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  • Reimagining banking operations

    Read this eBook to learn about ServiceNow’s Financial Services Operations solution and how it can help banks connect front, middle and back-end processes for a superior CX.

  • Healthcare: The Smarter Way to Workflow

    Rising costs, skilled worker shortages and rapidly evolving technologies are just some challenges healthcare organizations are currently facing. This white paper dives into this issue, offering up suggestions for how to take the first steps towards digital transformation. Open now to get started.

  • Why B2B Customer Care Needs to Be Different

    Service support is about answering inquiries and resolving problems. However, B2B customers of communications services have needs that go well beyond the typical B2C customer care approach. In this IDC report, learn about the type of care business customers expect from their communications service provider.

  • Connect the Customer to the Network on One Platform

    Our world has become more connected and the telecom service industry must keep up with those expectations. Disruption to internet, phone and TV service are frustrating—and expectations for how quickly those disruptions are communicated and repaired are high. In this e-book, learn how CSPs can make their network and systems work better.

  • The Single System Of Action For Your Enterprise

    The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is transforming factories. Thanks to newly distributed intelligence at the field level, many IIoT-enabled devices can automatically and continuously collect and analyze machine data. Read this brief white paper to see how you can get started with IIoT with the help of ServiceNow.

  • Connecting the Dots: Automating Customer and Network Workflows to Deliver Better Experiences and Greater Productivity

    A fully automated network environment can create ultimate efficiency for your users and your customers. Instead of relying on disparate tools for network monitoring, why not embrace the potential a single pane of glass can offer? Engage this white paper to learn how you can connect network data and customer data for better decision-making.

  • Re-Wiring Financial Services

    For retail banks, fragmented back-office processes can be detrimental to customer service—after all, 80% of the customer experience lies in the middle and back office. Financial Services Operations by ServiceNow is a new approach to managing these processes. Learn more about ServiceNow’s FSI solution in this white paper.

  • 3 Strategies to Reduce Costly Healthcare System Outages

    The cost of outages in healthcare can be calculated in medical staff downtime and IT hours expended. Instead of improving preparation for planned and unplanned downtime, organizations can reduce the cost of downtime by limiting how often and for how long outages occur. Open up this white paper to explore 3 strategies to help.

  • Guide to going back

    Every organization has a duty to keep their employees safe and maintain a secure, functional workplace—whether they’re planning to reopen or not. Get insight into how ServiceNow is handling their reopening process and the steps they’re taking in this eBook.

  • How to Deliver Smart, Responsive IT Services in an Always Changing World

    Today’s IT organizations need to not only deliver fast and personal services at scale,they also must constantly pivot to meet any challenges that may arise in a constantly changing world. Powerful, smart ITSM tools can help. Download this white paper to explore how to boost your ITSM tools with machine learning, chat bots and analytics.

  • 5 Best Practices for Resilient, Reliable, Remote IT Services

    This white paper offers 5 ITSM best practices that can help your IT services team provide employees with the support and services they expect while keeping costs low. Key best practices include providing remote IT services, separating incidents from service requests and making better use of service delivery data. Download now to read more.

  • Five steps to a safe workplace with ServiceNow

    Every organization has a responsibility to keep their employees safe. One of the best ways to do that is with a solution like ServiceNow’s Now Platform, which was recently upgraded to include a set of Safe Workplace applications. Read this eBook to learn more about the Now Platform and how it can help you re-open safely.

  • The Human Resources Service Delivery Book of Knowledge

    The ServiceNow K20 Digital Experience offered over 1,000 high-value online keynotes, presentations, demos, and training across 19 channels. Download this eBook to explore some of the most popular and compelling presentations from the event, and get insight on how some of ServiceNow’s biggest customers use the solution to streamline HRSD.

  • Agility: The Strategic Imperative to Survive and Thrive in Volatile Times

    IDC's Agility Benchmark Survey 2020 shows that 90% of CEOs consider agility to be extremely important for business success. The research covered a few main questions: Why agility? Why now? And how can organizations improve their agility? Download this IDC white paper to answer those questions and more.

  • IT Strategy is Dead: What’s Next?

    If IT leaders want to become essential to business success, they need to recognize that business strategy, not IT, is key. Download this white paper to learn what it takes for IT to become a crucial business partner via business strategy awareness.

  • Why Digital Transformation Depends on Integrated Risk Management

    Embarking on a digital transformation without considering risk management is like doing a massive home remodel on top of a crumbling foundation – which is why IT and non-IT leaders are embracing integrated risk management (IRM) as part of their transformation. Read this e-book to learn more about IRM and it’s role in digital transformation.

  • Understanding the Impact of Enterprise Service Management

    Thanks to the superior consumer-world service experiences they receive in their personal lives, your organization’s employees now want and expect a better service experience from HR, finance, legal, IT and other parts of the business. To help you determine how to best do that, ServiceNow put together this eBook. Download your copy to learn more.

  • The Total Economic Impact™ Of ServiceNow HR Service Delivery

    ServiceNow’s Employee Workflows solution helps organizations drive employee productivity by delivering the right experiences for the hybrid workforce. To better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with this investment, Forrester interviewed four HRSD customers. Explore their key findings in this report.

  • How to Thrive in Unpredictable Times

    See how five organizations improved their agility amid COVID-19—with the help of ServiceNow—in this eBook.

  • 4 Steps to Operational Resilience

    Operational resilience is defined as ‘the ability of an organization to continue to serve its customers, deliver products and services, and protect its workforce in the face of adverse operational events by anticipating, preventing, recovering from and adapting to such events.’ View this white paper to learn 4 steps to operational resilience.

  • Creating Organizational Agility

    Download this white paper to explore the main reasons why organizational agility is becoming increasingly important and learn some tips and tricks for how adaptive planning can make your organization more agile.

  • Getting Ahead in the Race for Business Agility

    Reactive vs. proactive approach to business: which would you choose? This infographic dives into how to get ahead in the race for business agility. Download now to take a look at how to achieve seamless IT and business processes, flexible production and more, all by the numbers.

  • The Future of IT Is Now

    IT no longer merely supports commercial and organization growth – they are the primary driver. It’s up to IT to come up with digital transformation initiatives and move them forward. This whitepaper uncovers 9 ways to accelerate digital transformation in your organization, such as deploying AI and breaking down silos. Download now to learn more.

  • How to Modernize ITAM Across Hardware, Software and the Cloud

    Next-generation ITAM platforms are making it much easier to track hardware and software by offering a snapshot of IT assets to increase visibility and reduce risk. Download this white paper to see how a single system of action can help your organization drive down costs, reduce compliance risk and extend workflow intelligence across IT.

  • 5 ways a chatbot for the contact center can help workflow

    Explore 5 ways a business's workflow can benefit from chatbots for the contact center in this expert guide.

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