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  • Dell/EMC CX4 Exchange Performance

    Sponsored by: DellEMC and Intel®

    This white paper takes a high-level look at the features and functionality that make the CX4 an excellent choice for Microsoft Exchange and other electronic mail systems. It examines new features, discusses disaster recovery and VMware integration, and provides a brief example of CX4's performance in Exchange environments.

  • Integrating Blades Solutions with Dell EqualLogic SANs

    Sponsored by: DellEMC and Intel®

    There are many ways that blade enclosures can be attached to a Dell EqualLogic SAN. This paper reviews three ways, but depending on the blade enclosure design features there may be other options. Each of the three architecture strategies presented here provides different trade-offs in cost, complexity and scalability.

  • Data Protection Strategies Leveraging Replication: An In-Depth Look at Evaluation Criteria and Usage Scenarios

    Sponsored by: Double-Take Software

    As dependence on continuous access to critical data grows, so does the importance of avoiding service interruption. This paper examines four data protection strategies and compares their merits for the most common business continuance scenarios.

  • ESG: Realizing and Maximizing E-mail Archiving ROI

    Sponsored by: EMC Corporation

    ESG research indicates that organizations with e-mail archive implementations experience several measurable benefits, including lower storage costs as well as more efficient compliance, electronic discovery, and data protection operations. This white paper discusses the benefits of evaluating solutions to achieve the statuses mentioned above.

  • Agentless Architecture: Agentless Backup is Not a Myth

    Sponsored by: Asigra

    Agentless backup is NOT a myth. The Asigra solution is proof because it requires no agents, which inherently makes it easier to install and support than legacy backup and recovery solutions. This paper serves as an introduction to Asigra's Hybrid Cloud Backup and Recovery Software.

  • Implementing Virtualization in a Global Business-Computing Environment

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Company and Intel

    Intel IT planned, engineered, and has implemented a virtualized business-computing production environment. This multi-year initiative has confirmed virtualization benefits including server consolidation ratios between 10:1 and 16:1, faster deployment, and faster recovery. This white paper explains how they implemented virtualization.

  • Guidelines for the Evaluation of Enterprise De-Duplication Solutions: How to Navigate the Pitfalls and Hyperbole

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This document is not intended to judge what is good or bad, right or wrong. The primary focus is educational, providing a background on the principles of de-duplication and recommendations to consider in planning an evaluation of de-duplication solutions.

  • Streamline Your Storage Usage: 4 Straightforward Ways To True NAS Management

    Sponsored by: Northern Parklife

    In a relatively short span of time, Network Attached Storage [NAS] has become a popular, widely implemented technology given its many attractive features and benefits. This whitepaper details four techniques for managing network attached storage, including file management simplification and data access without server intervention.

  • User Directed Storage Management: How To Make Users Accountable For Responsible Storage Usage

    Sponsored by: Northern Parklife

    The accelerated pace of doing business in today's world puts organizations under tremendous pressure. They need to be fleet and flexible, able to rapidly respond to opportunities, make decisions, and deploy resources. Critical to this is the way information is managed and stored.

  • Cisco MDS 9000 Family: Total Investment Protection

    Sponsored by: Cisco Systems, Inc.

    As discussed in this document, the Cisco® MDS 9000 Family provides the leading high-density, highbandwidth storage networking solution along with Integrated Fabric Applications to support dynamic data center requirements.

  • Advantages of Amanda over Proprietary Backup

    Sponsored by: Zmanda Inc.

    This white paper discusses how Amanda compares to other backup products. It will help you understand some key Amanda differences and how to evaluate and transition to Amanda.

  • Symantec Enterprise Vault™ Intelligent Archiving and Email: Classification, Retention, Filtering, and Search

    Sponsored by: Symantec Corporation, created by

    Email has become as mission critical as any other IT system requiring most organizations to evaluate their overall policies and systems for email management. Learn about the most important considerations for successful email archiving.

  • Always On White Paper for Fujitsu ETERNUS Storage System

    Sponsored by: Fujitsu America, Inc.

    Provide uncompromised data availability that maximizes the secure operation of your databases in mission critical environments. This technical white paper provides an overview of the usage of SQL Server and Fujitsu ETERNUS storage systems.

  • Veritas NetBackup™ Operations Manager and Veritas Backup Reporter - Backup/Recovery Management and Reporting

    Sponsored by: Symantec Corporation

    Storage volumes are expanding with no apparent limit, while backup and recovery processes grow steadily more complex. Navigate the new product landscape and identify key issues needed to address balance efficiency and risk in your backup environment.

  • DB2 9 Unveiled: Overview and New Enhancements

    Sponsored by: IBM Software Group

    IBM DB2 9 (previously codenamed 'Viper') for Linux, UNIX, and Windows marks a new stage in the evolution of data servers. This IBM white paper introduces and details many of DB2 9's innovative features and capabilities.

  • Compression in DB2 Viper

    Sponsored by: IBM Software Group

    The DB2 Viper is contributing significant advancements in database compression technology. This white paper compares the leading data server compression utilities and details how to reduce storage costs and improve performance.

  • The ILM Puzzle: EMC Puts All the Pieces Together

    Sponsored by: EMC Corporation

    ILM applies policies ensuring information is managed throughout its lifecycle. Learn as Data Mobility Group discuss how EMC ILM delivers a tactical solution while laying the groundwork for a much broader and ambitious ILM strategy.

  • Intelligent Tiered Storage - No Need to Wait!

    Sponsored by: Hitachi Vantara

    Tiered Storage has been a storage industry buzz word for several years, its justification and value have been twisted and misconstrued by vendors and analysts alike. Listen to this Podcast and learn about three facts that probably don't coincide are.

  • Information-Centric Security and Data Erasure

    Sponsored by: EMC Corporation

    Most data security spending today goes to protecting devices and infrastructure, while little goes to protecting the stored data itself. In this white paper ESG analysts discuss the particulars of information security and data erasure.

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