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  • How to Design IoT Infrastructure in 7 Parts

    Sponsored by: ARM

    As with any new technology, getting started with IoT presents many challenges, starting with setting up IoT infrastructure. Organizations can prepare their IoT deployments for success by understanding each IoT infrastructure component and how they all work together. In this e-guide, explore the 7 key components of IoT infrastructure.

  • Empowering Business Innovation: Ricoh USA, Inc. Partners for Success

    Sponsored by: Dell SecureWorks

    In this case study, discover how Ricoh, in collaboration with Secureworks, implemented, monitored and managed end-to-end security services in order to support their digital transformation initiatives and growing network complexity.

  • The State of Email Security 2020

    Sponsored by: Mimecast

    The state of email security in 2020 is unlike any other year – as a prominent communication tool in the ‘new normal’, it has seen a surge in both user volume as well as malicious activity. This e-guide provides an in-depth look at key statistics and known threats to provide you with a better understanding of the current state of email security.

  • How to Secure Operational Technology

    Sponsored by: Fortinet, Inc.

    The consequences of a successful intrusion into operational technology (OT) are serious. In businesses that rely on operational and industrial production systems, the chief information security officer (CISO) must ensure that security teams have the right architectural defenses in place. Read this checklist for 7 considerations for securing OT.

  • Building Robust Defenses with Limited Resources

    Sponsored by: Kaspersky Lab

    91% of organizations have experienced at least one attack in the course of a year. It has become clear that security, particularly endpoint security, cannot be ignored. In order to get a proper return on investment, your security must be both comprehensive and targeted. Get into this white paper to learn how to maximize your resources.

  • Pervasive Data Defense Platforms Address Cloud Security Challenges

    Sponsored by: Duo

    The complexity of managing sensitive data across hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments is ushering in a new era of pervasive data defense and response platforms. Download this IDC report for an overview of the security benefits these platforms provide.

  • Why Traditional EDR Is Not Working—and What to Do About It

    Sponsored by: Duo

    The EDR market has exploded in recent years. But just because the product carries an EDR description, doesn’t mean those products have been proven particularly effective. In this SANS white paper, discover pitfalls in current EDR deployments, a checklist for evaluating EDR products, and much more.

  • EDR: The Case for Automation and Simplification

    Sponsored by: Kaspersky Lab

    Endpoint security is enhanced through increased visibility, but the ability to investigate threats and search for specific indicators of compromise can give endpoints an added layer of protection. Add in automated threat response, and your endpoint security is real-world ready. Read this white paper on endpoint detection and response to learn more.

  • The Cloud Governance Playbook 2020

    Sponsored by: Rackspace

    The Cloud Governance Playbook 2020 provides readers with extensive guidance, best practices and recommendations as they relate to the modern barriers to cloud governance. Read on to leverage the expertise and findings from Rackspace & AWS’ research and ensure your organization is on track.

  • Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response Optimum

    Sponsored by: Kaspersky Lab

    Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Optimum helps you stay safe in the face of complex and advanced threats by providing advanced detection, simplified investigation and automated response. Tap into this data sheet to learn more about its key features and benefits.

  • McAfee MVISION Cloud Security: 360° Shared Responsibility Model

    Sponsored by: Duo

    Shared responsibility models are a core pillar of any effective security and compliance strategy. However, despite awareness of the need, organizational adoption isn’t where it should be. Download this white paper for an in-depth look at the 360˚ Shared Responsibility Model, including a look at its core capabilities and adoption best-practices.

  • A Practitioner’s Guide to Cloud Workload Security, Compliance, and Visibility for Healthcare

    Sponsored by: Checkpoint Software Technologies

    With modern cloud workloads, healthcare organizations can now adopt the cloud and take advantage of all its benefits without jeopardizing security or compliance. Tap into A Practitioner’s Guide to Cloud Workload Security, Compliance, and Visibility for Healthcare to learn more.

