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  • Automation, AI, and the Rise of ServiceOps

    First mentioned as the convergence of IT service and operations last year, ServiceOps has exploded into one of the biggest global talking points of IT. A technology-enabled approach to frictionless collaboration, ServiceOps is applicable to so many

  • 3 steps to digital-first business growth

    Driven by new market opportunities, the quest for efficiency and agility, and emerging trends such as hybrid work, demand for digital services is exploding. To keep up with the pace, organizations should invest in AI and automation tools that save valuable time and money. In this ServiceNow paper, discover 3 steps to digital-first business growth.

  • A proactive approach to field service

    Discover how you can free up your field service agents to focus on more complex challenges, by breaking down silos, automating tasks and enabling customers to resolve simpler issues with self-service.

  • Think BIG Transforming Your Legal Operations

    Discover the power of digital workflows in this ebook. With workflows at your fingertips, you’ll free your teams from routine tasks through automation, helping employees be more productive, cost-efficient and a key driver of innovation and business growth.

  • Elevate the employee experience with ESG

    What does employee experience have to do with ESG? Discover the missing link in this ebook. By using digital workflows to build a hybrid work model, you’ll see how you can meet your ESG goals by enabling employees to work from anywhere, reducing your carbon footprint and building a reputation for ESG excellence.

  • Making employee journeys unforgettable

    If you’re to build a hybrid workforce that’s great for business, then boosting employee engagement AND productivity is key. Read this ebook to discover the top challenges to a seamless employee journey and how you can solve them with cross-enterprise workflows on a single platform.

  • How to keep your digital services running 24/7 to ignite innovation

    Employees are consuming more digital services than ever before, resulting in a wave of service requests that traditional IT support teams just aren’t built to handle. In this e-book, discover how AI-powered service operations can help address this new volume of incidents and bring along with it transformative benefits to your digital services.

  • Digital Transformation & Risk

    Read Digital Transformation & Risk For Dummies, 2nd ServiceNow Special Edition to learn how you can manage and tackle digital risk with a single platform that unlocks a common language between business and IT.

  • Anticipate, prevent, and minimize the impact of business disruptions

    Read this guide to discover how you can enable confident risk-based decisions across business and IT by building a proactive, comprehensive and competitive resilience strategy—especially in times of uncertainty and disruption. Start building a resilience programme that can give you a competitive edge, with ServiceNow.

  • Think BIG Designing an RPA Strategy That Works

    Read this ebook to see how you can accelerate and unify your hyperautomation efforts, to give your people more time to focus on strategic goals. You’ll be able to build and automate processes at scale, while realising faster time-to-value through connected systems.

  • Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms

    Read the complimentary 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms for an unbiased, third-party evaluation of low code platform vendors, as organizations move to scale low code toward hyperautomation across the enterprise.

  • Spark smart change with intelligent automation

    To ensure that their businesses are resilient and agile in these uncertain times, many leaders have set digital transformation initiatives into motion. In addition to mapping out 3 goals of such an initiative, this white paper considers how leveraging an automated digital platform can help a business accomplish those goals. Read on to learn more.

  • Business Advice in 2023

    Today, business leaders are faced with many challenges and choices they have to make in relation to experiences, costs, technology, and more. Watch this video to discover the answers and gain expert insight into the modern business world.

  • Strategies for 2023

    In today’s work world, speed means everything, especially for teams specializing in talent recruitment and development. Watch this short video to gain expert insight into the top strategies that you can leverage to drive efficiency in hiring, onboarding, and more.

  • Don’t Forget The Manager Experience

    In this new world of work, it’s necessary for organizations to equip their managers with the tools they need to stay connected with their employees from wherever they work. Watch this video to learn more.

  • Powering End-to-End Workflows_ How a Digital Foundation Delivers Results

    When you invest in the employee experience, you ultimately have the power to drive simplicity, remove friction, enhance efficiency, and more. Watch this short video to gain more insight into the best ways that you can empower your employees and discover how you can reap the benefits.

  • ServiceNow Light Learning Skills at Scale

    For companies who are looking to fill a position or hire new talent, most begin outside of their organization. However, very few choose to look internally, where employees with the skillsets you need already exist, and are prepared to step into a new role. Watch this video to learn more.

  • Take your customers on the happy path

    When companies design a business process, they often have the happy path in mind. However, many customers end up experiencing the unhappy path – being bounced around between teams or sitting on hold. Watch this video to learn how you can leverage machine learning to make sense of customer data and gain insight into hidden inefficiencies in your CX.

  • Day in the Life

    Watch this video to learn how you can meet increasing customer expectations for easy and exceptional customer service by leveraging ServiceNow to deliver seamless customer experiences and drive lasting loyalty.

  • Why strategic automation empowers employees to delivery effortless customer experience

    According to IDC research, those organizations most advanced in strategic automation found that customer service employees welcomed and supported the discussed automation changes. Watch this video to learn about how strategic automation can enhance operational decision-making and foster innovation for your business.

  • Transformation Done Wright

    Companies can no longer afford to work with siloed systems and manual processes if they want to stay competitive in the connected world. Watch this video to learn how you can build direct connections between all parties in your business ecosystem to save time and resources while empowering users with self service.

  • How to Have Productive Experiences for Your Employees

    An organization is only as strong as its employees. Read this paper to learn how the path to delivering productive employee experiences and supporting new ways of working begins with creating exceptional experiences.

  • Making Employee Journeys Unforgettable

    Read this paper to learn how to eliminate common and repeated inquiries by giving employees a place to find their own answers, and provide an easy transition for those with more complex issues.

  • Elevate the Employee Experience with ESG

    Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) mandates are top of mind for organizations everywhere. Explore this guide to 2023's top ESG opportunities, beginning with three ESG trends.

  • Reduce Software and cloud costs

    Every organization’s cloud journey is different. Before you begin, you need to understand what business capabilities best align with your journey, then create a plan based on those findings. Whether it is reducing technology spend, reducing risk, or automation, there is a platform and partner that can help you achieve it all. Read on to learn more.

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