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  • IT Workflows Book of Knowledge

    COVID-19 has forced organizations to adapt and change – leading to the discovery of new workflow challenges. In this eBook, explore stories from organizations that tackled complex challenges with their workflows, and learn how they pushed through to take the lead on their own digital transformation. Access now to get started.

  • Becoming the digitally unbreakable enterprise

    In this breakdown of ServiceNow’s Executive Program, learn more about the keynote speakers, read up on the fireside chats, and explore customer spotlights, all placed into one useful PDF for you to browse. Open now to get started.

  • IDC Agility Assessment: The Competitive Advantage in Adaptability

    In the emerging and accelerating digital economy, agility has become a business imperative—yet only 11.6% of companies have achieved optimized agility. In this IDC report, discover how to assess your own agile capabilities and institute a plan to become an agile leader.

  • Risk and Security Workflows Book of Knowledge

    For today's digital transformations, organizations understand the importance of building resilience and confidence in your business while reducing risk and cost.. In this e-book, ServiceNow provides a handful of security and risk management use cases, valuable data points in security operations, key payoffs and more. Read on to get started.

  • ServiceNow a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Engagement Center

    ServiceNow was recently named a Leader by Gartner in their 2021 Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Engagement Center. Learn about ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management solution, why they were named a Leader, in this blog post.

  • The human experience of IT service management

    Positive employee experiences can lead to excellent customer experiences. Access this eBook to see how positive workforce experiences can easily be derailed if the technology, tools, and processes employees use don't allow them to work efficiently and painlessly.

  • Transform the Service Experience with IT Service Management

    Click into this video to see how the Now Platform from ServiceNow aims to help your organization resolve issues fast, speed innovation, and lower costs – all while ensuring the productivity of service teams and vendors.

  • Go from conversation to resolution

    In this infographic, explore how to resolve issues autonomously with conversational AI to help take the strain off of IT and keep work flowing. Download now to learn more.

  • Now Intelligence for Dummies

    In this eBook, explore ServiceNow’s newest Now Intelligence platform – designed to help create better business outcomes for organizations with offerings like performance analytics, predictive intelligence and virtual agents. Dive in now to learn more

  • Introducing Now® Intelligence: AI and analytics on the Now Platform®

    By augmenting (not replacing) human intelligence, AI and analytics can help IT leaders make more informed decisions, predict issues, and automate action. Access this paper to explore ServiceNow’s latest platform, Now Intelligence, and learn how to get started with AI in your organization.

  • Tech Accelerator E-guide

    This resource is your ultimate guide to digital transformation, covering benefits, challenges, roadmaps, trends, and much more. Access now to get started.

  • Yes, agility is still critical to business success, says IDC

    In a recent IDC survey, only 15% of organizations identified themselves as extremely agile. Open up this resource to explore 5 key pillars of agility to implement in your organization, as well as a closer look at the benefits of an agile organization.

  • Get started with Predictive AIOps in just a few weeks

    Organizations often struggle with unexplained service outages or rapidly rising event volumes from multiple monitoring tools. Enter: Predictive AIOps – a machine learning tool that can help predict service issues, pinpoint the root cause, and automate remediation. Access this resource to learn more.

  • Cybercriminals are resilient. How about you?

    In this e-book, learn how better cyber resilience requires collaboration between IT and security, standardized security incident response processes, and an enterprise-grade incident response platform. Read on to get started.

  • 5 stages of security automation maturity: How do you compare?

    Automation has become critical survival equipment in security operations, but few feel like they are doing it right, or sufficiently. But how much is really being automated? Security Weekly, in sponsorship with ServiceNow, conducted the 5 Stages of Automation Maturity survey to discover the answer. Check it out.

  • Creating the ultimate spend-smart IT asset management system

    More than US $3 trillion has been invested in digital transformation over the last three years—but too much of that has been funneled into the reducing IT spend. In this guide, learn how to create the ultimate spend-smart IT asset management system for your business. Save the guide here.

  • Modernizing Operational Risk Management Survey

    Ensuring operational resilience requires real strategic planning and delivery of clear, actionable information. Access the results from this risk management survey to examine what improvement initiatives are planned, what challenges stand in the way, and where budgets are being applied.

  • Using ServiceNow SOAR to Operationalize MITRE ATT&CK

    Integrating SOAR and MITRE ATT&CK can act as a force multiplier, providing advanced context on attacks so analysts can stay ahead of attackers and reduce the overall attack surface. Open this ESG’s white paper and learn how ServiceNow SOAR can help you operationalize MITRE ATT&CK.

  • The Total Economic Impact™ Of App EnginePowered By The Now Platform

    This Forrester study evaluates the potential ROI of ServiceNow's App Engine low code/no code platform. Access this study here.

  • The race for great apps

    This white paper explains how low-code development can be used to solve common digital transformation challenges. Access this white paper here.


    Organizations that excel when it comes to customer operations see clear benefits, like 20% year over year growth in annual revenue. Check out this Aberdeen research paper to learn how alignment of your back-office and service department—and deploying the right communication and workflow solutions—is the cornerstone of customer operations success.

  • Now Intelligence for Dummies

    Access this 49-page For Dummies e-book to learn how ServiceNow’s Now Intelligence platform is democratizing AI and analytics access with a cloud-native, intuitive platform designed to enhance the customer and employee experience.

  • Low Code Platforms Bring App Dev Speed and Business Value

    In this video, ServiceNow’s Gregg Aldana and TechTarget’s Jamison Cush discuss the growing necessity of low-code platforms to speed app dev for companies in the throes of digital transformation, the developer shortage, the creation of hybrid IT/business development teams, and what companies need to know when evaluating low-code platforms.

  • Scaling, Integration, Speed: Low Code Platform Challenges and Benefits

    In this quick video, tune in as ServiceNow’s Gregg Aldana and TechTarget’s Jamison Cush discuss this pressure, as well as the empowerment of business and citizen developers, the importance of integrating low-code applications into existing systems and processes, and the best use cases for low-code platforms. Watch here.

  • Introducing Now® Intelligence

    ServiceNow has embedded analytics and AI directly into their Now Platform, removing the complexity associated with building and deploying these tools while making them widely accessible to organizations that want to take advantage of performance analytics, predictive intelligence, and virtual agents. Read on to learn more.

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