  • Incorporate Information Protection into Microsoft Teams from the Start

    Sponsored by: Nucleus Cyber

    Microsoft Teams’ user base has nearly doubled over the past few months. However, new users face the risk of misconfiguration during initial setup, which can lead to data exposure and even theft. This article highlights 3 key practices new Microsoft Teams users should implement in order to avoid these risks.

  • IoT Innovation Culture Powers Business Success

    Sponsored by: ARM

    Organizations need to drive innovation in their IoT teams to drive business success. Read on to learn how tech leaders can start by creating a culture of innovation to encourage creativity and growth in IoT deployments.

  • Overcome 5 IoT Device Management Challenges

    Sponsored by: ARM

    As IoT devices proliferate every area of business, organizations need to ensure they're managing them and the network supporting them correctly. In this e-guide, learn how you can overcome the top 5 challenges of managing IoT.

  • Boost Hybrid Cloud Security

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    As security evolves, so too do threats. In a world that is quickly moving to cloud architectures (94% of organizations are using some type of cloud), security has never been prioritized more. The cost-saving benefits of cloud are all proven, but without the right security, the risk is not worth the gain. Dive into this e-book to learn more.

  • CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager for Multi-cloud Environments - White Paper

    Sponsored by: Thales

    The era of multi-cloud environments has enabled unmatched scalability and productivity. However, in order to optimize these capabilities, organizations need to restructure their approaches to data protection and key management. Download this report for a closer look at Thales’ CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager for multi-cloud environments.

  • Stopping Zero Days at The Speed of Digital

    Sponsored by: Checkpoint Software Technologies

    Most organizations are ill-equipped to handle the threat of zero-day cyberattacks. This e-book, Stopping Zero Days at The Speed of Digital, highlights 3 best practices that can help organizations better identity and mitigate these threats without compromising productivity – read on to get started.

  • Best Practices for Cloud Data Protection and Key Management

    Sponsored by: Thales

    In the era of digital transformation and multi-cloud environments, ensuring the protecting of sensitive data is more important than ever. The following whitepaper highlights cloud data protection best practices, including an in-depth look into cloud native encryption and key management (BYOK, HYOK, RoT & more).

  • CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager

    Sponsored by: Thales

    To meet the recommendations of industry best practices, organizations are offering bring your own key (BYOK) services. However, this level of separation can have significant visibility and security impacts. This solution brief offers a closer look at CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager, which leverages BYOK while offering centralized visibility.

  • SecOps Cybersecurity Best Practice Guide

    Sponsored by: Covestic

    Cybersecurity incidents impact your bottom line. If you need evidence, Equifax’s breach cost them an estimated $4 billion in revenue. On a smaller scale, legal fees of cybersecurity litigation can cost about $2.5 million. The next step in your security journey may cost less than you think. Open this guide for 5 cybersecurity best practices.

  • University Hospital Gets the Most Out of Mobility with Total Access Control

    Sponsored by: PortSys

    For Milton Keynes University Hospital (MKUH), enabling and securing access for every device, regardless of location, became critical as they looked to modernize their operations. In this case study, discover why MKUH decided to partner with PortSys and implement a zero-trust approach to access management in the form of Total Access Control.

  • Enabling & Securing Digital Identities

    Sponsored by: SailPoint Technologies

    SailPoint Identity governance enables and secures todays digital identities. Their open identity platform helps organizations manage the link between users and applications during their digital transformation. View this video to learn more.

  • Taking a Disruptive Approach to Security

    Sponsored by: VMware International Unlimited Company

    In a survey of 30 IT and security leaders across Europe, at least 73% said they found IT hygiene, finding security talent and integrating security products to be extremely challenging. The presence of these challenges means that leaders need to take an alternative, more disruptive approach to security. Open this e-book to learn specifics.

  • Countering Bots that Attack Your Site

    Sponsored by: Akamai Technologies

    Tap into this article to learn about Akamai’s bot management solutions, such as Bot Manager, and how they offer behavioral-based detections with advanced machine learning to keep your websites secure.

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