponsored by: Veeam Software

    In this webcast, Veeam Senior Director of Product Strategy Rick Vanover shares best practices for physical server and endpoint backup, as well as showcases how the Veeam Agents for Windows and Linux can help organizations keep physical data available.

  • BORSIG speeds up its IT infrastructure

    Sponsored by: TechData - HPE

    Download a copy of this case study to learn how German engineering group BORSIG used HPE Synergy and HPE 3PAR to future-proof expanding and resource-intensive SAP HANA and VMware environments.

  • AMD EPYC Solution Upgrades Telecommunication Service in a Flash

    Sponsored by: AMD

    As one of the largest IT companies in Europe, Comarch is also best known for delivering IT solutions to some of the biggest telecom operators across the world. Download this case study to learn how Comarch improved their client's IT infrastructure performance using HPE ProLiant servers and AMD EPYC 32-core processors.

  • Delivering Exceptional Performance Stories: AMD + Hivelocity

    Sponsored by: AMD

    Download this case study to learn how Hiveology provided their clients with six-times faster processing using AMD EPYC servers – and at a fraction of the cost of competing hardware vendors.

  • Five Reasons Why AMD EPYC Matters

    Sponsored by: AMD

    Download this quick white paper to learn the five reasons why your processor choice matters – and why your enterprise should be considering AMD EPYC.

  • AMD EPYC™ Excels in EDA Workflow For AMD Radeon Technologies Group

    Sponsored by: AMD

    Inside this case study, find out how AMD Radeon sped up its Electronic Design Automation (EDA) process using the latest tier of AMD EPYC 7371 processors, boosting the design process and in-turn accelerating their time-to-market window.

  • Server Security Lies Deep in Hardware

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Jump inside this white paper to learn how to adapt your server refresh strategy to the rising frequency of hardware attacks. Plus, get a closer look at some of the latest server models being purpose-built to withstand the capabilities of modern cyberattacks.

  • Change the Economics of Server Virtualization

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Download this white paper to learn about the HPE ProLiant server series, designed to offer the most efficient option to ensure the maximum number of virtual machines per server, offering up to processor 32 cores, two TB of memory, and more.

  • AMD EPYC™ Inspires New Class of Service for Packet

    Sponsored by: AMD

    Download this case study to learn why bare metal cloud provider Packet turned to AMD EPYC processors as the foundational layer to support their extensive SaaS and enterprise clients, offering substantial cost reductions on top of higher compute and memory performance capabilities.

  • Hetzner Online Powers Dedicated Server Solutions with AMD EPYC™ Processors

    Sponsored by: AMD

    Find out how data center service provider Hetzner Online used AMD EPYC processors to increase the memory, storage, and multithreaded performance capabilities of their server solutions to keep up to speed with escalating customer demands – and keep their more technically-minded customers happy.

  • Refresh Servers, Consolidate Workloads and Cut Data Center Costs

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Planning ahead has always been good business sense. Open this white paper to learn how to proactively identify modernization opportunities within your existing server infrastructure, rather than waiting for servers to suddenly break down.

  • High-Performance Cloud Solutions: Scaleway Delivers With AMD EPYC Processors

    Sponsored by: AMD

    Download this case study to learn how Scaleway and AMD developed two high-performing bare-metal servers designed to cater to Scaleway's customer demands without compromising their low price point.

  • SpinVFX & AMD EPYC: Visual Effects Larger Than Life

    Sponsored by: AMD

    Creating out-of-this-world effects, like the creatures featured in the Syfy series The Expanse, is all in a day's work for SpinVFX, a leading visual effects studio. Inside, find out why SpinVFX turns to AMD's EPYC servers to power their heaviest rendering jobs.

  • University of ULM Boosts Academic Cloud Performance with AMD EPYC

    Sponsored by: AMD

    The University of Ulm is known for its pioneering research in the fields of electrochemistry and energy. However, these academic research areas are extremely computationally demanding. Download this case study to learn how the University of Ulm attained increased compute performance through processor-powered single socket servers.

  • Lenovo ThinkAgile HX Series

    Sponsored by: Lenovo and Intel

    Jump into this white paper to learn how a new hyper-converged platform from Lenovo and Nutanix aims to streamline data center infrastructure, reducing TCO, increasing infrastructure reliability, and ultimately enabling ubiquitous virtualization across the entire infrastructure stack.

  • Brace for Windows Server 2008's End-of-Service Deadline

    Sponsored by: DELL EMC & INTEL

    Windows Server 2008 end-of-service is just around the corner. Flip through the various considerations IT decision makers should focus on as they mull over their Windows Server 2008 upgrade options – with a particular focus on oft-overlooked hardware choices.

  • Refresh your hardware

    Sponsored by:

    In this e-guide, read more about the adoption of hyper-converged infrastructure across the region, the benefits of device-as-a-service offerings in managing employee and endpoint devices, as well as what you can do to extend the lifespan of your hardware.

  • Migrate VMs Faster

    Sponsored by: DELL EMC & INTEL

    In this report, see how some of the top modular and blade server offerings stack up against one another in a series of third-party tests measuring VM networking, workload performance, and hardware resiliency.

  •'s Server Hardware Cheat-Sheet

    Sponsored by: TechTarget

    Inside this e-guide, you'll find an in-depth look at the pros, cons, and purchasing considerations for all major types of server hardware. Use it for reference during upcoming refresh cycles, or simply keep it on hand in case any questions arise down the road.

  • 7-Step Server Maintenance Checklist

    Sponsored by: Intel

    Tracking and applying routine maintenance to physical servers and their systems is a time intensive process that can become costly if mismanaged – this makes having a process in place incredibly important to server performance. Use this 7-step checklist for timely and optimal server maintenance.

  • Windows Server 2008 EOS and Hardware Preparation Tips

    Sponsored by: Dell EMC and Microsoft

    Windows Server 2008's end of life deadline is quickly approaching, and now is the time to start planning out next steps if you haven't already. Enter this E-Guide to learn some important points to consider as you map out your server OS's new life.

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