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  • RSA SecurID extension for the IBM System i

    Sponsored by: Safestone Technologies

    White Paper: for RSA SecurID users - read on to learn more about how to increase security and efficiency, by extending your RSA dual factor authentication solution to access critical information on the IBM System i. It helps organizations meet compliance standards and improve their existing security environment.

  • Modern Developer Tools for IBM i and Power Systems

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Join us for a demonstration of the Tools and ALM Solutions for the IBM I and Power Systems. Learn how these tools apply to your IT environment and how to identify and use the right tools and modernization strategy.

  • Data Loss Prevention for IBM i

    Sponsored by: Innovatum, Inc.

    Open system technology has introduced real threats to data; making loss—whether from theft, malicious manipulation or inadvertent misuse—easier than before. The IBM i has exceptional audit capabilities making it one of the most secure technology platforms. Read this white paper to learn how the IBM i might be a good solution for your organization.

  • Robot/ SCHEDULE Enterprise: Brings Cross-Platform Success to Key Energy Services

    Sponsored by: Help/Systems

    Learn how Key Energy Services, Inc., the largest rig-based oil well services company in the industry, is using Robot/SCHEDULE - the automated, job scheduler and batch management software across multiple platforms.

  • Robot/ SCHEDULE Enterprise: Improves Quality of Life at Farm Credit Bank of Texas

    Sponsored by: Help/Systems

    Read this case study to see how FCBT used Robot/ SCHEDULE to connect and coordinate their job scheduling needs across multiple systems.

  • Presentation Transcript: Protecting System i Data from FTP, ODBC and Remote Command

    Sponsored by: PowerTech

    When developing a security strategy, it is critical for businesses to consider their System i platform in order to protect themselves from data breaches. In this presentation transcript, learn how to control network access on System i and protect your organization from data loss.

  • Robot/SCHEDULE Enterprise

    Sponsored by: Help/Systems

    Are you prepared for your next audit? This webcast explores a new tool that expands job scheduling and server management to your server. Discover how this approach can help your organization pass its next audit with ease.

  • Sustainable SOX Compliance Made Easy with Tango/04 Multiplatform, Real-time Solutions

    Sponsored by: Tango/04 Computing Group

    Compliance requirements and electronic discovery demands are placing a burden on IT managers. This white paper explores tools and strategies available to help organizations fulfill these requirements.

  • An Objective Approach to Security

    Sponsored by: Bytware, Inc.

    i5/OS may be famous for security, but it doesn't go far enough in protecting your data. Supplementing with third-party Transaction security is popular, but cumbersome. Find out why Object-based security provides a better way in this...

  • Modernizing System i Applications: The Integration Architecture

    Sponsored by: Databorough

    Refactoring legacy applications on the System i into modern architecture is the biggest challenge in business software today. Read this white paper to get the information necessary to achieving this strategic objective.

  • CoolSpools: Download

    Sponsored by: ariadne software

    CoolSpools converts iSeries spooled file to a variety of industry-standard formats including PDF, Excel, RTF (Word), text, CSV and TIFF.

  • TestBench for IBM iSeries: Overview

    Sponsored by: Original Software, Inc.

    TestBench is the most powerful and sophisticated AS400 iSeries testing capability available - for users with limited IT knowledge through to the most technically demanding developer & tester professionals.

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